3D Imaging News
ArsTechnica: Google announces that its AR project Tango with PMD ToF camera inside is officially shut down. ArsTechnica states the reasons for the discontinuation:"Even with all the extra hardware, Tango's tracking was never that great.
Research In China View on the Industry
ResearchInChina: Global CCM market was worth USD16.611b in 2015, a year-on-year rise of 3.8% from 2014, the slowest rate since 2010. The market fell modestly in 2016 due to a drop in shipments of Apple phones that carry CCM with the highest unit price.
ON Semi Proposes CIS Technology for Analog Signal Processing
ON Semi patent application US20170350756 "Charge packet signal processing using pinned photodiode devices" by Roger Panicacci proposes using full charge transfer devices for a generic analog signal processing:"It would...
Sony Sensors Compared
Basler publishes a white paper "Sensor Comparison: Are all IMXs equal?" by Dominik Lappenküper. Some food for thought from the paper:"The first generation of this new [Pregius] sensor series includes the sensors IMX174 and IMX249. They have a pixel pitch of 5.86 um.
IEDM Papers Review
Semiconductor Engineering publishes Mark Lapedus review of IEDM 2017 Imaging Session papers:- TSMC and EPFL presented "a paper on what they call the world’s first back-illuminated 3D-stacked, single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) in 45nm CMOS technology.The SPAD achieves a dark count rate of 55.
Panasonic and Osaka University Develop Blood Vessel Endoscope
Asahi Shimbun: Panasonic and Osaka University have developed what they say is the world’s first vascular endoscopic catheter with an image sensor on its head that they say greatly improves blood vessel observations and could change existing therapies.
12nm Pixel Size
There is a funny mistake in Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus smartphone promotional video:
Imec Quantum Dot Sensor
MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) publishes Imec, KU Leuven, and Ghent University paper "Thin-Film Quantum Dot Photodiode for Monolithic Infrared Image Sensors" by Pawel E.
Yole: Camera is Among Major Heat Sources in Smartphones
Yole Developpement report "Smartphones: a significant challenge for thermal management companies" points to camera and LED flash on one of the complex thermal management problems in smartphones:Correction: Yole Developpement kindly sent me a new, corrected version of the slide that removes the camer...
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Imaging Features
PRNewswire: The new Snapdragon 845 Platform is designed to capture cinema-grade videos and for AR applications:Spectra 280 ISP:Ultra HD premium captureQualcomm Spectra Module Program, featuring Active Depth SensingMCTF video captureMulti-frame noise reductionHigh performance capture up to 16MP @60F...
Google on 3D Sensing in AR Applications
Google AR/VR head Clay Bavor comes up with a remarkable statement emphasizing imaging importance in AR applications:
TSMC 0.8um-0.9um Pixel Paper
MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) gets one more TSMC paper "A 45 nm Stacked CMOS Image Sensor Process Technology for Submicron Pixel" by Seiji Takahashi, Yi-Min Huang, Jhy-Jyi Sze, Tung-Ting Wu, Fu-Sheng Guo, Wei-Cheng Hsu, Tung-Hsiung Tseng, King Liao, Chin-C...
Chronocam CEO on Bio-Inspired Vision
Chronocam CEO Luca Verre talks about the company's bio-inspired approach to vision at Hello Tomorrow Summit 2017:
1MP Photon-number-resolving Sensor
OSA Optica publishes a paper "Photon-number-resolving megapixel image sensor at room temperature without avalanche gain" by Jiaju Ma, Saleh Masoodian, Dakota Starkey, and Eric Fossum, Dartmouth College, NH, USA.
X-FAB Unveils MOSFETs with 10x Lower 1/f Noise
X-FAB announces the expansion of its 180 nm XH018 mixed-signal CMOS process with three new transistors: a 1.8 V low-noise NMOS, a 3.3 V low-noise NMOS and a 3.3 V low-noise PMOS – all of which offer drastically reduced flicker noise compared to standard CMOS offerings. The new 1.
Soitec Announces Substrate Breakthrough for NIR Image Sensors
GlobeNewsWire: Soitec announces the latest generation of SOI substrates in its Imager-SOI product line designed specifically for front-side imagers for NIR applications including 3D image sensors.
Velodyne Shows "Quantum Leap in LiDAR Technology"
BusinessWire: Under the leadership of visionary inventor and entrepreneur David Hall, Velodyne announces VLS-128 LiDAR sensor for autonomous vehicle market.
LiDAR News: Tetravue, Diabotics
IEEE Spectrum publishes an article "TetraVue Says Its Lidar Will Dominate the Robocar Business.
Invensas Completes DBI Technology Transfer to DALSA
BusinessWire: Invensas, a subsidiary of Xperi, announces the successful technology transfer of its Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) to Teledyne DALSA. This capability enables Teledyne DALSA to deliver next-generation image sensors to customers in the automotive, IoT and consumer electronics markets.
SensL 100m Ranging Demo
SensL demos a 100m range detection with its SiPM sensor:
LiDAR News: Aeye, Ouster, Innovusion
BusinessWire: AEye (former US LADAR) introduces iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) that combines the world’s first agile MOEMS LiDAR, pre-fused with a low-light camera and embedded artificial intelligence - creating software-definable and extensible hardware that can dynamically adapt to rea...
Samsung Improves its Iris Scanner
Korea Herald: The oncoming "Galaxy S9’s iris scanner will have an improved camera lens and functions to make it better to recognize the eyes of users.The iris camera lens will be improved to 3MP from 2MP of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 to capture clearer images.
Leica 200mm f2.8 review so far
The Leica 200mm f2.8 is a high-end telephoto prime lens for the Micro Four Thirds system. Mounted on a Panasonic or Olympus body, it delivers an equivalent focal length of 400mm, or 560mm when fitted with the supplied 1.4x tele-converter. Check out my review-so-far!… The post Leica 200mm f2.
2-step Column-Parallel Delta-Sigma ADC
CentraleSupelec, France, publishes a paper "A 14-b Two-step Inverter-based Σ∆ ADC for CMOS Image Sensor" by Pierre Bisiaux, Caroline Lelandais-Perrault, Anthony Kolar, Philippe Benabes, and Filipe Vinci dos Santos presented at IEEE International NEWCAS Conference, in June 2017 at Strasbourg, Fran...
Canon Global Shutter Sensor Paper
MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) publishes Canon paper "Development of Gentle Slope Light Guide Structure in a 3.
Recent ON Semi CCD Advances
MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) publishes ON Semi paper "Recent Enhancements to Interline and Electron Multiplying CCD Image Sensors" by Eric G. Stevens, , Jeffrey A. Clayhold, Hung Doan, Robert P. Fabinski, Jaroslav Hynecek, Stephen L.
Leti SPAD Presentation
Leti publishes a presentation on SPAD image sensors it develops together with ST: "Avalanche Diodes for 3D Imaging at Large Distances" by Norbert Moussy.
Gigajot Licenses Binary Pixel Technology from Rambus
BusinessWire: Rambus announces that Dartmouth College-based startup Gigajot Technology has licensed Rambus Binary Pixel technology and patents for use in Gigajot’s next-generation image capture solutions.
Espros Announces New Generation ToF Sensor
Espros announces epc611, a new generation 8×8 pixel ToF sensor. The epc611 is said to establish a new industry standard in terms of photon sensitivity, distance measurement frame rate and versatility for a wide range of applications. The small footprint of 2.6 x 2.
33-Mpixel 240-fps Stacked Sensor
NHK, Brookman, TSMC, and University of Tokyo publish an open-access IEEE TED paper "A 1.
Almalence Works on 1-inch Sensor-based Mobile Phone Cameras
DisruptorDaily publishes an interview with Almalence CEO Eugene Panich talking about the recent developments in mobile imaging.
Espros ToF Sensors Lineup
Espros November edition of its newsletter (email-only, yet to be posted on their web site) shows an extensive ToF sensors lineup:
MIPI Alliance Announces Camera Command Set
MIPI Alliance releases a new specification that provides a standardized way to integrate image sensors in mobile-connected devices. The new specification, MIPI Camera Command Set v1.0 (MIPI CCS v1.0), defines a standard set of functionalities for implementing and controlling image sensors.
Huawei Unveils its Answer to Apple Face ID
Many sites quote German-language WinFuture showing few slides from Huawei presentation of its oncoming smartphone depth camera. The camera is said to use a "stripe projector" to create 300,000 3D points in 10s time.
EETimes Interviews ams CEO
EETimes Junko Yoshida publishes her talk with Ams CEO Alexander Everke talking about the company's new focus on sensing and 3D imaging. Few quotes:"Ams is focused on acquiring technologies, not the revenue.Everke is enthusiastic about Ams’ 3D adventure.
Sunny Optics Officially Licenses ImmerVision Panomorph Lens
BusinessWire: ImmerVision, developer of exclusive and patented panomorph wide-angle imaging technology, announces that Sunny Optics has licensed panomorph lens technology for global production, and will deliver its first small form-factor panomorph high-resolution super-wide-angle lenses for smartph...
University at Buffalo paper "ABC: Enabling Smartphone Authentication with Built-in Camera" by Kui Ren, Zhongjie Ba, Sixu Piao, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, Aziz Mohaisen, and Xinwen Fu proposes to use PRNU to securely identify a smartphone:"First observed in conventional digital cameras, PRNU analysis i...
MEMSDrive OIS vs. VCM-based OIS
MEMSDrive publishes comparison videos of its OIS against iPhone X and Galaxy Note8 VCM-based OIS:
MIPI Alliance Opens Access to its MIPI I3C Sensor Interface Specification
BusinessWire: Starting today, all companies, including those not currently members of MIPI Alliance, may access the MIPI I3C v1.0 specification so they may evaluate the incorporation of the specification into their sensor integration plans and design applications.
Synaptics Unveils 2nd Generation Under-display Optical Fingerprint Sensor
PC Perspective: Synaptics unveils FS9500 Clear ID family of optical fingerprint sensors for smartphones with OLED displays.
Tamron 100-400mm VC review so far
Tamron's 100-400/4.5-6.3 VC is a long telephoto zoom that's corrected for full-frame sensors and available in Canon and Nikon DSLR mounts. It's the first 100-400mm from Tamron and comes hot on the heels of Sigma's 100-400/5-6.3 OS Contemporary.
Huawei is Reported Preparing Triple Rear Camera Smartphone
XDA Developers quotes Venturebeat reporter Evan Blass twitted about the oncoming Huawei smartphone featuring triple rear camera smartphone with 40MP resolution and 5x zoom:
Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Handed to Image Sensor Inventors
Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has been presented to Eric Fossum, Nobukazu Teranishi and Michael Tompsett.
Image Sensor Design Tutorials
CMOS Chip Designer site publishes a number of nice tutorials on image sensor design:CMOS Image Sensors Overview - general Q&ACMOS Pixel Design - starts from basics, does not go very far but still usefulImage Sensor Readout Circuits - ROIC - basic introduction, although some of the circuits do no...
Yole Talk on TSV Technology
Most of the Yole Developpement webcast on TSV technology is devoted to stacked memory integration, but there is also some image sensor content, especially from 28:00 to 38:00 time:
IEDM Image Sensor Presentations
IEDM Image Sensor session has a nice selection of 6 papers. IEDM publishes figures from two of the presentations:16.4 Near-infrared Sensitivity Enhancement of a Back-illuminated Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensor with a Pyramid Surface for Diffraction Structure,I. Oshiyama, S.
Omnivision Applies for SiGe Image Sensor Patent
Omnivision patent application US20170345851 "Graded-Semiconductor Image Sensor" by Dajiang Yang, Gang Chen, Duli Mao, and Dyson Tai propose SiGe graded epi doping to enhace IR response:"Detection of infrared (IR) light is useful in automotive and night vision applications.
Rockwell Automation Acquires Odos Imaging
BusinessWire: Rockwell Automation acquires Odos Imaging, a Scottish maker of pulsed ToF cameras for industrial imaging applications.
Compressive Sensing Improves ToF Camera Spatial Resolution
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and Rice University, Houston, TX researches publish a paper "CS-ToF: High-resolution compressive time-of-flight imaging" by Fengqiang Li, Huaijin Chen, Adithya Pediredla, Chiakai Yeh, Kuan He, Ashok Veeraraghavan, and Oliver Cossairt.
Material Based “Field-Effect CCD”
Many old ideas are recycled with a new twist - in this case the twist is the new materials. Arxiv.