Thesis on Small Size Stacked SPAD Imagers
Edinburgh University publishes a thesis "Miniature high dynamic range time-resolved CMOS SPAD image sensors" by Tarek Al Abbas that explores the small pixel pitch SPAD sensors:"The goal of this research is to explore the hypothesis that given the state of the art CMOS nodes and fabrication technolog...
Artilux Presents its GeSi 3D Sensing Tech Featuring 50% QE @ 1550nm
CEChina, EEWorld: After first unveiling its GeSi sensors in October 2018 and presenting them at IEDM 2018, Artilux formally announces its new Explore Series for wide spectrum 3D sensing.
More Autosens Videos: Sony, Valeo, Geo, ARM
Autosens publishes more video presentations from its latest Detroit conference in May 2019.
Samsung Officially Unveils 108MP Sensor for Smartphones
BusinessWire: Samsung introduces 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX, the first mobile image sensor in the mobile CIS industry to go beyond 100MP. The new 1/1.33-inch sensor uses the same 0.8μm pixel from the recently announced 64MP.
Samsung 108MP Sensor to Feature in Xiaomi Smartphone
NextWeb, DPReview: At a briefing in China, Xiaomi announces it is to become the first manufacturer to use Samsung’s new 108MP ISOCELL sensor.
Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 002
The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns with Gordon and Doug discussing the Canon G7X III, G5X II and Sony RX100 VII, before moving onto Sony's latest high resolution mirrorless, the A7r IV, then wrapping up with some lens news.
ON Semi Updates on its Imaging Business
ON Semi Q2 2019 earnings call updates on its image sensor business:"In ADAS applications, our momentum continues to accelerate. We are seeing strong interest from customers in our broad portfolio of automotive image sensor products.
Trinamix Publishes Spec Examples of its 3D Cameras
Trinamix publishes some examples of 3D cameras based on its technology:
Samsung Foundry Reports CIS Sales Growth
Samsung Q2 2019 report has an interesting part that the company's CIS foundry business is growing.
LeddarTech Settles LiDAR Patent Dispute with Phantom Intelligence
GlobeNewsWore: LeddarTech announces that its patent infringement case against Phantom Intelligence was settled favorably in the Federal Court of Canada.
Olympus TOUGH TG6 review
The Olympus TOUGH TG-6 is the latest model in the company's massively popular rugged series. It’s waterproof to 15 metres, freezeproof to -10C, can withstand a crushing force of 100Kg and a drop from 2.1m.
Imaging through Noise with Quantum Illumination
ResearchGate, University of Glasgow, UK, paper "Imaging Through Noise With Quantum Illumination" by Thomas Gregory, Paul-Antoine Moreau, Ermes Toninelli, and Miles J. Padgett proposes a detection technique that preferentially select photon-pair events over isolated background events.
ST Q2 Earnings Call: Structured Light vs ToF in Smartphones
SeekingAlpha: ST updates on its Q2 imaging business results:"During Q2, we had at least an Imaging sensor and/or a MEMS device in all of the top 10 smartphones currently on this market.
Ams Bets Big on 3D Sensing
Ams Q2 2019 report emphasize the company's focus on 3D sensing solutions:
Verge of CFA Diversity Era?
MDPI paper "The Effect of the Color Filter Array Layout Choice on State-of-the-Art Demosaicing" by Ana Stojkovic, Ivana Shopovska, Hiep Luong, Jan Aelterman, Ljubomir Jovanov, and Wilfried Philips from Ghent University, Belgium comes up with an interesting statement:"In this study, by comparing perf...
Rumor on 5 New Sony Full Frame Sensors
Sony E-Mount Rumors publishes what it calls "leaked datasheets" of 5 full-frame CMOS sensors: IMX311, IMX313, IMX409, IMX521, IMX554. The most unusual one is IMX311 having 45-deg angled pixels.
Recent Image Sensor Videos: Omnivision, Prophesee, Intel
Omnivision publishes its CEO Boyd Fowler explanation of HALE technology:Prophesee CMO Guillaume Butin presents another use case of its event-driven sensors, vibration monitoring:Other Prophesee videos explain differences between event-driven and frame-based sensors:Intel explains how its coded light...
Adasky Explains Why Visual World is Confusing for AI
Adasky presentation at Autosens Detroit 2019 shows that sometimes visible light images can be confusing for AI.
Corephotonics Files Another Lawsuit against Apple on 10 Patents Infringement
AppleInsider: Israeli-based Corephotonics, recently acquired by Samsung, files its 3rd lawsuit accusing Apple in infringing on its 10 patents:9,661,233 "Dual aperture zoom digital camera"10,230,898 "Dual aperture zoom camera with video support and switching / non-switching dynamic control"10,288,840...
Omnivision's CTO Presentation on Automotive RGB-IR Sensors
Autosens publishes Omnivision CTO Boyd Fowler presentation "RGB-IR Sensors for In-Cabin Automotive Applications."Another Autosens video by Robin Jenkin, Principal Image Quality Engineer, NVIDIA updates on P2020 standard progress.
Nikon COOLPIX W150 review
The Nikon COOLPIX W150 is an affordable rugged waterproof compact designed for active kids and families. It'll survive falls of 1.8m, temperatures down to -10 Celsius and work up to 10m underwater. Take it to the beach, on the piste, by the pool or in the sea without worrying.
Sony RX100 VII compact pride
Sony’s RX100 VII is arguably the most powerful compact camera around.
IRay Gets Closer to Diffraction Limit with 10um Pixel Microbolometers
Yantai, China-based IRay unveils its 10um pixel microbolometers, said to be the first in China.
Fujifilm XP140 review
The Fujifilm FinePix XP140 is a mid-priced waterproof camera with 16 Megapixels, a 5x / 28-140mm zoom and rugged credentials including an impressive 25m depth rating, the ability to operate down to -10 c and survive falls from 1.8m.
Techinsights Smartphone Imagers Review - Part 4
Techinsights publishes part 4 of the state of the art of smartphone imagers review, the omitted part from Ray Fontaine's presentation at IISW 2019 in June "Non-Bayer CFA, Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF).
MEMS and Imaging Summit
MEMS and Imaging Summit to be held in Grenoble, France on Sept.
Sony Re-Orgs Renames Image Sensor Division, Reports Sales Growth
Sony reports quarterly results for the quarter ended June 30, 2019. Probably, as a response to the calls to spin-off its semiconductor business, Sony splits it between different divisions, so that there is no Semiconductor Solutions division anymore.
Image Sensors with Frustrated Charge Transport
Journal of Applied Physics publishes a paper "Organic photodetectors with frustrated charge transport for small-pitch image sensors" by Z. Ma and C. K. Renshaw from University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.
Volvo LiDAR Cost Estimated at $22
Not all LiDARs are expensive. TechInsights teardown report of Volvo 31360888 Brake Assist LiDAR found in V40 car estimates its manufacturing costs at only $22.
Sony RX100 VII review
The Sony RX100 VII is a high-end compact designed for travel, action, video and vlogging, with a 20 Megapixel 1in sensor, 24-200mm zoom, flip screen, popup viewfinder, fast burst shooting, 4k video and mic input.
TechInsights' State of the Art of Smartphone Imagers Review - Part 3
Techinsights' posts "The state of the art of smartphone imagers" are based on Ray Fontaine presentation at IISW 2019 in June. Part 3 covers "Back-Illuminated Active Si Thickness, Deep Trench Isolation (DTI).
SmartSens Launches Two Industrial Grade Sensors - SC2310T and SC4210T
PRNewswire: SmartSens announced two new CMOS sensors SC2310T and SC4210T with unique pixel architecture to deliver superior low-light sensitivity and HDR of 100db, combined with industrial temperature range from -30C to 85C.The new product are said to be leading the market with SNR1s of 0.21 lux.
Depth Sensing in Automotive Applications
First part of RSIP webinar series on automotive AI talks about ways to sense depth in ADAS and autonomous driving applications:
Recent Image Sensor Videos: Omnivision, Prophesee, Intel
Omnivision publishes its CEO Boyd Fowler explanation of HALE technology:Prophesee CMO Guillaume Butin presents another use case of its event-driven sensors, vibration monitoring:Other Prophesee videos explain differences between event-driven and frame-based sensors:Intel explains how its coded light...
LiDAR News: Velodyne, Aeye, Livox, Robosense, Hesai
BusinessWire: Velodyne introduced the Puck 32MR, a cost-effective perception solution for low speed autonomous markets including industrial vehicles, robotics, shuttles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Puck 32MR has a range of 120m and a 40-deg vertical FoV.
e2v Promotional Videos
Teledyne e2v publishes a number of promotional videos on its image sensors:
Huawei Demos Fingerprint Sensor Under LCD Display
Gizmochina: Huawei presents a prototype of IR camera-based fingerprint sensor under LCD display. Most of other under-display sensors work with OLED displays.
Himax Updates on its 3D Sensing Efforts
GlobeNewsWire: Himax Q2 2019 earnings report updates on the company's 3D sensing projects:"Himax continues to participate in most of the smartphone OEMs’ ongoing 3D sensing projects covering structured light and time-of-flight (ToF).
IHS Markit: Hynix CIS Sales to Rise 10x in 3 Years
IFNews: IHS Markit reports that multi-camera smartphones and ToF solutions adoption benefits most image sensor manufacturers but in different degree.
LiDAR News: Quanergy, Ouster, AI Spoofing
Quanergy publishes a video explanation of its LiDAR approach:Ouster article "The Dead Bug Problem" emphasize the importance of larger lens:"...lidar sensors with smaller optical apertures are less resilient to obscurants.
TSMC Offers 1550nm Sensing Platform
TSMC publishes its LiDAR and HDR sensing automotive portfolio mentioning 1550nm NIR+ Gen2 imaging platform:"TSMC's pixel-level stacking technology enables higher resolution, HDR and Global shutters that are imperatives in fully autonomous vehicles.
Omron Proximity Sensor
PRNewswire: OMRON launches the Light Convergent Reflective Sensor "B5W-LB series" for industrial applications.
Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S review – preview
The Nikon Z 85mm f1.8 S is a short telephoto lens designed for Nikon’s full-frame Z mirrorless system. It becomes the first native prime lens in the system aimed at portrait photographers who desire classic head-and-shoulders compositions with shallow depth-of-field effects. See my preview.
TowerJazz Updates on its CIS Business
SeekingAlpha publishes a transcript of TowerJazz Q2 2016 earnings call. Few updates on image sensor business:"Looking into our CMOS image sensor business, our largest application and market is the industrial market.
Automotive and Security Markets
IFNews: Credit Suisse report on Asia semiconductor market has a part about Kingpack CIS packaging business for ON Semi. Kingpack uses its proprietary wirebonding technology to make the tiny iBGA packages which has been qualified with AEC Q-100 Grade 1.
Hynix Shifts Fab Capacity from Memory to CIS
KoreaTimes. KoreaHerald: SK Hynix said yesterday that it will convert part of its M10 DRAM fab in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, to CIS production.
Image Sensor Americas Agenda
Image Sensors Americas conference to be held on October 15-16, 2019 in San Jose, CA announces its agenda.
2013 Review of 3D Cameras
Not much has changed since 2013 when Nova Science Publishes unveiled a book with chapter of 3D imaging "A Review on Commercial Solid State 3D Cameras for Machine Vision.
Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III review
The Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD is a small and light wide-angle zoom with a fast f2.8 focal ratio that's designed for Sony E-mount full-frame cameras. It nicely complements Tamron’s earlier 28-75mm f2.8 and comes in at a lower price than Sony’s FE 16-35mm f2.8.
ToF News: Broadcom, Renesas, Opnous
ToF market becomes rather crowded. Many companies enter it anticipating a fast growth.Broadcom AFBR-S50MV85G is APD pixel-based distance and motion measurement ToF sensor. It supports up to 3000 frames per second with up to 16 illuminated pixels.