FiveFocal Offers Camera Simulator
Ex-CDM Optics (Omnivision) employees have started FiveFocal company offering Imager, a camera simulator software.
Huawei P9 Dual Camera Reverse Engineering, More
Systemplus publishes a reverse engineering report on the dual camera module extracted from Huawei P9 smartphone:"The P9 camera module, with dimensions of 18 x 9.2 x 5.1mm, is equipped with two sub-modules each including a Sony CIS, a closed loop voice coil motor (VCM) and a 6-element lens.
Graphene Photodetectors Review
Open-access Sensors journal publishes a paper "Towards a Graphene-Based Low Intensity Photon Counting Photodetector" by Jamie O. D. Williams, Jack A. Alexander-Webber, Jon S. Lapington, Mervyn Roy, Ian B. Hutchinson, Abhay A.
TowerJazz and TPSCo Announce Stacked Deep PD Technology
GlobeNewsWire: TowerJazz and TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co.
High Speed Image Sensor Applications
Tokyo University Ishikawa Watanabe Lab publishes a couple of Youtube video exploring high speed image sensor applications.
A Race to Self-Driving Taxi Has Begun
Bloomberg, IEEE Spectrum: Starting later this month, Uber will allow customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones, crossing an important milestone that no automotive or technology company has yet achieved.
Novatek to Improve Vision Capabilities of its Camera Processors
PRNewswire: CEVA announces that Novatek, Taiwan's 2nd largest fabless IC design house, has licensed and deployed the CEVA-XM4 intelligent vision DSP for its next-generation vision-enabled SoCs targeting a range of end markets requiring advanced visual intelligence capabilities.
poLight Raises $20M
ArcticStartup: Norway’s poLight raises $20M at valuation of $74M. The company has raised a total of $60.4M, and it aims to go public in the near future. “poLight aims to complete an IPO within one year,” the company said.
Samsung Research Uses IBM Multicore Processor for Vision Apps
CNET: Samsung has adapted IBM's TrueNorth 4,096-core processor into its Dynamic Vision Sensor that processes video imagery quite differently than traditional digital cameras.
Pixart Reports Rise in Non-Mouse Products
Pixart reports its Q2 2016 results with a rise in sales of non-mouse products. The revenue increased by 2.3% QoQ to NT$1,051.7 million. The gross margin decreased from 50.9% in previous quarter to 49.9% in Q2 2016.
AutoSens Interview on ISO 26262 Standard
AutoSens conference to be held in Brussels, Belgium on Sept. 20-22, 2016 is about to sold-out with roughly twice as many people registered as the original target.
Image Sensor Training at CEI-Europe
CEI-Europe publishes a Youtube video on image sensor courses by Albert Theuwissen:
Every Photon Counts
Sensors Journal publishes a paper "The Quanta Image Sensor: Every Photon Counts" by Eric Fossum, Jiaju Ma, Saleh Masoodian, Leo Anzagira and Rachel Zizza from Dartmouth College. "This paper reviews the QIS concept and its imaging characteristics.
Pockemon Go and Imaging Industry
Yole Developpement publishes its take on how Pockemon Go can transform mobile imaging industry. Few quotes:"In the quest for Pokemon, some have suggested that 3D cameras would make a better job at catching the small monsters. The share of Lenovo did take a good 10% upward due to this rumor.
Recent Image Sensor Theses
There are two more interesting image sensor theses published recently:"Low-Power and Compact CMOS Circuit Design of Digital Pixel Sensors for X-Ray Imagers" PhD Thesis by Roger Figueras Bague, Barcelona University, Spain.
Gentex Intelligent Mirrors
Automotive mirror manufacturer Gentex presents a number of products based on its proprietary CMOS sensors at its 2016 Investor and Analyst Day:
Vision Award Nomenees
IMV-Europe announces a list of 2016 Vision Award candidates, with several image sensor cvompanies among them:Aphesa, A novel 120dB image sensor platform and camera for scientific and industrial applications, Arnaud Darmont (Aphesa), Benoit Dupont (Pyxalis)E2v, The Emerald family – a leap forward i...
Peter Centen Receives SMPTE David Sarnoff Medal
SMPTE announces its 2016 Honors & Awards Recipients. The David Sarnoff Medal Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of new techniques or equipment that have improved the engineering phases of television technology, including large-venue presentations.
Race to Self-Driving Car Accelerates
FoxNews: US startup Nutonomy managed to beat Uber starting its autonomous taxi trial in Singapore. Currently, their autonomous fleet has just 6 Mitsubishi i-MiEv electric cars, with the planned full launch of the service in 2018.
Microsoft Talks About Hololens Vision Processing
EETimes: Microsoft says that HoloLens processing unit (HPU) fuses input from five cameras, a depth sensor and motion sensor, compacting and sending it to the Intel SoC. It also recognizes gestures and maps environments including multiple rooms.
2016 Harvest Imaging Forum
Agenda of 2016 Harvest Imaging Forum has been published. The Forum is devoted to "Robustness of CMOS Technology and Circuitry outside the Imaging Core : integrity, variability, reliability.
e2v Onyx 10um Pixel Demo
e2v publishes a Youtube video showing night vision capabilities of its NIR 1.
Ford Self-Driving Car Plans
Ford announces the steps to mass produce a fully autonomous driving car in 2021. To get there, the company is investing in or collaborating with four startups to enhance its autonomous vehicle development, doubling its Silicon Valley team and more than doubling its Palo Alto campus.
Intel RealSense and Project Alloy Highlights
Intel publishes highlights of RealSense camera technology features in its CEO Brian Krzanich presentation. Among other stuff, it features the company Project Alloy "merged reality" headset with embedded RealSense 3D camera. Project Alloy will be offered as an open platform in 2017.
Automotive Night Vision System Industry Report
ResearchInChina releases "Global and China Automotive Night Vision System Industry Report, 2016-2020.
ON Semi Image Sensor Business Results
ON Semi Q2 2016 earnings report updates on image sensor business:"Now let me provide you an update on performance of our business units, starting with Image Sensor Group, or ISG. Revenue for ISG was approximately $173 million, up approximately three percent as compared to the first quarter.
Almalence on Future of Mobile Imaging publishes an interview with Eugene Panich, CEO of Almalence, on mobile imaging trends. Few quotes:"The software onboard smartphones today is revolutionary.
Computer Vision Cores for Licensing
PRNewswire: CEVA announces that Rockchip, one of China’s low-cost SoC companies, has licensed the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP to enhance the imaging and computer vision capabilities of its’ SoC products for smartphones, ADAS, drones, robotics and other smart camera devices.
Omnivision Announces 1/18-inch Wafer Level Module for Endoscopic Applications
PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the OVM6946, its first wafer-level camera module for medical applications. With a compact size of 1.05 mm x 1.05 mm, a z-height height of 2.27 mm, 120-deg FOV and an extended focusing range of 3 mm to infinity, the 1/18-inch 400x400 1.
Sony to Use New Funds to Expand Stacked Sensor Manufacturing and Image Sensor R&D
The Wrap, Nikkei: Sony plans to raise $3.6b (440b Yen) through the issuance of new shares and bonds, all a part of its ongoing Mid-Term Corporate Strategy.
Oppo F1s Front Camera Has Higher Resolution Than Rear One
Newly announced Oppo F1s "Selfie Expert" smartphone features 16MP selfie front camera, while the rear one is only 13MP. The front camera has a number of software extensions, such as selfie panorama mode.
Image Quality vs Speed in Mobile Phone Cameras
A brave PhD candidate from University of Vaasa, Finland, presents his thesis for public discussion a week before the thesis defense scheduled on Aug. 11, 2016.
Sony to Reduce Investment in CMOS Sensor Manufacturing Expansion
According to Digitimes Research, Sony reduces its equipment investment for CMOS sensors to JPY70 billion ($691.53M) in fiscal 2016, keeping its sensor production capacity at 70,000 12-inch equivalent wafers a month.
Juha Alakarhu Gets Back to Nokia
DPReview reports that Microsoft Lumia camera group leader Juha Alakarhu leaves Microsoft to re-join Nokia as the head of the Ozo VR camera.
Interview with ULIS PM
Yole Developpement publishes an interview with Cyrille Trouilleau, Product Manager at ULIS. Few quotes:"ULIS, a subsidiary of Sofradir, specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative thermal image sensors for commercial and defense applications...
Uncooled IR Imaging Market Report
Yole Developpement publishes report "Uncooled IR imaging industry: the market is taking off." Few quotes:After a strong downturn in 2012 and 2013 due to the collapse of the military market, the uncooled IR imaging industry came back into a growth phase in 2014 and 2015.
Mobileye and Delphi Partnership to Invest Hundreds of Million of Dollars into Self Driving Technology
SeekingAlpha transcript on Mobileye and Delphi partnership announcement has a statement that the two companies invest significant funds to develop self-driving car technology:"When you think about what is needed to bring the Level 4/5 autonomy to series production, there is sensing – interpreting ...
Hikvision Secures $6b Credit Lines
China-based surveillance camera maker Hikvision secures a credit facility of RMB ¥20b (more than USD $3b) with Export-Import Bank of China. In November 2015, Hikvision secured another USD $3b line of credit with China Development Bank.
Canon Proposes "Teardrop" Microlens
Canon patent application US20160233259 "Solid state image sensor, method of manufacturing solid state image sensor, and image capturing system" by Yasuhiro Sekine proposes a "teardrop" shaped microlens in order to reduce lens shading on the periphery of the pixel array:
Project Alloy Headset Has Two RealSense Cameras
VentureBeat has had a chance to get a closer look at Intel Project Allow headset and publishes a clear picture of its two RealSense cameras at the front.
Intel Presents RealSense 400 Camera
Intel announces the next-generation RealSense 400 3D camera offering improved accuracy with more than double the number of 3D points captured per second and more than double the operating range compared with the previous generation.
High Speed Imaging 50 Years Ago
A 1965 film shows how high speed cameras were implemented and used at that time.
Himax on AR/VR Market Opportunity
Himax Q2 2016 earnings call and an official press release have few unusually long statements on AR/VR business potential, unusual for such kind of documents, that is:"The recent staggering success of Pokémon Go has provided a looking glass into the future trajectory of the AR technology and given o...
SMIC on LFoundry Plans
SMIC quarterly earnings call does not give many details on LFoundry acquisition and plans. Just few small statements from the call:"Since the acquisition of LFoundry, we have officially entered into the auto IC market. LFoundry manufacturers above 25% of world's auto CIS.
Imaging Conference at SEMICON Europa
SEMICON Europa is to be held in Grenoble, France on October 25-26, 2016.
DIN Standard for Gesture Control Interface
Gestigon reports that German standard office DIN has approved a DIN SPEC 91333 standard for gesture control interfaces. From Google automatic translation:"DIN SPEC provides instructions and recommendations for the design of the user interface of touchless gesture control in human-system interaction.
Socionext Demos 8K Video Encoder Solution
Socionext publishes a NAB presentation of its 8K real time video encoding solution based on 4 boards with MB86M31 processor:
Socionext Demos 4-Camera Fusion
Socionext publishes a Youtube video showing 4-camera image fusion to create different views in automotive applications:
Caeleste Announces Electroniad
On October 14th 2016, Caeleste will organize ELECTRONIAD (A Quiz for electronic students, professionals and hobbyists) in Technopolis, Mechelen, Belgium.TYPES OF QUESTIONS:Electronic problem solving.Knowledge, trivia, history.Practical tests.
Single Photon Detection by Human Eye
Contrary to the common belief, a single photon perception by a human eye might be possible, says Nature Communications paper "Direct detection of a single photon by humans" by Jonathan N. Tinsley, Maxim I.