Olympus OM-D E-M1X review so far
The Olympus OM-D E-M1X is a high-end mirrorless camera aimed at sports and wildlife pros, featuring a 20 MP Four Thirds sensor, 18fps with CAF, 4k up to 30p, up to 7.5 stops of stabilisation, and claims of the best weather-proofing around. It’s also the largest, heaviest and priciest OMD yet.
Samsung Announces 20MP 0.8um Pixel Sensor for Slim Smartphones
BusinessWire: Samsung introduces its smallest high-resolution image sensor, the ISOCELL Slim 3T2, said to be the industry’s most compact 20MP image sensor at 1/3.4-inches. The 0.8μm-pixel ISOCELL Slim 3T2 is aimed to both front and back cameras in mid-range smartphones. The 1/3.
Sofradir and ULIS to Invest €150M in French Nano 2022 Program
ALA News: Sofradir and its subsidiary ULIS announce their participation in the Nano 2022 initiative, which sees the Group invest €150M ($171M) over the period 2018-2022.
Autosens Brussels 2018 Videos
Autosens publishes a couple of more videos from its 2018 conference in Brussels, Belgium:
Swiss Eye Tracking Startup Raises $1.9m
Swiss startup Eyeware develops 3D eye tracking software for depth sensing enabled consumer devices, such as Microsoft Kinect, Intel RealSense, Orbbec Astra, etc.
A review of Optical Phased Array LiDAR
AutoSens starts to publish videos from its Brussels 2018 conference.
Yole Forecasts Uncooled LWIR Sensors Market
Yole Developpement report on "Uncooled Infrared Imagers and Detectors 2019" forecasts:"The uncooled IR detector and imager market looks promising, with annual growth of 7% in value over the 2018-2024 period. For microbolometers, numerous commercial applications have driven the imager market growth.
1550nm LiDAR Damaged Sony Camera at CES
Arstechnica reports that a man who snapped Aeye LiDAR at CES claims that the 1550nm LiDAR permanently damaged his expensive Sony ILC camera.
Phantom Intelligence LiDAR is Powered by ON Semi SiPM
Phantom Intelligence demo at CES reveals that ON Semi (SensL) SiPM powers its flash LiDAR:
AMS New Products Announcements
ams launches a spectral sensor chip that is said to bring "laboratory-grade multi-channel color analysis capability to portable and mobile devices."“The AS7341 marks a breakthrough in the category of spectral sensors in a small package suitable for mounting in a mobile phone or consumer device.
LFoundry Presentation
LFoundry presentation "Innovation in a Semiconductor Industry" by Sergio Galbiati discusses the company technology and future plans:
DBI Enables CIS Evolution
Paul Enquist from Xperi (Ziptronix, Invensas) publishes an article "Direct Bond Technology Enables CMOS Image Sensor Evolution.
ToF Imaging with 10ps Resolution
MDPI publishes University of Glasgow paper "Time-of-Flight Imaging at 10 ps Resolution with an ICCD Camera" by Lucrezia Cester, Ashley Lyons, Maria Chiara Braidotti, and Daniele Faccio."ICCD cameras can record low light events with extreme temporal resolution.
AEI Active Alignment Assembly System
AEI Mycronic publishes a video on its automotive camera module assembly system:
Arm Announces Mali C32 and C52 ISPs
Arm announces new ISP IP for consumer devices, such as drones, smart home assistants, security and IP cameras, etc:"The new Arm Mali-C52 and Mali-C32 apply over twenty-five processing steps to each pixel, of which three critical ones deliver key differentiation in terms of image output quality.
ON Semi Sensors in Sunlight
ON Semi publishes a video on automotive image sensors challenges under the direct sun:
Luminar Supplies its LiDARs to Volvo and Volkswagen
Recently, Luminar LiDAR made its way to Volvo and Volkswagen-Audi autonomous car prototypes:
Jingfang Optotelectronics Acquires Anteryon for about 45m Euros
PRNewswire: Suzhou, China-based Jingfang Optotelectronics (WLOPT), in collaboration with Beauchamp Beer B.V, acquired the Dutch Anteryon.
Graphene-based SWIR G-Imager
Emberion, Graphenea, and AMO have been approved a European Innovation Council Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) project to help bring to the market the G-IMAGER, a graphene imager based on graphene-on-wafer technology.
Fraunhofer Vision Sensor Video
Fraunhofer vision sensor presentation at Vision Show 2018 has been published by SpectroNet:
Canon RF 35mm f1.8 IS Macro STM review so far
The Canon RF 35mm f1.8 IS Macro STM is a mild wide-angle lens for the EOS R full-frame mirrorless system. It’s the smallest, lightest and cheapest lens for the system to date, and a flexible all-rounder with 1:2 close-up capabilities.
SiOnyx Receives $20m Award for US Army Night Vision Project
BusinessWire: SiOnyx announces a $19.9m award for the delivery of digital night vision cameras for the IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) program.
e2v TDI CMOS Sensor
Teledyne-e2v publishes a poster on its TDI CMOS sensor presented in October 2018:
Pixart New Web Site
Pixart updated its web site making it much more useful. Now it has much more info about its products, including ones from Primesensor, Pixart subsidiary:"PrimeSensor Technology Inc., part of the PixArt Group, is a professional CMOS Image Sensor chip design house and provider.
Event-Driven Camera Module for Smartphones
iniVation and aiCTX announce Speck, world’s first low-power neuromorphic SoC for mobile and IoT applications. Speck is a fully event-driven neuromorphic chip, combining a vision sensor with a convolutional neural network processor, packaged in a single chip.
Motorola Solutions Acquires 4-year Old Computer Vision Startup for $445m
BusinessWire, Techcrunch, Venturebeat: Motorola Solutions acquires a maker of automated license plate recognition startup VaaS for $445m in cash and equity. The startup was founded in 2014 and has raised $5m.
Pamtek Presents Stereo Camera Calibration System
Pamtek presents its dual camera stereo calibration system, the TERA-Stereo:
Intel, Alibaba and Fujitsu Measure Athletes Achievements with Cameras and AI
Intel and Alibaba are teaming to develop athlete tracking technology powered by AI that is aimed to be deployed at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and beyond.
Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S review – preview
The Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S is a compact ultra-wide angle zoom designed for Nikon’s full-frame Z-series mirrorless cameras.
Omnivision Announces Video-Centric Image Sensor for Smartphones
PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the OV02K, a video-centric, 2.9um pixel 1080p image sensor for smartphones. The OV02K allows the secondary camera in multi-camera configurations to capture high-quality videos, even in very low ambient light conditions. This large 2.
FBK Presents Moton Detecting Vision Sensor
IEEE Sensors publishes a 2017 FBK presentation of its motion-detecting vision sensor with static background rejection:
Omnivision Unveils Two Smartphone Sensors
PRNewswire, PRNewswire: Omnivision announces two new sensors for smartphone cameras:OV13B: 1/3-inch 13MP sensor for mainstream and entry-level smartphone camerasOV16A: a cost-effective 16MP upgrade for rear- and front-facing cameras on mainstream smartphones with thin bezelsOV13B sensor features 1.
More about Foxconn CIS Fab in China
EETimes compiles more info about Foxconn plans to build CIS fab in China:Foxconn, "also known as Hon Hai Precision, aims to launch a $9 billion fab near southern China’s Zhuhai city...
First ToF Imager from China
Wuhan, China-based Silicon Integrated Inc. unveils SIF2310 that it calls "The first back-illuminated area array ToF sensor in China.
Autosens Brussels 2018 Videos: Videantis, Blackmore
Autosens keeps publishing video presentations from its 2018 Brussels conference:
Oppo Unveils Triple Camera with 10x Zoom for Smartphones, Wide-zone Optical Fingerprint Sensor
PRNewswire: OPPO reveales its forthcoming smartphone 10x lossless zoom technology meets commercial standards and is ready for mass production:"OPPO has developed a triple-camera solution consisting of "Ultra Wide Angle + Ultra Clear Master + Telephoto".
TSMC Updates on CIS Process Development
On January 1st, TSMC published 2017 Annual Report and Business Overview with an info on CIS process development:0.13µm SPAD technology platform speeds up customer product development of LiDAR applications.
FLIR Explains Sony 3rd Generation Pregius Features
ClearViewImaging publishes FLIR (PointGrey) presentation on image sensor technology news, explaining Sony 3rd generation Pregius sensor features among other things:
BBC on Camera Damage by LiDAR
BBC publishes its version of the camera damage by CES LiDAR story. It turns out that the owner of camera has quite an extensive experience with LiDARs.
Sony A6400 review
The Sony A6400 is a mid-range mirrorless camera with a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor, 4k video, powerful AF, built-in viewfinder and touchscreen that flips-up by 180 degrees to face the subject. Successor to the A6300, it's Sony’s best camera yet for vlogging.
Robosense Interview on $200, 200m-Range, 120-deg FoV LiDAR
Robosense representative confirms in an interview that their new RS-LiDAR-M1 will cost $200 in mass production:
Aeye Announces 200m Range, Hella and LG Partnerships
BusinessWire: AEye announces the AE200 Series of its iDAR Level 3 ADAS applications. The company says it has entered into strategic partnerships with Hella and LG Electronics.
Samsung Rumored to Acquire Corephotonics for $150m
Globes, CTech, JNS report that Samsung is in talks to acquire Corephotonics for $150m. In 2016, Samsung and its investment branch, invested $15m in Corephotonics. So far, Corephotonics has raised $50m.A year ago, Corephotonics sued Apple for alleged infringement on its dual camera zoom patents.
LiDAR News: Blackmore, Cepton
BusinessWire: Blackmore introduces Autonomous Fleet Doppler Lidar (AFDL). The multi-beam Doppler AFDL lidar sensor delivers instantaneous velocity and range data beyond 450 meters, with power consumption and size similar to a small laptop.
Ambarella, Toshiba Announce Vision Processors
BusinessWire: Ambarella introduces the CV25 camera SoC in the CVflow family, combining advanced image processing, high-resolution video encoding and CVflow computer vision processing in a single, low power design.
Valeo Demos its Automotive Vision Technology
Valeo publishes a couple of video showing the capabilities of its camera-based systems:
Automotive Imaging News
Toyota Research Institute (TRI) unveils its 4th generation P4 automated driving test vehicle featuring new image sensors:"P4 adds two additional cameras to improve situational awareness on the sides and two new imaging sensors―one facing forward and one pointed to the rear―specifically designed ...
Sofradir Uncooled InGaAs Imagers
Sofradir presents its uncooled "Tecless" InGaAs imagers for industrial and machine vision applications.
Omnivision Announces Power and Cost-Effective GS Sensor for Automotive Applications
PRNewswire: Omnivision's OV9284 1MP sensor is aimed to driver and passenger monitoring in mainstream vehicles and is said to have a number of "best in the industry" and "first in the industry" features:the industry’s best NIR QE in a driver-monitoring image sensor, with 12% at 940nmconsumes only 9...
TI Compares Automotive Image Sensors
TI publishes a comparison of automotive image sensors from different companies: