Huawei Mate 40 Features Always-On Front Camera
Huawei announces its Mate 40 series smartphones with new camera features.
Nanorod-based CMY CFA paper "A new CMY camera technology using Al-TiO2-Al nanorod filter mosaic integrated on a CMOS image sensor" by Xin He, Y. Liu, P. Beckett, H. Uddin, A. Nirmalathas, and R. R.
PCO Explains its Image Intensified Cameras
 PCO presents "Intensified Imaging Technology: pco.dicam Series.
Unispectral Presents its Tunable MEMS Filter for Multispectral Imaging
 Unispectral CTO Peleg Levin presents his company's approach to multispectral imaging:
ON Semi Expands 3.2um Global Shutter Sensor Family
BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor expands its XGS family of image sensors with low noise products that combine 12-bit image at a high frame rate. The new offerings include the XGS 45000, the XGS 30000, and the XGS 20000 with up to 45 MP resolution and up to 60 fps in 8K video mode.
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Uses ST AF Sensor instead of Sony iToF
TechInsights teardown reveals that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra uses ST AF sensor instead of Sony Sony IMX516 iToF in the previous generation: "Samsung introduced us to the Sony IMX516 i-ToF in Q4 2019 when it featured the new sensor alongside Galaxy Note10+ 5Gs rear-facing cameras.
Forza Webinar on Image Sensor Interfaces
 Forza publishes its webinar "CMOS Image Sensor Signal Interface & Lessons Learned From System Prototyping" by Nguyen Tran:
Apple Unveils 2 iPhones with LiDAR
 Apple new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max feature LiDARs integrated in the rear camera cluster.
Omnivision Announces 1/1.34"-large 64MP Smartphone Sensor with 1um Pixels and 3-Exposure 4-Cell HDR
BusinessWire: OmniVision announces the 1/1.34-inch OV64A sensor with 64MP resolution with the largest pixel size in its class, at 1.008 micron. It is aimed to the wide and ultrawide main cameras in high end smartphones.
Yole Forum on 3D Sensing Compares ToF Technologies
 Yole Developpement has kindly permitted me publishing few slides from "3D Sensing for Consumer Forum 2020" held in China on Sept.
LiDAR News: Robosense, Velodyne, Luminar, LeddarTech, ADI, Blickfeld
 BusinessWire: Velodyne and RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) have entered a long‑term global cross-licensing relationship encompassing a broad range of 360° surround-view lidar sensors. It covers both existing and future patents of both companies.
COVID-19 Testing from an Image Sensor Designer's Perspective
IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society publishes InSilixa webinar "Mass deployable Molecular Diagnostics MDx, including COVID 19 Testing: An IC Designer's Perspective" by Arjang Hassibi:"In the past year, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected many lives globally.
Yole Automotive Imaging & LiDAR Forum Overview
Yole Developpement has kindly permitted me to reproduce few slides from its "Imaging & LiDAR for Automotive Forum 2020" held on Sept 10 in China: To be continued...
Forza Webinar on CMOS Sensors Interfaces & Lessons Learned From System Prototyping
Forza-Ametek announces a webinar "CMOS Image Sensors Signal Interfaces & Lessons Learned From System Prototyping" to be held on Oct 14, 2020:
Autosens Interviews
 Autosens publishes interviews with Aeye, Immervision, Xenomatics, and more:
Samsung Presents its 65/14nm Stacked FinFET Sensor
Samsung presents "A Low-Power 65/14nm Stacked CMOS Image Sensor" by Minho Kwon, Seunghyun Lim, Hyeokjong Lee, Il-seon Ha, Moo-young Kim, Il-Jin Seo, Suho Lee, Yongsuk Choi, Kyunghoon Kim, Hansoo Lee, Won-Woong Kim, Seonghye Park, Kyongmin Koh, Jesuk Lee, and Yongin Park  at the 2020 IEEE Intern...
ToF with SensL-ON Semi
 Autosens publishes an interview with Wade Appelman, VP of the SensL Division at ON Semi:
Smartsens Raises More Investment
OTCbeta, DoNews: Smartsens receives a new investment from China National Integrated Circuit Industry Big Fund Phase II, Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund, and Anxin Investment. This follows an early August 2020 investment from Hubble Investment fund under Huawei.
Yole on LiDAR Market: Prices Drop but Volume Does Not Grow
 EETimes publishes Yole Developpement interview on LiDAR Market:"Historically, LiDAR systems have been too expensive to mass-produce for consumer vehicles.
Canon Announces Several Sensors
Canon, Canon: Canon announces two 35mm full-frame CMOS sensors based on the NIR sensitivity improved 19um pixel - the LI3030SAM (monochrome) and LI3030SAI (color/near-NIR)—which feature 3x and 2.3x enhanced NIR sensitivity respectively (at 800nm) compared to the predecessor products.
Light Field Camera for Smartphone
MDPI paper "Miniaturized 3D Depth Sensing-Based Smartphone Light Field Camera" by Hyun Myung Kim, Min Seok Kim, Gil Ju Lee, Hyuk Jae Jang, and Young Min Song from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, proposes a simplified approach for lightfield imaging:"The miniaturization of 3D...
Camera Array for Multi-Spectral Imaging
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing publishes a paper "Camera Array for Multi-Spectral Imaging" by Nils Genser, Jürgen Seiler, and André Kaup from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany, that might justify even more cameras in smartphones than it's used now.
Sony Talks about Intelligent Sensors and their Use Cases
Sony publishes a video promoting its sensors with integrated AI processor:
Red Komodo Features S35 Global Shutter Sensor
 Red unveils a new 6K Komodo camera featuring super-35 global shutter sensor:
TI Low Noise Supply for Image Sensors
 TI presentation "Solving the Key Design Challenges of Automotive Cameras" explains the importance of clean analog supplies for low row noise:
Sensors for Coronavirus Testing
MDPI paper "A Review of the State of the Art in Non-Contact Sensing for COVID-19" by by William Taylor, Qammer H.
Yole Automotive Imaging & LiDAR Forum Overview - Part 2
Yole Developpement kindly allowed me to publish few slides from its "Imaging & LiDAR for Automotive Forum 2020" held in China in Sept 2020:
ON Semi Unveils 2.3MP GS Sensor
BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduced the AR0234CS 2.3MP CMOS sensor with global shutter. The new sensor is designed for a variety of applications including machine vision cameras, AR/VR/MR headsets, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and barcode readers.
Sony Expands Polarization Sensors Lineup
Framos reports that Sony launches the new polarizer sensors IMX264MZR (monochrome) and IMX264MYR (color). These 5MP sensors have a 2/3-type format and a pixel size of 3.45 µm. It reaches frame rates up to 35.7 fps at 12-bit (only) and has one ROI window.
50mV Dropout Regulator Improves Row FPN by 5x
2020 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) paper "Higher Quality Images for a Visible-Light CMOS Sensor by Suppressing Spatial Row-Wise Noise with an Output-Capacitor-Less, Internal Low-Dropout Regulator" by Ali E.
Pictos Accuses Samsung in Patent Infringement
 Federal Register: Pictos files patent infringement complaint against Samsung."The Commission has received a complaint and a submission pursuant to § 210.8(b) of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure filed on behalf of Pictos Technologies, Inc. on September 25, 2020.
Samsung Presents 13MP Low Power Image Sensor
Samsung presents "A 1/3-Inch 1.
2020 International SPAD Sensor Workshop Papers
2020 International SPAD Sensor Workshop (ISSW) papers are just published at the International Image Sensor Society web site. The workshop has been held on-line in June 2020.
Paper on CG Improvements
Assim Boukhayma (Senbiosys & EPFL) publishes an paper "Conversion Gain Enhancement in Standard CMOS Image Sensors.
Smartsens 2.7um Pixel Combines Global Shutter with 40% QE @ 940nm
Smartsens unveils a 1.3MP pixel global shutter image sensor SC133GS. The new sensor uses 2.7μm pixels in 1/4" optical format and is aimed to the DMS systems to monitor the driver's driving state and attention to driving safety.
SystemPlus Reverse Engineers Tesla 3 Tri-Camera
Yole Developpement publishes a webinar "From Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) to Automated Driving" with a part discussion Tesla 3 Tri-camera:
Atomic Layer Deposition for Image Sensors
 Mikko Söderlund of Beneq presents Atomic Layer Deposition for image sensors to achieve:barrier coating surface passivationanti-reflection coating
Yole Forum on Machine Vision and Thermal Cameras 2020: Prices Go Down, Resolutions Go Up
Yole Developpement kindly allowed me to publish few slides from its "Machine Vision & IR for Industry Forum 2020" held in Shenzhen, China, on Sept.
Fujifilm XS10 review so far
The Fujifilm X-S10 represents a new branch in the X-series, delivering the power and quality of the X-T series with a 26 Megapixel APSC sensor and uncropped 4k video, but with a more approachable control system, along with built-in stabilisation.
GPixel APS-C Global Shutter Sensor Combines 21MP Resolution with 1,000 fps Speed
Gpixel announces a high-speed global shutter image sensor, GSPRINT4521, the first in a new family of products targeting high speed applications.GSPRINT4521 is a 21MP (5120 x 4096) APS-C sized (29.5mm) sensor with 4.5μm charge domain global shutter pixel.
Omnivision CTO Presents Automotive-Grade Wafer Stacking Technology & Sensors
Omnivision publishes an Autosens 2020 presentation "High Performance Automotive Image Sensors using CMOS Wafer Stacking Technology" by Boyd Fowler, the company's CTO:
Assorted News: Omnivision, Samsung, Robosense, Opsys, ON Semi, Trieye
Digitimes reports that "Demand for high-end CIS components has weakened in the wake of the US trade sanctions against Huawei.
Sensors for Coronavirus Testing
MDPI paper "A Review of the State of the Art in Non-Contact Sensing for COVID-19" by by William Taylor, Qammer H.
Credit Suisse on Smartphone CIS Market
 IFNews quotes Credit Suisse saying:Samsung CIS business is growing, both 300mm and 200mm wafer-basedTSMC 40nm process supply is tight due to high demand of image sensorsPossible SMIC blacklisting would impact Omnivision and Sony productionOmnivision's production is split between the following ...
Strategy Analytics: Sony Losing Smartphone CIS Market Share to Samsung, Omnivision, and Hynix
BusinessWire: According to Strategy Analytics, the total smartphone image sensor market witnessed a 15% YoY revenue growth in H1 2020. Sony maintains the first position in the smartphone image sensor market with 44% revenue share followed by Samsung and OmniVision.
Omron Announces QVGA ToF Module
Omron begins selling the B5L Series embedded 3D TOF Sensor Module in Japan from September 1, and globally from October 1. The B5L Series utilizes unique optical design technology for stable measurement of 3D distance information across a wide area even under sunlight.
Ouster Takes Apple iPad LiDAR Concept to Extreme
BusinessWire: Ouster announces a solid-state lidar based on its digital lidar architecture. The new ES2  will be the company's first solid-state, high-resolution, long-range digital lidar.
Canon EOS 850D Rebel T8i review
The Canon EOS 850D / Rebel T8i is a mid-range DSLR with a 24mp APSC sensor, 7fps bursts, 4k video and a fully-articulated screen. It sits at the top of the triple-digit EOS or Rebel series, which puts it directly below the EOS 90D.
Samsung Presents 1.3MP Event-Driven Sensor with 4.95um Pixels
Samsung presents "A 1280×960 Dynamic Vision Sensor with a 4.