WaveTouch Sues Goodix and Huawei over Under-Screen Optical Fingerprint Patent Infringement
GizomoChina reports that UK-headquartered WaveTouch has filed claims against Goodix and Huawei over infringement on its optical fingerprint patents. WaveTouch Group Ltd. is a Joint Venture between OPDI Technologies A/S, Denmark and O-Net Communications Limited, Hong Kong.
Velodyne Founder Responds to Board Decision
BusinessWire: David Hall, who with Marta Thoma Hall holds voting control of approximately 58.4% of the outstanding common stock of Velodyne Lidar, Inc.
TSMC Reduces its Share in Visera in Preparation to IPO
Yahoo: Bloomberg reports that TSMC has sold $326.8M worth of VisEra shares, cutting its stake in the company to 73.9%, according to a filing to the Taiwan stock exchange. The transaction was to facilitate a proposed listing of VisEra in Taiwan.
Reuters: Velodyne Founder and His Wife Fired for an Alleged Lack of Honesty
Reuters, BusinessWire: Velodyne Lidar has removed its founder David Hall as chairman and his wife Marta Thoma Hall as marketing chief for a lack of honesty, a charge Marta Hall said the couple was not allowed to rebut in a board meeting she described as an “ambush.
First Image Sensor Startup in India
It came to my attention that there is a new image sensor startup in India - 3rdiTech, a spin-off from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. The startup was founded by students of Albert Theuwissen's former student Mukul Sarkar who is Professor at IIT Delhi now.
ISSCC 2021: Sony SPAD for LiDAR Achieves 22% PDE at 905nm
Sony reports developing SPAD sensor for ist LiDAR with a record Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE) of 22% at 905nm, more than 15% at 940nm, and almost 30% at 850nm. It's also claimed to be the first stacked SPAD for LiDAR applications.
ISSCC 2021: Sony 50.1MP Full-Frame Sensor with Sigma-Delta ADC and kTC Noise Reduction
Sony presents its full-frame 50.
ID Quantique Presentation about Image Sensor-Based Random Number Generator for Mobile Phones
ID Quantique publishes a webinar "Why Quantum Technology matters in mobile phone security":
ams News: Small ToF Proximity Sensor, Smartsens-ams GS Sensor Spec, 10K/15K Resolution Line Scan Imagers
BusinessWire: ams launches the TMD2636, a fully integrated proximity sensor which occupies 30% less space than currently available solutions, and so delivers transformational added value to manufacturers of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds.
LiDAR News: Ford Divests from Velodyne
Forbes, Reuters, SeekingAlpha: Ford has completely divested from Velodyne according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from Velodyne. In August, 2016, Ford and Baidu each invested $150M in Velodyne to secure the LiDAR supply for their autonomous vehicles research.
ISSCC 2021: Samsung 0.64um Pixel
This year, ISSCC has not released its usual media kit with preview snippets of the most interesting papers. So, I'm filling the void with few such snippets. The first one is about Samsung 0.64um pixel:"1/2.74-inch 32Mpixel-Prototype CMOS Image Sensor with 0.
Samsung Explains its Smart-ISO Pro
Samsung publishes a promotional video explaining its Smart-ISO Pro feature:
NIT Announces Novel Stacking Technology for InGaAs to ROIC Bonding
New Imaging Technologies announces the release of several new SWIR sensors now produced with NIT in-house designed stacking technology, internally named NH.The NH technology allows to stack a photodiode array (PDA) of InGaAs to a CMOS ROIC at pixel level.
SMIC to Benefit from Increased Demand to its 40nm and 65nm CIS Process
Wccftech: Goldman Sachs believes that SMIC is poised to benefit from the demand increase for image sensors on the 40nm to 65nm process nodes.
PD Field Engineering for Fast and Complete Charge Transfer
Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, publishes an arxiv.org paper "A Simulation Study of Electric Field Engineering with Multi-Level Pinned Photodiodes for Fast and Complete Charge Transfer" by Hamzeh Alaibakhsh, Mohammad Azim Karami.
Himax Reports 2020 Results
GlobeNewsWire: Himax updates about its image sensor business:"Himax sees continuous surging demands for its CMOS image sensors for web camera and notebook as the new norm of virtual conferences shows no signs of receding.
ON Semi Reports CIS Sales Growth
ON Semi reports its Q4 2020 results with image sensor sales showing about 4.
ISSCC 2021: Samsung iToF Sensor
Samsung presents "A 4-tap 3.5μm 1.
SiOnyx vs Hamamatsu Oral Argument
US Federal Circuit Court publishes the oral arguments between Hamamatsu and SiOnyx lawyers, a nice example of how these lawsuits are managed.
Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 DG DN review
The Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 DG DN is a general-purpose zoom for full-frame mirrorless cameras, available in Sony e or Leica L mounts. It provides a more affordable option for those who want a walkaround zoom with an f2.
Samsung Mass Produces 50MP Sensor with All-Pixel Split-PD AF
BusinessWire, BusinessWire: Samsung introduces ISOCELL GN2, a 50MP sensor with 1.4μm pixels. The GN2 offers up to 100MP imaging, improved AF through Dual Pixel Pro technology, staggered HDR, and Smart ISO Pro.
Tower CIS Sales Represent 18% of Total Revenue
SeekingAlpha: Tower Semi's earnings call transcript gives some details about its image sensor sales.
Sigma Scraps Next Generation Foveon Sensor Design Due to a Critical Flaw and Restarts from Scratch
ImagingResource: Sigma publishes a statement about its full-frame Foveon X3 sensor development issues:"In February 2020, we announced our decision to restart our plans for a full frame Foveon X3 sensor camera, beginning with the development of a new sensor technology.
2021 International Image Sensor Workshop Final Call For Papers
International Image Sensor Workshop publishes the Final Call for Papers. The abstracts are due April 17, 2021.
FabExchange to Revive ex-Kodak 6-inch CCD Fab in Rochester
BusinessWire: FabExchange, a private equity and divestiture partner, has completed the acquisition of ON Semiconductor’s Rochester, NY, site. The property was originally constructed by Eastman Kodak Company in 1959 and expanded in 1980.
ISSCC 2021: Albert Theuwissen's Plenary Talk
Albert Theuwissen's excellent Plenary video is available on Youtube again: Update Feb. 22, 2021: An official ISSCC video is now posted in ISSCC channel.
ISSCC 2021: Albert Theuwissen Delivers Plenary Presentation
Albert Theuwissen delivers Plenary presentation "There’s More to the Picture Than Meets the Eye (and in the future it will become only much more)""Over the last five decades, solid-state imaging has gone through a difficult “childhood”, changing technology during its “adolescence”, and fin...
Ricoh Explains Importance of Low-Ripple Supply for Image Sensors
Ricoh publishes a video explaining the importance of low ripple supply for CMOS sensors:
Smartsens Presents its Global Shutter Sensor Plans
EET-China publishes Smartsens article on the company's machine vision sensors evolution:
ON Semi Unveils Low Power Smart Shot Camera
BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduces the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera, combining cloud-based AI with ultra-low-power image capture and recognition for IoT endpoints. The camera is based on ARX3A0 CMOS sensor with 560 x 560 pixel resolution, 2.2um pixel size, and a frame rate up to 360 fps.
Do Event-Based Imagers Have Advantage over Regular Global Shutter Ones?
A team of researchers from Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, Czech Technical University in Prague, and University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic, publishes an interesting MDPI paper "Experimental Comparison between Event and Global Shutter Cameras" by Ondřej Holešovs...
Flat Lens News: Metalenz, KAIST
Techcrunch: Metalenz raises $10M in series A investment to productize flat lens for camera module. “We’re really using all standard semiconductor processes and materials here, the exact same equipment — but with lenses instead of electronics,” said Rob Devlin, the company's founder and CEO.
Sony Reports 10% CIS Sales Drop, Rises Full Year Forecast
Sony reports its quarterly results and updates forecast for its fiscal year ending on March 31. The quarterly CIS sales dropped by 10% due to the lower mobile phone sensor sales and cheaper product mix.
ON Semi Reports CIS Sales Growth
ON Semi reports its Q4 2020 results with image sensor sales showing about 4.3% growth over the same quarter in 2019: Update: SeekingAlpha publishes ON Semi earning call transcript featuring the company's new CEO  Hassane El-Khoury.
Image Sensor Packaging Video
AIM Micro Systems publishes a promotional video showing different technologies and equipment involved in image sensor packaging:
TechInsights Webinar on CIS Trends Learned from Reverse Engineering
TechInsights holds a free webinar "Selected Imager and Sensor Trends and Comparisons" on March 3, 2021. "The intent of this webinar is to share selected content from our 2020 Image Sensor Device Essentials (DEF) subscription annual presentation.
Samsung Camera BOM Reaches $83 in High End Smartphones
IFNews quotes UBS report with comparison of Samsung smartphone cameras over the years.
Axcelis Ships Second 15MeV Implanter to "Leading CIS Foundry In Asia Pacific"
PRNewswire: Axcelis has shipped the second Purion XEmax high energy implanter to a leading CIS foundry in the Asia Pacific region.Bill Bintz, EVP, Product Development explained, "Strong growth in the image sensor market continues to drive robust demand for high energy implant.
ZTE Announces Under-Display Structured Light 3D Camera
GizChina, IFNews: According to Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s mobile division and president of Nubia Technologies, ZTE will showcase the second generation of mass-produced under-screen camera technology at next week’s MWC Shanghai. It will debut under-screen 3D structured light camera.
AEye and Indie to Merge with SPACs at $2.4B and $1.4B Valuations Respectively
PRNewswire: AEye and CF Finance Acquisition Corp. III, a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald have entered into a merger agreement. The combined company will be called AEye Holdings, Inc.
ISSCC 2021: Nikon 17.84MP 1,000fps Sensor
Nikon presents is a stacked CMOS sensor with a total pixel count of approximately 17.84MP capable to operate at 1,000 fps speed at full resolution. The sensor supports HDR mode of 110 dB, and 4K x 4K video.The 1-inch stacked sensor has 2.7um pixels.
ON Semi Publishes a Full Characterization Report of its 8.1MP Automotive Sensor
Update: The links and the data have been removed at ON Semi request. It is not supposed to be publicly available.The original post follows:ON Semi publishes a full characterization report of its relatively new 8.1MP AR0820AT automotive sensor.
Omnivision Unveils 50MP Sensor with All-Pixel Quad PDAF
BusinessWire: OmniVision announces the OV50A image sensor, combining 50MP, 1.0um pixel size, selective conversion gain and a 1/1.5”optical format with quad phase detection (QPD) AF and on-chip remosaic. QPD enables 2x2 PDAF across the sensor’s entire image array, for 100% coverage.
ISSCC 2021: Sony SPAD-Based HDR Sensor
Sony presents an HDR counter & time stamp-based approach for SPAD sensors:"A 250fps 124dB Dynamic-Range SPAD Image Sensor Stacked with Pixel-Parallel Photon Counter Employing Sub-Frame Extrapolating Architecture for Motion Artifact Suppression"by Jun Ogi, Takafumi Takatsuka, Kazuki Hizu, Yutaka ...
Pointcloud Inc. and University of Southampton Publish Nature Paper on their Coherent 3D Imager
A Nature paper "A universal 3D imaging sensor on a silicon photonics platform" by Christopher Rogers, Alexander Y. Piggott, David J. Thomson, Robert F. Wiser, Ion E. Opris, Steven A. Fortune, Andrew J. Compston, Alexander Gondarenko, Fanfan Meng, Xia Chen, Graham T.
Teledyne Trumpets a New Era in Large Area CMOS Imaging
GlobeNewsWire: Teledyne Imaging (former Princeton Instruments group) introduces LACera technology said to be "a significant step forward in CMOS capabilities for advanced imaging which will enable the next generation of scientific discovery.
Albert Theuwissen Delivers Keynote at IEEE Sensors 2020: DTI is Here to Stay!
Albert Theuwissen delivered a keynote at 2020 IEEE Sensors conference titled "Deep-Trench Isolation is Here to Stay!" Below is a video recording of the keynote:
TED Special Issue on Image Sensors
IEEE updates the instructions for paper submission for Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices on “Solid-State Image Sensors” to be published in June 2022:
Sony Expects its Mobile CIS Business to Return to Growth in 1-2 Years
SeekingAlpha publishes Sony earnings call transcript that gives few more details about the company's CIS business. Sony expects its mobile image sensor business to get back to the growth trajectory in the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2023:"FY 2020 Q3 sales decreased 10% year-on-year to JPY 266.
Sony Global Shutter Sensor Designers Interview
Sony publishes a large interview with its global shutter image sensor designers titled "Pregius S—to be a bridgehead for pioneering new markets such as robot arms through the pursuit of high speed, multi-pixel as well as size reduction." Few quotes:"...