Imec and Holst Centre Transparent Fingerprint Sensor
Charbax publishes a video interview with Hylke Akkerman (Holst Centre) and Pawel Malinowski (Imec) on the transparent fingerprint sensor that won the 2019 I-Zone Best Prototype Award SID Display Week:
Sony A7r IV review so far
The Sony A7r Mark IV is a full-frame mirrorless camera with 61 Megapixels, 10fps shooting, 4k video up to 30p, built-in stabilisation and a Pixel Shift Composite mode that generates images with up to 240 Megapixels.
Goodix Sues Egis over Under-Display Fingerprint Patents Infringement
Digitimes: China-based Goodix sues Taiwan's Egis Technology over infringing on its patents of under-display optical fingerprint sensors. Goodix sensors are used in many smartphones manufactured in China, while Egis sensors are used mostly in Samsung smartphones.
TrinamiX Presents 3D FaceID Module
LinkedIn: TrinamiX unveils its compact FaceID solution for smartphones: "Protecting your data is nowadays more important than ever. #trinamiX3Dimaging allows you to protect your confidential infos by unlocking your mobile device only by facial recognition.
Melexis ToF Sensor Detailed Datasheet
Melexis publishes quite a detailed datasheet of its MLX75024 QVGA ToF sensor based on Sony-Softkinetic pixel.
SQUAD 2019 – Advanced School on Quantum Detectors
FBK and the University of Trento are organizing a school for PhD students and young researchers on Quantum detectors. Among the speakers, there will be many experts in single-photon imaging.
Sigma 35mm f1.2 Art review – preview
The Sigma 35mm f1.2 DG DN Art is a mild wide-angle lens designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras and available in the Sony E and Leica L mounts, the latter working on Leica, Panasonic and Sigma L-mount bodies. Find out more in my preview.… The post Sigma 35mm f1.
Digitimes: 3D Sensing Market Surge Expected
Digitimes article "Taiwan chipmakers gearing up for 3D sensor market boom" quotes foundries Win Semiconductors and Advanced Wireless Semiconductor (AWSC), epitaxial wafer supplier Visual Photonics Epitaxy (VPEC), Himax, and backend houses ChipMOS Technologies, Xintec, and ShunSin Technology expectin...
Sony FE 35mm f1.8 review – preview
The Sony FE 35mm f1.8 is a mild wide-angle prime lens for its Alpha mirrorless cameras. It’s Sony’s third native 35mm lens that’s corrected for full-frame bodies, but pitched at a more affordable price and similar in build and quality to the FE 85mm f1.8. Find out more in my preview.
Canon PowerShot G5X II review – preview
The Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II is a high-end compact with a 1in sensor, 5x / 24-120mm zoom, popup viewfinder, tilting touchscreen, fast bursts and 4k video. Canon’s redesigned the body to become more pocketable while squeezing-in a longer zoom range.
Automotive News: ON Semi, BWV, Toshiba, ADI
Mynavi: ON Semi has held an press event in Japan presenting its recent progress in SPAD-based LiDAR and HDR imaging.
Yole CIS Market Tracking Predicts Slowdown After 2024
Yole Developpement starts quarterly CIS market monitor service throwing in a lot of interesting data:"CIS is an analogic variant of the CMOS process commonly used for memory and logic circuits, and has become a key segment in semiconductor, reaching $15.
ams and SmartSens Partner on 3D and NIR Sensors
BusinessWire: ams has signed a formal letter of intent to collaborate in the field of image sensors with SmartSens .
Isorg and Sumitomo Announce Collaboration
ALA News: Isorg and Sumitomo Chemical announce their agreement to develop new organic photodetectors (OPDs) for use as smartphone fingerprint sensors and hybrid organic CMOS image sensors.
HDR Pixel with Charge Splitting
MDPI publishes a paper "A Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor with a Charge Splitting Gate and Two Storage Diodes" by Minho Lee, Min-Woong Seo, Juyeong Kim, Keita Yasutomi, Keiichiro Kagawa, Jang-kyoo Shin, and Shoji Kawahito from Shizuoka University, Japan, and Kyungpook National University, Korea...
Peter Centen Awarded by Order of the Netherlands Lion
Grass Valley congratulates Peter Centen on being awarded by the Order of the Netherlands Lion for his significant contributions to Dutch society and the broadcast industry.
Albert Theuwissen on Third Day of IISW
Albert Theuwissen posts his impressions from the Day 3 of IISW 2019 in Snowbird:"Although the amount of paper submissions for this 2019 workshop was lower than in 2017, the quality of the presentations is most probably the best ever.
Basler Announces ToF Camera with Sony Sensor
Basler unveils Blaze ToF camera based on Sony DepthSense IMX556PLR sensor technology:
TechInsights Overviews Smartphone CIS Advances: Pixel Scaling and Scaling Enablers
TechInsights' image sensor analyst Ray Fontaine continues his excellent series of reviews based on his paper for the International Image Sensors Workshop (IISW) 2019.
ADI Presents ToF Development Kit
Analog Devices presents its VGA ToF camera kit developed in cooperation with Arrow.
Samsung Event-Driven Sensors
Hyunsurk Eric Ryu from Samsung presents the company's progress with event-driven sensors:
Passive Image Recognition
University of Wisconsin-Madison publishes OSA Photonics Research paper "Nanophotonic media for artificial neural inference" by Erfan Khoram, Ang Chen, Dianjing Liu, Lei Ying, Qiqi Wang, Ming Yuan, and Zongfu Yu proposes a glass that performs NN taks:"Now, artificial intelligence gobbles up substanti...
ON Semi HDR with LFM Promotional Video
ON Semi publishes a video promoting its HDR with LFM automotive image sensors:
UTAC Automotive Sensor Packages
UTAC paper "CMOS Image Sensor Packaging Technology for Automotive Applications" by Teoh Eng Kang, Alastair Attard, and Jonathan Abela says "Whereas high reliability image sensor packages are typically based on ceramic packages, these tend to have considerably higher costs and longer development cycl...
Valeo Reports $564M in Design Wins for its LiDAR
Reuters: Valeo has won 500M euros ($564M) worth of orders for automotive LiDARs, told Valeo CEO Marc Vrecko in an interview, highlighting the potential growth of LiDAR. “Those 500 million euros of orders with four major global auto groups will probably eventually represent between 1 to 1.
Canon PowerShot G7X III review – preview
The Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III is a compact aimed at enthusiasts and vloggers. It keeps the 24-100mm f1.8-2.
High Speed Camera vs Event-Based Camera Comparison
Sony Semi Acquires Midokura Startup
Sony Semiconductor Solutions has acquired the network virtualization Swiss-Spanish startup Mido Holdings by signing a share transfer agreement with the shareholders of Mido Holdings and completing the transfer of shares.
ON Semi on Image Sensor Cleaning
ON Semi application note "Image Sensor Handling and Best Practices" describes best practices of image sensor cover glass cleaning:Do not touch the cover glass with fingers or anything other than a cleaning paper as required in this section.
Sony Announces Two 4K Sensors
Sony adds two more 4K sensors to its 4K lineup: IMX485LQJ and IMX415-AAQR.
IISW 2019 Awards
Hidekazu Takahashi from Canon Inc.
Leica DG 10-25mm f1.7 review
The Leica DG 10-25mm f1.7 is a high-end zoom with a fast f1.7 focal ratio for Micro Four Thirds. Mounted on a Panasonic or Olympus M43 body, it delivers equivalent coverage of 20-50mm, providing a flexible general-purpose range from wide to standard.
SPAD Thesis
Delft University publishes a PhD thesis "CMOS SPAD Sensors for 3D Time-of-Flight Imaging, LiDAR and Ultra-High Speed Cameras" by Chao Zhang. This quite an extensive work over viewing different SPAD design techniques, ways to improve PDP and reduce DCR, photon counting electronics, etc.
Oppo Demos its Hidden Under-Display Selfie Camera
Engadget quotes its colleagues from China visiting Oppo under-display camera demo at MWC at Shanghai:"When the camera is idle, the screen works just as normal. However, when you look up close, the area above the camera appears to be more pixelated.
Under-Display News
IFNews: Credit Suisse report on smartphone display market talks about under-display selfie camera in Oppo phones:"Oppo also became the first smartphone brand to unveil an engineering sample with under-display selfie camera last week, by putting the front facing camera under the AMOLED display, altho...
See Device Startup Proposes "Quantum PATPD Pixel"
Buena Park, CA-based See Device Inc. startup proposes:"Photon Assisted Tunneling Photodetector (PAT-PD) Technology, is new photodetector technology redefining what's possible with standard silicon CMOS image sensor without compromise to performance and efficiency.
SPAD LiDAR from Chinese Academy of Science
Acta Photonics Sinica publishes a paper "A 16×1 Pixels 180nm CMOS SPAD-based TOF Image Sensor for LiDAR Applications" by CAO Jing, ZHANG Zhao, QINan, LIU Li-yuan, and WU Nan-jian.
Sony FE 50mm f1.4 ZA review
The Sony FE 50mm f1.4 ZA is a standard prime lens designed for Sony's E-mount mirrorless cameras and corrected for full-frame bodies. It’s Sony’s top-end option with Zeiss optics and a fast f1.4 focal ratio.
Luminar Raises $100M More
BusinessWire, Venturebeat, Techcrunch, Wired: A 1550nm mechanical galvo mirror scanning LiDAR startup Luminar announces $100M funding round that brings its total raised capital to $250M and its valuation to $900M.
Daguerreotypes as Early Plasmonic Imagers
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences publishes a commentary "Plasmonics sheds light on the nanotechnology of daguerreotypes" by Naomi J. Halas on open-access paper "Nineteenth-century nanotechnology: The plasmonic properties of daguerreotypes" by Andrea E.
TechInsights Overviews Smartphone CIS Advances: Chip-stacking and Chip-to-chip Interconnect
TechInsights starts publishing a series of blog posts "The State-of-the-Art of Smartphone Imagers" based on Ray Fontaine's presentation at IISW 2019 at the end of June.
SiOnyx Announces a Cheaper Vesrion of its Black Silicon Sensor Camera
BusinessWire: SiOnyx launches a cheaper version of its Aurora color night vision camera: "the new SiOnyx Aurora Sport HD action video camera for an introductory price of just $399.
Canon RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS USM review – preview
The Canon RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS USM is the first super-zoom lens for Canon’s full-frame EOS R mirrorless system. It sports the longest zoom range in the system so far while also becoming one of the more affordable models to date.
Sony Proposes Better ID with Multispectral Imaging
Sony paper "Skin-Based Identification From Multispectral Image Data Using CNNs" by Takeshi Uemori, Atsushi Ito, Yusuke Moriuchi, Alexander Gatto, and Jun Murayama presented at CVPR 2019 in Long Beach, CA, in June 2019 proposes an improvement of user ID with multi-spectral camera:"User identification...
2nd International Workshop on Event-based Vision and Smart Cameras
Second International Workshop on Event-based Vision and Smart Cameras held in Long Beach (CA) on June 17th, 2019 publishes its video presentations.
Harvest Imaging Forum 2019
Albert Theuwissen announces 2019 Harvest Imaging Forum agenda:After the Harvest Imaging forums during the last 6 years, a seventh one will be organized in December 2019, in Delft, the Netherlands.
ST ToF for PC Applications
GlobeNewswire: STMicroelectronics announces its user presence detection where the output from ST’s FlightSense ToF ranging sensor is used by Intel Context Sensing to improve PC data security while reducing power consumption.
VKANSEE Under-Display Lens Turns Any Image Sensor into Fingerprint One
PRWeb: Beijing, China-based VKANSEE launches its Matrix Pinhole Image Sensing (MAPIS). MAPIS is "integrated into an OLED panel, effectively turning the entire display into a high-resolution fingerprint lens and allowing simple installation of the CMOS sensor anywhere under the display screen.
Albert Theuwissen Reviews Day 4 of IISW
Albert Theuwissen publishes his report about the last day of IISW 2019. This part talks about rad-hard image sensors and global shutter session. The report wraps up:"The IISW2019 was again a big success, many excellent presentations, all high quality papers, good atmosphere, perfect organization.
Canon Zoemini S IVY Cliq+ review
The Canon Zoemini S, or IVY CLIQ+, is a pocketable instant camera that captures 8 Megapixel images and outputs them as 2x3in instant prints one minute after taking the shot. You can also save images onto an SD card or print from your phone via Bluetooth.