Andor Teases BSI sCMOS Sensors
Andor publishes a teaser for its oncoming Sona BSI sCMOS sensor-based cameras calling them "the world's most sensitive," to be officially unveiled on July 24, 2018:
Nobukazu Teranishi Receives Emperor Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon
Nobukazu Teranishi receives the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon from the Emperor of Japan. The Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon is awarded for great achievements in science, engineering, sports, arts.
Imaging Resource on Nikon Image Sensor Design
Imaging Resource publishes a very nice article "Pixels for Geeks: A peek inside Nikon’s super-secret sensor design lab" by Dave Etchells. There is quite a lot on Nikon-internal stuff that has been publicly released for the first time.
NIST Publishes LiDAR Characterization Standard
Spar3D: NIST's Physical Measurement Laboratory develops an international performance evaluation standard for for LiDARs. An invitation was sent to all leading manufacturers of 3D laser scanners to visit NIST and run the approximately 100 tests specified in the draft standard.
Panasonic PIR and Thermopile Sensor Presentation
Panasonic publishes a video presenting its PIR and Thermopile sensor lineup:
Magic Leap Gets Investment from AT&T
Techcrunch reports that AT&T makes a strategic investment into Magic Leap, a developer of AR glasses. Magic Leap last round D valued the startup at $6.3b, and the companies have confirmed that this AT&T completes the Series D round of $963m.So far, Magic Leap has raised $2.
ST FlightSense Presentation
ST publishes its presentation on ToF proximity sensor products:
SenseTime to Expand into Automotive Applications
South China Morning Post: Face recognition startup SenseTime announces its plans to expand in automotive applications.
Nikon COOLPIX P1000 review – preview
The Nikon COOLPIX P1000 is a DSLR-styled super-zoom camera with a massive 125x range, taking it from an equivalent of 24-3000mm. The P1000 has a 16 Megapixel sensor, can film 4k video and has a built-in OLED viewfinder and fully-articulated screen.
AMS Presentation on 3D Sensing for Consumer Applications
AMS Markus Rossi presentation "3D Cameras for Consumer Application" at Swiss Photonics Workshop held in Chur on June 21, 2018 has interesting comparisons between different depth sensing approaches:
Harvard University Proposes Flat Lens Harvard University Prof. Federico Capasso and his group present "a single flat lens that can focus the entire visible spectrum of light in the same spot and in high resolution.
EVG Wafer Bonding Machine Alignment Accuracy Improved to 50nm
PRNewswire: EV Group (EVG) unveiled the SmartView NT3 aligner, which is available on the company's GEMINI FB XT integrated fusion bonding system for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) applications.
Peter Noble to Publish a Book
Peter Noble, the inventor of active pixel sensor in 1966, is about to publish his autobiography book:
Interview with Eric Fossum
LDV Capital publishes an interview with Eric Fossum:Update: IEEE Spectrum posts that Photobit PB-100 CMOS sensor has been added to its Chip Hall of Fame: "PB-100 popularized the tech that became the way people capture photos and video.
3D Camera Maker Orbbec Raises $200m
AllTechAsia, ChinaMoneyNetwork: Alibaba investment arm Ant Financial leads Orbbec financing round D of $200m. Other investors include SAIF Partners, R-Z Capital, Green Pine Capital Partners, and Tianlangxing Capital.
LiDARs in China
ResearchInChina publishes "Global and China In-vehicle LiDAR Industry Report, 2017-2022." Few quotes:"Global automotive LiDAR sensor market was USD300 million in 2017, and is expected to reach USD1.4 billion in 2022 and soar to USD4.
Sony FE 400mm f2.8 GM OSS review so far
The FE 400mm f2.8 GM OSS is the first super-telephoto for Sony's full-frame Alpha mirrorless system. Aimed at pro sports and wildlife photographers, it boasts sharp results across the frame, very fast autofocus and is comfortably lighter than rivals.
Fujifilm XF10 review – preview
The Fujifilm XF10 is a high-end compact camera aimed at enthusiasts, sporting a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor, fixed 28mm f2.8 equivalent lens, touchscreen, Wifi and Bluetooth.
3D-enabled Smartphone Shipments to Exceed 100M in 2018
Digitimes quotes China-based Sigmaintell forecast that Ggobal shipments of smartphones with 3D sensing cameras are to top 100m units in 2018, with Apple being the primary supplier, followed by Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.
Taiwanese CIS Makers Look for New Opportunities
Digitimes reports that Silicon Optronics and Pixart, and backend houses Xintec, VisEra, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) and Tong Hsing Electronic Industries are moving their focus to niche markets as they fail to find grow in the mainstream smartphone cameras.
PMD Presentation at AWE 2018
PMD VP Business Development Mitchel Reifel presents the company ToF solutions for AR and VR applications at Augmented World Expo:
TI Unveils AFE for ToF Proximity Sensor
TI ToF proximity sensor AFE OPT3101 integrates most of the ToF system on a single chip:
AutoSens Announces its Awards Finalists
AutoSens Awards reveals the shortlisted finalists for 2018 with some of them related to imaging:Most Engaging Content:Mentor Graphics, Andrew Macleodvideantis, Marco JacobsToyota Motor North America, CSRC, Rini Sherony2025AD, Stephan GieslerEE Times, Junko YoshidaHardware Innovation:NXP Semiconducto...
Four Challenges for Automotive LiDARs
DesignNews publishes a list of four challenges that LiDARs have to overcome on the way to wide acceptance in vehicles:Price reduction:“Every technology gets commoditized at some point. It will happen with LiDAR,” said Angus Pacala, co-founder and CEO of LiDAR startup Ouster.
Nvidia AI-Enhanced Noise Removal
DPReview quotes Nvidia blog presenting a joint research with MIT and Aalto University on AI-enhanced noise removal with pretty impressive results:
3D Imaging Fundamentals (Open Access)
OSA Advances in Optics and Photonics publishes "Fundamentals of 3D imaging and displays: a tutorial on integral imaging, light-field, and plenoptic systems" by Manuel Martínez-Corral (University of Valencia, Spain) and Bahram Javidi (University of Connecticut, Storrs).
Leti-SNRS Full-Frame Curved Sensor Paper
Leti-SNRS curved sensor paper "Curved detectors developments and characterization: application to astronomical instruments" by Simona Lombardo, Thibault Behaghel, Bertrand Chambion, Wilfried Jahn, Emmanuel Hugot, Eduard Muslimov, Melanie Roulet, Marc Ferrari, Christophe Gaschet, Stephane Caplet, and...
CEA-Leti with Partners to Develop LiDAR Benchmarks
LiDAR performance claims are a bit of Wild West today as there are no standardized performance tests. Every company can claim, basically, anything measuring the performance in its own unique way. Not anymore. Leti is aiming to change that.
Digitimes Image Sensor Market Forecast
Digitimes Research forecasts global CMOS sensors and CCDs sales to reach $15b in 2020. The shipments increased by over 15% YoY to $12.2b in 2017. Sony market share in CMOS sensors is estimated at 45% in both 2016 and 2017.
MTA Special Section on Advanced Image Sensor Technology
Japanese ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications publishes a Special Section on Advanced Image Sensor Technology with many interesting papers, all in open access:Statistical Analyses of Random Telegraph Noise in Pixel Source Follower with Various Gate Shapes in CMOS Image SensorShinya ...
Omnivision Publishes its Patent Statistics
Omnivision adds Intellectual Property page to its web site.
Hayabusa2 Takes Pictures of Ryugu
JAXA: Japanese asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 has arrived to the distance of 20km to Ryugu, the target asteroid, after three and a half years en route. The explorer landing module is expected to bring a sample of asteroid back to Earth in December 2020.
Velodyne CTO Promotes High Resolution LiDAR
Velodyne publishes a video with its CTO Anand Gopalan talking about VLS-128 improvements and features:
Samsung Cooperates with Fujifilm to Improve Color Separation
BusinessWire: Samsung introduces its new 'ISOCELL Plus' technology. The original ISOCELL circa 2013 forms a physical barrier between the neighboring pixels, reducing color crosstalk and expanding the full-well capacity.
Fujifilm XF10 review – preview
The Fujifilm XF10 is a high-end compact camera aimed at enthusiasts, sporting a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor, fixed 28mm f2.8 equivalent lens, touchscreen, Wifi and Bluetooth.
Light Raises $121m from SoftBank and Leica
Light Co. announces a Series D funding round of $121m, led by the SoftBank Vision Fund. Leica Camera AG too participated in the financing.The new funding will allow Light to expand its platform into security, robotic, automotive, aerial and industrial imaging applications.
Mantis Vision Raises $55m in Round D
PRNewswire: Mantis Vision announces the closing of its Series D round of $55m with a total investment of $83m to date.
Parrot Anafi review
The Parrot Anafi is a mid-range drone with 4k video and a powered gimbal. Parrot's most sophisticated drone to date, it's pitched squarely against the DJI Mavic Air, undercutting it on price and boasting some unique features.
Rode NT USB review
The Rode NT USB is a broadcast-quality USB microphone designed to capture a wide range of sound from vocals to musical instruments. The condenser design captures a broader range of frequencies than dynamic mics like the Podcaster, allowing it to deliver more transparent audio.
Image Sensors America Agenda
Image Sensors America to be held on October 11-12, 2018 in San Francisco announces its agenda with many interesting papers:State of the Art Uncooled InGaAs Short Wave Infrared SensorsDr. Martin H.
SmartSens Unveils GS BSI VGA Sensor
PRNewswire: SmartSens launches SC031GS calling it "the world's first commercial-grade 300,000-pixel Global Shutter CMOS image sensor based on BSI pixel technology." While other companies announced GS BSI sensors, they have higher than VGA resolution.
Omnivision Releases Sensor Optimized for Structured Light FaceID Applications
OmniVision announces a global shutter sensors targeting facial authentication in mobile devices, along with other machine vision applications such as AR/VR, drones and robotics.
Espros on ToF FaceID Calibration Challenges
Espros Dieter Kaegi presentation "3D Facial Scanning" at Swiss Photonics Workshop, held at Chur on June 21, 2018, talks about many challenges on the way of ToF-based FaceID module development:
Yole Webcast on Autonomous Driving
Yole Developpement publishes a recording of its April 2018 webcast "Core Technologies for Robotic Vehicle" that talks about cameras and LiDARs among the other key technologies:
e2v Unveils 67MP APS-C Sensor with 2.5um Global Shutter Pixels
Teledyne e2v announces its Emerald 67MP CMOS image sensor. The new sensor features the smallest global shutter pixel (2.5µm) on the market, ideal for high end automated optical inspection, microscopy and surveillance.Emerald 67M has 2.
Apple to Integrate Rear 3D Camera in Next Year iPhone
DeviceSpecifications quotes Korean site ETNews saying that Hynix group assembly house JSCK works with Apple on the next generation 3D sensing camera:"Apple has revealed the iPhone of 2019 will have a triple rear camera setup with 3D sensing capability that will be a step ahead of the technology that...
2018 Harvest Imaging Forum Agenda
The 6th Harvest Imaging Forum is to be held on Dec. 6th and 7th, 2018 in Delft, the Netherlands. The agenda includes two topics, each one taking one day:"Efficient embedded deep learning for vision applications" by Prof.
Light Co. Prepares 9-cameras Smartphone
Washington Post presents Light Co. future plans: Light "showed me concept and working prototype phones with between five and nine lenses — yes, nine — on the back. It says its phone design is capable of capturing 64 megapixel shots, better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects.
Omnivision Loses Lawsuit Against SmartSens
SmartSens kindly sent me an official update on Omnivision lawsuit against Smartsens:"SHANGHAI, June 25, 2018 – SmartSens, a leading provider of high-performance CMOS image sensors, responded to its patent infringement lawsuit today.
Vivo Smartphone ToF Camera is Official Now
PRNewswire: Vivo reveals its TOF 3D Sensing Technology "with the promise of a paradigm shift in imaging, AR and human-machine interaction, which will elevate consumer lifestyles with new levels of immersion and smart capability.