SPAD Imagers in Biophotonics Review
Yole on Smartphone Front Camera Market
Yole Developpement publishes its analysis of MWC 2019 smartphone camera announcements "Is the smartphone full display trend taking over from front selfie cameras and biometric 3D sensing?""There are obviously two main trends conflicting right now: one favors sensing on the front display side of smar...
Mitsubishi Develops MWIR and LWIR Graphene Sensors
Nikkei: Mitsubishi claims it has developed a MWIR sensor having the world's highest responsivity among graphene sensors. Due to an internal graphene FET gain, the responsivity is 10x higher than that of quantum-type IR sensors with no internal amplification.
Light Co. CEO Keynote at MWC
Light Co. publishes its CEO Dave Grannan talk at MWC 2019 Keynote Session "The Next Unicorn".
TuSimple Uses Sony Sensor in its Night Driving Camera
PRNewswire: TuSimple announces an automotive-grade camera and vision system that will go into volume production in Q2 2019 and will be deployed on its autonomous customer truck fleet by Q3 2019.
SiOnyx Color Sensor vs Night Vision Tube
SiOnyx publishes a video comparing its color night vision with Gen 3 photomultiplying tube:
ResearchInChina on Automotive Vision Market
ResearchInChina publishes "ADAS and Autonomous Driving Industry Chain Report 2018-2019 -- Automotive Vision" report. Few quotes:"Driver monitoring systems (DMS) is largely needed by commercial vehicle ADAS and will be a standard configuration for future L3 passenger cars.
Sony 7.42MP Automotive Sensors with RCCC and RCCB CFA
Sony publishes an updated flyer of its 7.
Canon Global Shutter Pixel with Dual Memory
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics publishes Canon paper "A 3.
Zeiss Batis 40mm f2 CF review
The Zeiss Batis 40mm f2 CF is a short standard prime lens designed for Sony e-mount mirrorless cameras.
Thesis on Mechanical Stress Influence on Image Sensors
As somebody mentioned in comments to the curved sensor post, University of Duisburg-Essen published 2014 PhD Thesis "Photodiodes and Image Sensors on Mechanically FlexibleUltra-Thin Silicon Chips-in-Foil" by Georgios Dogiamis.
Sony Unveils 1-inch Sensor for 360 deg Cameras
Sony 9MP IMX533 sensor has 1:1 aspect ratio for the emerging market of 360 deg consumer cameras and camcorders. The new device features 3.
Xperi on Use Cases of 3D Camera in Smartphone
TechTheLead publishes an interview with Greg DeCamp, Xperi Fotonation's FaceSafe Product Manager, the software used in LG G8 ThinQ smartphone with PMD ToF camera:Another application for 3D camera is 3D Portrait:
Hynix to Manufacture CIS in China
Digitimes reports that Hinyx 8-inch fab construction in Wuxi, China nears completion. The fab is aimed to non-memory products, including image sensors. New fab capacity is 100,000 wafers per month.Image is from TheElec site.
PMD CEO Interview
TechTheLead publishes an interview with PMD CEO Bernd Buxbaum on advantages of using ToF in a context of LG G8 ThinQ phone announcement with PMD module inside:
SiOnyx vs Hamamatsu Lawsuit
It came to my attention that, some time ago, Sionyx sued Hamamatsu for using and patenting its technology:"Plaintiff SiOnyx, LLC alleges that it approached defendant Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (“HPK”) concerning a potential business partnership involving the technology.
Techinsights Image Sensor Slides
Techinsights publishes "Image Sensor Subscription: Example Content" presentation with many interesting slides:
Credit Suisse on Smartphone CIS Market: 108MP and 64MP Sensors are Coming
IFNews: Credit Suisse update dated by March 13, 2019, reports on CIS market:"We note a sustained shift toward higher image resolution and multi-camera imaging systems in CIS.
Color Photon Counting Sensor paper "Megapixel Photon-Counting Color Imaging using Quanta Image Sensor" by Abhiram Gnanasambandam, Omar Elgendy, Jiaju Ma, and Stanley H.
Terahertz Imaging Pixel
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics publishes a paper "Wideband terahertz imaging pixel with a small on-chip antenna in 180 nm CMOS" by Yuri Kanazawa, Sayuri Yokoyama, Shota Hiramatsu, Eiichi Sano, Takahiro Ikegami, Yuma Takida, Prasoon Ambalathankandy, Hiroaki Minamide, and Masayuki Ikebe from Hokk...
IHS Markit on ToF Market
Semiconductor Engineering publishes IHS Markit article on ToF sensing market:"IHS Markit forecasts that global revenue for ToF sensors in the 3D optical sensing market will surpass $500 million in 2019, up from $370 million last year.
ON Semi Announces Real-Time CIS Model for Automotive Simulations
BusinessWire: ON Semi announces that it provides its sophisticated real-time image sensor modeling technology to the NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation simulation platform.
Sony ToF Module Reverse Engineering
SystemPlus publishes a reverse engineering report of Soony-Softkinetic ToF module found Oppo Rx17 Pro smartphone:"Oppo is now pioneering the use of 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) in its Rx17 Pro.
Anitoa Super-Sensitive Sensor Enables Compact Gene Sequencing q-PCR Machine
PRNewswire: Anitoa announces the Android mobile apps for its Maverick family of 4-channel qPCR system that can test 4 nucleic acid targets simultaneously in one sample, and up-to 64 genetic tests simultaneously in a 16-well model.
Hamamatsu ToF Sensor Use Cases
Hamamatsu publishes a couple of videos on its ToF sensors use cases:
Counterpoint on Corephotonics Acquisition by Samsung
Counterpoint Research publishes its analysis of Corephotonics acquisition by Samsung:"We expect Samsung to use Corephotonics as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) rather than purely as a captive supplier of R&D for its own smartphones.
Reflected Laser Light Causes Damage to Image Sensor
Reddit: We have seen image sensor damage from a direct laser beam hit, but it turns out that a diffusely reflected laser light can cause damage too.
2-sided Lensless Sensor
It still remains to be seen whether lensless image sensors are able to find a market beyond the under-display fingerprint applications.
Curving Improves Image Sensor Dark Current
Teledyne-e2v Presents 1.3MP TOF Sensor
e2v ToF BORA sensor has 10um pixels and 1.3MP resolution:One single sensor enabling a 1.3MP 2D high definition image and several 3D depth resolutionsBinning allows VGA and QVGA 3D depth mapHDR for lower noise and better accuracy at long distanceLong distance range: (0.
LiDAR News: Waymo Offers its LiDAR for Sale, Innoviz Raises $100M
Venturebeat and Bloomberg report that Waymo has decided to offer its LiDAR for sale. This is a nice opportunity to learn more about the Google/Waymore internal design:"Our Laser Bear Honeycomb is a best-in-class perimeter sensor.
Ultrafast Imaging with Slow Camera
Why Velodyne LiDARs are Expensive
Silicon Valley Business Journal publishes few photos from Velodyne manufacturing line showing quite complex and labor intensive calibration procedures. The rumor is that the high-end Velodyne LiDARs require about 90 hours of calibration and alignment during and after the assembly.
Sigma-Foveon New Sensor to be Manufactured by TSI Semiconductors
L-Rumors quotes Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki saying that the new full frame Foveon sensor will be manufactures by TSI Semiconductors foundry in Roseville, CA:
Velodyne Cumulative Sales Reached $500M
Forbes: Velodyne has shipped 30,000 LiDARs since 2007 when it started making them, generating cumulative sales of $500M, according to the company CEO and founder David Hall.
Panasonic Lumix S1 review so far
The Panasonic Lumix S1 is a full-frame mirrorless camera with 24 MP, built-in stabilisation and 4k 60p video. Launched alongside the 47 MP Lumix SR1, they’re the debut bodies in a new L-mount alliance with Leica and Sigma.
Yantai Raytron Prepares IPO
Reuters: Yantai Raytron Technology Co, a Chinese developer of LWIR imaging and sensors technology is one of the first companies preparing the IPO at Shanghai’s Nasdaq-style Science and Technology board, announced by President Xi Jinping in November 2018.
TU Delft Lensless Imaging
TU Delft publishes a poster on its approach to lensless imager:
Sony Announces Stacked BSI 2.74um Global Shutter Pixel Technology
Sony announces Pregius S, a stacked CMOS sensor technology that employs a proprietary global shutter function with BSI pixel to combine distortion-free, high imaging performance and miniaturization. The new sensor technology is intended for industrial applications.
Entropix Cloud Processing to Improve Moto Z2 Dual Camera Resolution to 100MP
BusinessWire: Entropix announces that it is collaborating with Lenovo to explore the potential of Lenovo’s dual sensor smartphone with Entropix cloud Resolution Engine and computer vision management system to develop an end-to-end hyper-accurate visual classification and recognition platform for a...
Recent Image Sensing Awards
ON Semi receives a 2018 China IoT Best Innovative Product Award for its AR0430 CMOS sensor for its innovative design and rich feature set at this year’s IoT Star Awards organized by China IoT Industry Application Alliance.
Espros on ToF Sensing Know-How and QE Comparison with Sony, Melexis
Espros March 2019 Newsletter (not on their site yet but should appear soon) shares its CEO Beat De Coi thoughts on ToF imaging education:"Did you know that the implementation of a TOF or LiDAR system needs professional competence in nine engineering majors? To me, that's the reason that probably ni...
Teledyne e2v Announces 5MP GS Sensor
GlobeNewswire: Teledyne e2v announces the expansion of its Emerald family of CMOS image sensors with a new 5MP device. The Emerald 5M is designed for machine vision, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and factory automation applications.
Qualcomm ISPs Support up to 192MP Image Sensor Resolution
XDA Developers: Qualcomm has updated the specs of its Spectra 250, 280, and 380 ISPs in its Snapdragon 855, 845, 710, 675, and 670 SoCs.
Silicon Valley LiDAR Companies
Silicon Valley Business Journal publishes a gallery of local LiDAR companies CEOs together with the company's data:"Seven venture-backed startups from the Bay Area are among the more than 70 companies working on automotive lidar today.
ON Semi Automotive Sensors in Low Light Tests
ON Semi publishes a demo video of its automotive sensor performance in low light:
Melexis Announces ToF Sensor That Uses Sony BSI Process
Melexis announces MLX75027, the industry’s first single-chip automotive grade VGA ToF image sensor for applications such as in-car and exterior monitoring.Apparently, the MLX75027 sensor stacks Sony Back Illuminated pixel array manufactured in 90nm process on top of Melexis-designed SOC.
Sigma 40mm f1.4 Art review
The Sigma 40mm f1.4 Art is a short standard lens designed for full-frame sensors and available in Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Sony E and Leica L mounts.
Smartphone Market News
IFNews quotes IHS Markit forecasting that Sony is expected to supply 150M sensors with 0.8um pixels. Currently, most of the 0.8um pixel product supply comes from Sony and Samsung with Omnivision expected to be ready in Q3 2019.
Injection of Nanoantennas into Eye Extends Vision to 980nm
Cell journal publishes a paper "Mammalian Near-Infrared Image Vision through Injectable and Self-Powered Retinal Nanoantennae" by Yuqian Ma, Jin Bao, Yuanwei Zhang, Zhanjun Li, Xiangyu Zhou, Changlin Wan, Ling Huang, Yang Zhao, Gang Han, and Tian Xue from University of Science and Technology of Chin...