Omnivision Sensor Made it to Guinness Book of World Records
Omnivision announces on Twitter: "Our OV6948 imager was just named by @GWR as “The Smallest #ImageSensor Commercially Available” at just 0.575 x 0.575mm. The sensor brings #FutureInSight to medical applications.
AAA Tests Pedestrian Detection
AAA report on pedestrian detection in modern cars ADAS emphasizes a limited efficiency of the camera-based systems.
AnandTech on Huawei 7680fps Slow Motion
AnandTech attempts to figure out the technology behind Huawei Mate 30 Pro smartphone 7680fps slow motion:One of the headline features of the Mate 30 Pro is its super slow motion capabilities.
Sigma fp review – sample images
The Sigma fp is a 24 Megapixel full-frame camera with 4k video, Cinema DNG and an L-mount. It's Sigma's first body to employ the L-mount and the company is steadily making all of its ART prime lenses as well as selected zooms available in native versions.
IPVM Tests Laser Impact on Security Cameras
IPVM publishes the results of its testing of lasers impact on surveillance cameras:"Our testing showed it is difficult to permanently damage surveillance cameras because:Close range required: Permanent damage did not occur from distance of ~50 feet or further from the camera, regardless of the stren...
SmartSens Receives Award, Announces Automotive Intentions
PRNewswire: Smartsens wins the “China’s Most Promising Company Award 2019,” jointly hosted by Ernst & Young and Fudan University School of Management. SmartSens was founded as a company focusing on security applications.
Two World's Largest Security Camera Companies Added to the US Sanctions List
Nikkei, Bloomberg, IPVM: China's largest security camera makers and face recognition AI companies have been added to the US trade sanctions list.Hikvision is the world's largest security camera company. Hikvision has a close cooperation with Sony.
Counterpoint Research: Sony and Samsung Captured 85% of Smartphone CIS Market
Counterpoint Research publishes its analysis of smartphone image sensor market.
Nikon Z50 review – preview
The Nikon Z50 is a mid-range mirrorless camera with a 20.88 Megapixel APSC sensor, 4k video, viewfinder, tilting touchscreen and 11fps bursts. Announced in October 2019, it’s Nikon’s first DX-format mirrorless camera, which means it uses a cropped APSC sensor.
Nature Journal on Fooling Deep-Learning AI
Nature article "Why deep-learning AIs are so easy to fool" by Douglas Heaven says:"A self-driving car approaches a stop sign, but instead of slowing down, it accelerates into the busy intersection. An accident report later reveals that four small rectangles had been stuck to the face of the sign.
TechInsights: iPhone 11 Pro Max Cameras Cost $73.5
TechInsights publishes its estimation of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max components. The cameras appear to be the post expensive part at $73.50. Incidentally, UBS has the same cost estimation for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cameras.
OmniVision 12MP Sensor with HDR Optimized for Ultra Wide Angle Performance
PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the OV12D, a 1.4um 12 MP image sensor with selective conversion gain (SCG) for balance between low-light image quality and HDR. The OV12D features a large 1/2.4" optical format, on-chip 4-cell remosaic color filter, PDAF and extra pixels for 4K2K video EIS.
Melexis 3rd Gen ToF Sensors
Autosens Brussels publishes an interview with Cliff De Locht, Product Marketing Manager at Melexis, on the company's 3rd generation of automotive ToF sensors:
Sony A9 II review – preview
The Sony A9 II is a high-end 24.2 Megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera, aimed at professional sports photographers.
LiDAR News: Blickfeld, Outsight, Cepton, Ouster, 1550nm Laser Safety
Blickfeld presents is long range Cube LiDAR family featuring the range up to 250m (with 80% subject reflectivity, no sunlight illumination specified):Outsight publishes its presentation on France24 International channel:BusinessWire: Cepton announces Vista-X120 long range LiDAR.
Sony Reorgs IS Group
Correction: The IS is Information Services Division. This news does not have any relation to image sensor business.Sony announces organizational and management changes in image sensor information services business.
Yole on Automotive Vision Trends
Yole Developpement publishes a webinar "Automotive Imaging on its Way to Sensing" with cars cameras multiplications starting to look quite similar to the smartphone market few years ago:
1T Pixels in China
Fudan University, Shanghai, PISD "successfully combines all functionalities in one transistor. This can largely simplify the pixel design and improve its efficiency.
Olympus OMD EM5 III review so far
The Olympus OMD EM5 III is a mid-range mirrorless camera aimed at those who value portability and handheld use without compromising features and quality.
Sigma fp review – sample images
The Sigma fp is a 24 Megapixel full-frame camera with 4k video, Cinema DNG and an L-mount. It's Sigma's first body to employ the L-mount and the company is steadily making all of its ART prime lenses as well as selected zooms available in native versions.
Samsung Doubles its Efforts to Overtake Sony
BusinessKorea: Samsung is trying to leverage its advantage in advanced processes to overtake Sony on image sensor market. "Samsung Electronics' System LSI Business Division is expected to boost its image sensor sales and market share as it secured LG Electronics as one of its corporate customers.
Imec Hyperspectral Camera Detects Pythons
CBS reports that Researchers at the University of Central Florida and Imec propose to use hyperspectral camera to help Florida’s fight against the invasive Burmese python in the Everglades. The python is typically very difficult to detect because of its camouflage markings.
IHS Markit Market Data
Korea Joongang Daily quotes IHS Markit data on CIS market shares:IFNews quotes IHS Markit report on smartphone camera market: "IHS Market states that though global smartphone market declines, yet the camera market is growing in 2019.
Veoneer on Automotive Thermal Camera Challenges
Veoneer presents some of the challenges in design and use of thermal camera in automotive applications:
Fujitsu 3D Camera-powered AI Gives Scores to Gymnasts
Fujitsu publishes a video on how its 3D camera and AI help with scores in gymnastics and more:
Nikon Z 58mm f0.95 Noct review – preview
The Nikon Z 58mm f0.95 S Noct is a prime lens for Nikon’s full-frame Z-series mirrorless cameras with standard coverage coupled with anything but a standard aperture. It features a unique f0.95 focal ratio gathering almost 4 times more light than its sibling the Z 50mm f1.
SPAD Progress Review in Nature Journal
Nature Light: Science and Applications publishes a paper "Single-photon avalanche diode imagers in biophotonics: review and outlook" by Claudio Bruschini, Harald Homulle, Ivan Michel Antolovic, Samuel Burri, and Edoardo Charbon from EPFL and TU Delft.
MIPI Publishes Automotive Market White Paper
MIPI Alliance publishes white paper on automotive market:"A key automotive sensor is the optical camera, which leverages technologies from the billions of cameras developed for the smartphone market.
Sony Future of Image Sensing with RISC-V
Sony LSI Design Executive Deputy President Hideki Yoshida's presentation at RISC-V Day Tokyo 2019 on Sept. 30 is titled "Future of Image Sensing with RISC-V.
Yole: Q2 2019 Exceeded Expectations, But Only in Mobile
Yole Developpement, i-Micronews: “Q2 2019 has exceeded our expectations, with +7% but there is little good news beyond mobile,” announces Pierre Cambou, Principal Analyst, Imaging at Yole Développement.In the immediate future, Yole expects CIS quarterly sales to reach US$4.
Sony Unveils 6 Stacked Global Shutter Sensors
Sony announces the forthcoming release of six new types of stacked CMOS sensors with a BSI global shutter pixel for industrial applications. They will employ Sony’s Pregius S — stacked global shutter technology, first announced in March 2019.
Sony New Web Site, Pregius S Technology
Sony has updated its semiconductor products web site with more modern look and, supposedly, better navigation.
JP Morgan Forecasts 320Munits 3D Camera Sales in 2020
IFNews quotes JP Morgan report forecasting 320M 3D sensing cameras in smartphones in 2020, 260M of them - in Apple iPhones:
ISP Optimization for Automotive Applications
MDPI publishes Valeo paper "Overview and Empirical Analysis of ISP Parameter Tuning for Visual Perception in Autonomous Driving" by Lucie Yahiaoui, Jonathan Horgan, Brian Deegan, Senthil Yogamani, Ciarán Hughes, and Patrick Denny.
1T Pixels in China
Fudan University, Shanghai, PISD "successfully combines all functionalities in one transistor. This can largely simplify the pixel design and improve its efficiency.
Sony and Yamaha Launch Cart for Night Journeys
Sony announces that the Sociable Cart SC-1, jointly developed with Yamaha Motor, will begin service on November 1, 2019. The first phase of this service launch will take place in Okinawa Prefecture's Kanucha Bay Resort in Nago City, and the Southeast Botanical Garden in Okinawa City.
Sigma fp review – sample images
The Sigma fp is a 24 Megapixel full-frame camera with 4k video, Cinema DNG and an L-mount. It's Sigma's first body to employ the L-mount and the company is steadily making all of its ART prime lenses as well as selected zooms available in native versions.
FLIR Launches Deep Learning Camera, Lattice Demos SensAI
FLIR Firefly DL combines Sony image sensor with Intel-Movidius AI processor in a compact body for relatively low price of $299:Charbax publishes a demo of similar compact AI camera based on Lattice SensAI FPGA framework:
Imec Imaging Spin-offs
Imec publishes a list of its spin-offs in chronological order.
Caeleste HDR, GS, BSI, Radhard Imager
Caeleste announces its presentations at Toulouse CMOS Image Sensors Workshop to be held on November 26-27, 2019.
NIT Presentation on InGaAs Imaging in Space Applications
New Imaging Technologies presentation "SWIR imaging and space applications" by Simon Ferré shows the company's solutions for space:
LiDAR Interviews at AutosensTV
Autosens Brussels publishes interviews with Aeye, Fraunhofer, Xenomatix, and Hamamatsu.
IEDM 2019: Sony Presents 48MP All-pixel PDAF, 3-layer Organic, and InGaAs SWIR Sensors, Samsung finFETs for >100MP CIS, Omnivision Voltage Domain GS
IEDM 2019 program has briefly come up online and put down shortly after that yesterday with a promise to be published again in mid-October. Many interesting image sensor papers have been exposed for this short time:A 1/2inch 48M All PDAF CMOS Image Sensor Using 0.
Autosens Brussels Interviews: Sony, Espros, Lumentum, FLIR
Autosens publishes an interview with Bjorn Meyer, Head of Automotive Semi-conductor Sales at Sony Europe:Interview with Beat de Coi, CEO of ESPROS Photonics:Angela Suen, Product Line Manager at Lumentum, talks about their FMCW LiDAR:Mike Walters, VP of Product Management at FLIR, talks about automot...
US Authorities Clear Omnivision Acquisition by Will Semiconductor
I missed this news at the time. Global Trade and Sanctions Law site reports:"The Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) has cleared the acquisition of Beijing OmniVision Technologies Co., Ltd. by Shanghai Will Semiconductor Co.
Theses from Singapore
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, publishes a 2015 MSc thesis "Low-power column-parallel ADC for CMOS image sensor by leveraging spatial likelihood in natural scene" by Lifen Liu.
Pioneer Spins Off LiDAR Business
Pioneer announces that on Oct 1st, “Pioneer Smart Sensing Innovations Corporation” was split as a new company to take over the business activities of Smart & Autonomous Mobility Business Group, which handles autonomous driving-related business.
Sony and Omnivision See Strong Orders from Huawei
Digitimes reports that Sony and OmniVision have both enjoyed robust demand for multi-camera smartphones from Huawei despite the US trade sanctions.
Local TV Reports on ON Semi Rochester Layoffs
Rochester, NY, local TV station reports that ON Semi announced layoffs of 30 of its employees:"A company spokesperson says it's shutting down space used to create certain image sensors, which are no longer in high demand in the tech industry.
Automotive News from Autosens Brussels
EETimes reporter Junko Yoshida publishes "ADAS: Key Trends on ‘Perception’" from Autosens Brussels held in mid-September 2019:At this year’s AutoSens in Brussels, assisted driving (ADAS), rather than autonomous vehicles (AV), was in sharper focus.