Imec Spin-Off Spectricity Raises €14M Series B Funding
BusinessWire: An Imec spin-off Spectricity announces a €14M ($16M US) Series B funding round to accelerate the development and mass production of hyperspectral sensors and imagers for high-volume, low-cost applications from wearables to smartphones and IoT devices.
Assorted Videos: Omnivision, Aeye, HK University
Omnivision continues publishing a series of short interviews with its CEO Boyd Fowler:It turns out that Aeye automotive LiDAR happens to have has a bullet tracking capability with no HW modifications needed.
Samsung Paper on Under-Display Camera
EI publishes Samsung paper "Under Display Camera Image Recovery through Diffraction Compensation" by Jeongguk Lee, Yunseok Choi, Han-Sol Lee, Eundoo Heo, Dongpan Lim, Geunyoung Lee, and Seongwook Song presented at EI conference in January 2021.
IDTechEx Forecasts Event-Based Sensor Sales of $20M in 10 Years from Now
PRNewswire: IDTechEx analyst Matt Dyson says: "IDTechEx forecast the market for the event-based vision sensor chips alone rising from its primarily pre-revenue status today to $20 million per year over the next 10 years.
ON Semi Announces 16MP Global Shutter Sensor for Machine Vision Applications
BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor expands its XGS series of CMOS sensors. The XGS 16000 is a 16MP global shutter sensor for factory automation applications including robotics and inspection systems.
Photomultiplication in NIR Organic Diodes
Nature publishes a paper "Enhancing sub-bandgap external quantum efficiency by photomultiplication for narrowband organic near-infrared photodetectors" by Jonas Kublitski, Axel Fischer, Shen Xing, Lukasz Baisinger, Eva Bittrich, Donato Spoltore, Johannes Benduhn, Koen Vandewal, and Karl Leo fro...
Canon PowerShot G1 retro review
In October 2000, Canon launched the PowerShot G1, the first in a series of hugely popular cameras aimed at enthusiasts that continues over two decades later.
More about Sony-TSMC Fab in Japan
NikkeiAsia, TaiwanNews: The planned TSMC fab in Kumamoto, on the island of Kyushu in western Japan, would go forward in two phases, according to Nikkei Asia. The board of TSMC is expected to decide on the investment in the current quarter. The plant is expected to start operation in 2023.
Canon RF 400mm f2.8L RF 600mm f4L review
The RF 400mm f2.8 and RF 600mm f4 are the two largest and most expensive lenses for Canon’s full-frame mirrorless system to date. Unashamedly aimed at pro sports and wildlife photographers, or very well-heeled enthusiasts, they represent Canon at the top of their game.
Event-Based Camera Tutorial
Tobi Delbruck delivers an excellent tutorial on event-based cameras prepared for the 2020 Telluride Neuromorphic workshop and ESSCIRC. The pdf file with slides is available here.
Smartsens News: Star Light Sensor Series, Mobile Market Debut, AI Family Improvements
Smartsens unveils SC850SL, a 4K-resolution image sensor in a new Star Light (SL) Series product lineup for high-end night vision cameras.The 8MP SC850SL features stack BSI and rolling shutter process and offers 15% sensitivity improvement over "its type on the market.
Sunny View on Smartphone Camera Trends
Sunny Optical publishes its Investor Day Presentation talking about smartphone camera trends:
Samsung Unveils CornerPixel for Automotive HDR-LFM Applications
BusinessWire: Samsung introduces ISOCELL Auto S5K4AC, an automotive image sensor that offers 120dB HDR and LED flicker mitigation (LFM) especially for surround-view monitors (SVM) or rear-view cameras (RVC) in high-definition resolution (1280 x 960).
Huawei AV Unit President: Cars will Never Be Fully Autonomous
Reuters: "Our team's goal is to reach true driverless passenger cars in 2025," Wang Jun, senior executive at Huawei's smart vehicle unit, told at 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference.WorldStockMarket: "The L5 level of autonomous driving will never be reached.
Pixart Explains Optical Tracking Sensors Operation
Pixart publishes a video explaining laser and LED-based optical tracking sensors principles:
Xiaomi, Sinovation Ventures, and Inno-Chip Invest in Prophesee
Prophesee announces a strategic partnership and investment by Sinovation Ventures, Xiaomi, and Inno-Chip, an investment firm which has obtained investment and support from Will Semiconductor, owner of OmniVision. The amount of the new investment has not been disclosed.
22 Theorems and 43 Lemmas about Pixel Conversion Gain paper "A novel approach to photon transfer conversion gain estimation" by Aaron Hendrickson, apparently from Johns Hopkins University,  spans across 122 pages and has a lot mathematical statements, including 22 theorems, 43 lemmas, and 17 corollaries.
57 Slides about Sony Stacked Sensors
Sony ISSCC 2021 Forum 5 presentation "Evolving Image Sensor Architecture through Stacking Devices" by Yusuke Oike is published on-line.
A Positive Effect of Image Sensor Noise
There is one positive consequence of image sensor noise - it helps to prevent forgeries.
Samsung Paper on Under-Display Camera
EI publishes Samsung paper "Under Display Camera Image Recovery through Diffraction Compensation" by Jeongguk Lee, Yunseok Choi, Han-Sol Lee, Eundoo Heo, Dongpan Lim, Geunyoung Lee, and Seongwook Song presented at EI conference in January 2021.
Ams Releases NanEyeM Module
ams OSRAM has first announced NanEyeM camera module for single-use medical endoscopy almost 3 years ago. Over the past time, the company "made a few packaging changes to the module for improved robustness." Now ams fully releases NanEyeM to production. The small dimensions of 1.0 mm x 1.
Sharp Image Sensor Lineup
2021 Sharp catalog reveals that its image sensor linup is still dominated by CCDs, although CMOS sensors section is expanding.
FBK on SPAD IR Sensitivity Enhancement
FBK presents "NIR-sensitive single-photon devices (SiPM and SPADs in custom technologies), for industrial and automotive LIDAR applications" by Fabio Acerbi, G. Paternoster, A. Mazzi, A. Gola, and L.
ST Presentation on Pixel-Level Stacking
ST presentation "Challenges and capabilities of 3D integration in CMOS imaging sensors" by Dominique Thomas, Jean Michailos, Krysten Rochereau, Joris Jourdon, and Sandrine Lhostis presents the company's achievements up to September 2019:
Image Sensors at In-Person Autosens Brussels
Austosens Brussels is to be held in in-person (!!!) on September 15-16.
Luminar Acquires InGaAs Sensor Manufacturer
BusinessWire: LiDAR maker Luminar is acquiring its exclusive InGaAs chip design partner and manufacturer, OptoGration Inc., securing supply chain as Luminar scales Iris LiDAR into series production.
Graphene and Other 2D Materials Sensors Review
Nature publishes a review paper "Silicon/2D-material photodetectors: from near-infrared to mid-infrared" by Chaoyue Liu, Jingshu Guo, Laiwen Yu, Jiang Li, Ming Zhang, Huan Li, Yaocheng Shi & Daoxin Dai from Zhejiang University, China.
Sony's View on Stacked CIS Evolution - English Version
M. kindly sent me an English translation of Sony paper on stacked sensor evolution. The pdf version of the translated paper is available here.
Plasmonic Diffracting DTI Enhances Pixel Response at 940nm by 5.3x
OSA publishes Shizuoka University and University of Hyogo paper "Near-infrared sensitivity improvement by plasmonic diffraction for a silicon image sensor with deep trench isolation filled with highly reflective metal" by Atsushi Ono, Kazuma Hashimoto, and Nobukazu Teranishi.
Sony's View on Stacked CIS Evolution
IEICE ESS Fundamentals Review publishes Sony paper "Evolving Image Sensor Architecture through Stacking Devices" by Yusuke OIKE. Unfortunately, there is no English version available and the pdf is protected from copying the text for an on-line translation.
AT&S Makes Miniature Package for AMS
AT&S shows its miniature package for AMS Naneye:"The image sensor not only creates sharp images due to its 100,000-pixel resolution, but it also has low power consumption thanks to our smart connection architecture,” says Markus Maier, Global Account Manager at AT&S.
Sony AI Sensors in Rome
Sony publishes a video about its IMX500 AI sensor use cases on streets of Rome, Italy:
Apple iPhone Cameras Evolution
SystemPlus publishes a review of Apple iPhone cameras from iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 Max:
CAPD iToF Sensors Overview
Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Melexis publish a MDPI paper "An Overview of CMOS Photodetectors Utilizing Current-Assistance for Swift and Efficient Photo-Carrier Detection" by Gobinath Jegannathan, Volodymyr Seliuchenko, Thomas Van den Dries, Thomas Lapauw, Sven Boulanger, Hans Ingelberts, and Maar...
Sony Officially Warns about CIS Laser Damage
Sony publishes an official warning of possibility of CIS damage from laser pointer and laser displays:
Quantum Dots Thesis
Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, publishes a BSc Thesis "Quantum dots: concept and application for image sensors" by Adri´an Romero Campelo.
IDTechEx Forecasts Event-Based Sensor Sales of $20M in 10 Years from Now
PRNewswire: IDTechEx analyst Matt Dyson says: "IDTechEx forecast the market for the event-based vision sensor chips alone rising from its primarily pre-revenue status today to $20 million per year over the next 10 years.
3D-Stacked SPAD Image Sensor
University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, and Heriot-Watt University publish a SPIE paper "High-speed vision with a 3D-stacked SPAD image sensor" by Istvan Gyongy, Germán Mora Martín, Alex Turpin, Alice Ruget, Abderrahim Halimi, Robert Henderson, and Jonathan Leach.
e2v iToF Sensor Demos
Teledyne e2v publishes 3 video demos of its iToF Hydra3D sensor announced a year ago (1, 2, 3):
Elmos iToF Presentation
Elmos publishes a slide deck "3D ToF sensor design and it‘s application in gesture and object recognition" by Sarah Blumenthal:
A (Wrong) Attempt to Improve Imaging
University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh publish a paper "Noise characteristics with CMOS sensor array scaling" by Claudio Accarino, Valerio F. Annese, Boon Chong Cheah, Mohammed A. Al-Rawhania, Yash D. Shaha, James Beeley, Christos Giagkoulovitis, Srinjoy Mitra, David R.S.Cumming.
Assorted Videos: Omnivision, Aeye, Qualcomm, MIPI
Omnivision continues its series of video interviews with its CTO Boyd Fowler.
Optical Neural Processor Integrated onto Image Sensor
Metasurface-based optical CNNs start to be a hot topic for papers and presentations, for example, here and here. Another metasurface CNN example by Aydogan Ozcan from UCLA is shown in the video below:A recent Arxiv.
Assorted Videos: ST, Leti, Omnivision, Innoviz, P2020, University of Wisconsin-Madison
ST presents one more use case for its ToF proximity sensors:CEA-Leti publishes a video about its perovskite-based X-Ray imagers:Omnivision publishes its CTO Boyd Fowler's interview on automotive in-cabin monitoring: "Automotive in-cabin monitoring is on the rise – not just for drivers, but for pas...
MagikEye Announces Invertible Light Technology Development Kit
BusinessWire: Structured light 3D sensing company Magik Eye announces its latest Invertible Light Technology (ILT) development kits.
Quanergy Claims to Achieve Major Improvement in its OPA Scanning LiDAR Range
Quanergy SPAC merge presentation shows a dramatic improvement of its Optical Phase Array (OPA) LiDAR performance over the course of the last year.
Actlight Continues Work on its Single Photon Sensitivity Technology for "Leading Sensor Company"
PRNewswire: ActLight has signed the second service agreement based on its Single Photon Sensitivity technology with a leading company in the image sensor market.'This agreement is the natural continuation of the customer project started in 2020 and successfully completed earlier this year.
Bankrupt CIS Fab is Up for Sale
Yangtze Evening News, OFweek, EET-China: As has been reported earlier, Huaian Imaging Device Manufacturer (HIDM) went bankrupt scrapping a total investment of 45 billion yuan and ambitious plans to produce 240,000 12-inch CIS wafers per year.
EMVA 1288 Release 4.0 is Official Now
EMVA officially unveils the new release 4.0 of the EMVA 1288 Standard for objective characterization of industrial cameras. The release takes into account the rapid development of camera and image sensor technology.Until the previous Release 3.
LargeSense Presents its 140mm x 120mm CMOS Sensor
LargeSense Founder Bill Charbonnet presents the 4x5 format camera featuring 140mm by 120mm CMOS sensor with 6.