Gil Amelio on Patent Infrigements
Investors Business Daily publishes Gil Amelio article with a story of Pictos vs Samsung lawsuit:"A typical small inventive company, Pictos Technologies, was put out of business after Samsung aggressively infringed its intellectual property.
Canon Explores Large Image Sensor Future
Canon publishes an article on its image sensor projects for academic and industrial customers.The world's largest high-Sensitivity CMOS sensor is measuring ~20 cm square.
F-35 Gets 6 Cameras for Surround View
PRNewswire: Surround view cameras reach defense industry. Lockheed Martin selectes Raytheon to develop and deliver the next generation Distributed Aperture System (DAS) for the F-35 fighter jet.
Mazda CX-3 SUV Features Nighttime Pedestrian Detection
Nikkei: Mazda CX-3 compact SUV comes with, as a standard feature, an automatic emergency braking system that supports nighttime pedestrians detection:"Nighttime pedestrians are detected by the monocular camera.
NIT Demos Log Sensor with LED Flicker Suppression
New Imaging Technologies publishes a demo of its NSC1701 sensor featuring LED flicker suppression mode:
ams Compares 3D Imaging Approaches
ams investors presentation from Dec 2017 compares different 3D imaging technologies:
ON Semi LED Flicker Mitigation Demo
ON Semi demos its LED flicker reduction in AR0233 automotive HDR sensor:
Thermal Imaging on Production Floor
ULIS publishes a video showing its high-speed thermal sensors advantages in production applications:ALA reports that Sofradir-owned ULIS goes through a restructuring over the next few months:“Faced with growing competition, we need to be smarter and more efficient about how we manage our assets go...
Sony RX100 VI review so far
The Sony RX100 VI is a high-end compact aimed at enthusiasts. It takes the earlier Mark V with its 20 MP sensor, confident focusing, 4k video and super slow motion, but squeezes a longer 24-200mm range into essentially the same body.
Airy3D Demos RGB-3D Imager
Montreal, Canada-based Airy3D startup works to create a combined 3D and RGB sensor technology:"DepthIQ is underpinned by a transmissive diffraction mask (TDM) made with standard semiconductor technology.
2018 Harvest Imaging Forum Topics
Albert Theuwissen announces 2018 Harvest Imaging Forum topics:Prof. Marian Verhelst (KU Leuven, Belgium): “Efficient Embedded Deep Learning for Vision Application”Prof. Wilfried Philips (Univ. Ghent, Belgium): “Image and Data Fusion”.
ADI Talks about its LiDAR for the First Time
SeekingAlpha transcript of Analog Devices earnings call has an interesting mention about the company's LiDAR development:"If turn to autonomous vehicles, we haven’t really talked much before about our LIDAR solution, but we’re gaining design-ins today in long and short range, LIDAR systems with ...
After Kickstarter Success, SiOnyx Continues on Indiegogo
After the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, SiOnyx starts another one on Indiegogo:
Imasenic on Way to Gfps Image Sensors
Workshop on Computational Image Sensors and Smart Cameras held in May 2017 in Barcelona, Spain publishes Renato Turchetta's presentation "Towards Gfps CMOS image sensors:"
ESA Pays $47M to e2v to Supply 114 CCDs for Plato Mission
The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded Teledyne e2v with the second phase of a €42M ($47M) contract to produce visible light CCDs for the PLATO (Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars) mission.
Black Phosphorus NIR Photodetectors
MDPI Sensors publishes a paper "Multilayer Black Phosphorus Near-Infrared Photodetectors" by Chaojian Hou, Lijun Yang, Bo Li, Qihan Zhang, Yuefeng Li, Qiuyang Yue, Yang Wang, Zhan Yang, and Lixin Dong from Harbin Institute of Technology (China), Michigan State University (USA), and Soochow Universit...
Mobileye Autonomous Car Fails in Demo
EETimes Junko Yoshida publishes an explanation of Mobileye self-driving car demo where the car passes a junction on red light:"The public AV demo in Jerusalem inadvertently allowed a local TV station’s video camera to capture Mobileye’s car running a red light.
Microsoft Opens Access to Hololens Cameras
Microsoft opens access to a raw video stream from cameras in its Hololens AR headset, including 3D ToF camera:"The depth camera uses active infrared (IR) illumination to determine depth through time-of-flight. The camera can operate in two modes.
Infineon Predicts Autonomous Cars with More Radars than Cameras
Infineon investors presentation reveals the company's view on future autonomous cars:
imec is Back to Film, Organic Film
imec promotes its organic film image sensors:"We demonstrated a first film measuring 6 by 8 cm – which can check 4 fingers simultaneously – and which has a resolution of 200ppi. The second film – designed for a single fingerprint – has a resolution of 500ppi.
More AutoSens Detroit Interviews
AutoSens publishes more interviews from Detroit:Xenomatix talks about many design wins for its LiDAR:Tetravue talks about its technology:FLIR talks about thermal camera for automotive applications:Algolux talks about its ML algorithms:
Depth Sensing: From Exotic to Ubiquitous
Embedded Vision Alliance publishes a video lecture "The Evolution of Depth Sensing: From Exotic to Ubiquitous" delivered by Erik Klaas, CTO of 8tree in September 2017.
AutoSens Detroit Inteviews
AutoSens publishes a number of videos from its Detroit conference:Sony Depth Sensing Demo:SensL talks about its acquisition by ON Semi:
New Companies Alliance Unveils First Products
Vancouver, Canada-based Imagica Technology and Lumiense Photonics close and agreement with Tucson, AZ-based Maxwell-Hiqe (M-H) to be their exclusive global distributor. Both Imagica and Lumiense were founded by Rob Hannebauer, while M-H is led by David Gilblom.
Amazon Echo Look Includes Intel 3D Camera
PocketNow: Finally, Intel RealSense technology has been integrated into a mass market device, quite a milestone.
Espros TOF Academy
Espros pre-announces the TOF Academy in its May 2018 newsletter:"TOF is a relatively new domain in engineering sciences...
ON Semi Unveils Regulator with 98dB PSRR and 6.6uV Noise
BusinessWire: ON Semi NCP16x series of LDO regulators comprises four devices with an input voltage range from 1.9V to 5.5V and output current of 250 mA, 450 mA and 700 mA in a common package footprint. Ultra-high PSRR of 98 dB blocks power supply noise, while ultra-low noise of 6.
DxOMark Expects "Numerous" Triple Camera Smartphones Next Year
AndroidHeadlines publishes an article based on interview with DxOMark Marketing VP Nicolas Touchard."Smartphones with three lenses on their rear plates will hence become much more numerous “as early as next year,” Mr.
Sony Dual Selfie Camera
Sony Mobile publishes an article on its Dual Selfie camera in Xperia XA2 Ultra smartphone:"The Dual Selfie Camera offers the standard 80 degree lens for close ups, alongside a super wide 120 degree lens for wider images, giving you the best of both worlds.
GPixel and TowerJazz Announce Prototypes of 2.5um Global Shutter Pixel Sensor
Globenewswire: TowerJazz and Gpixel announce a Gpixel's GMAX0505, a 25MP sensor based on TowerJazz's 2.5um global shutter pixel in a 1.1" optical format with the highest resolution in C-mount optics.
Energias Market Research on CIS Market
Energias Market Research expects the image sensor market to grow significantly from $14.1b in 2017 to $25.6b in 2024 at a CAGR of 10.3%. However, high manufacturing cost may hamper the growth of the market.
Pulse-Based ToF Sensing
MPDI Special Issue Depth Sensors and 3D Vision publishes University of Siegen, Germany, paper "Pulse Based Time-of-Flight Range Sensing" by Hamed Sarbolandi, Markus Plack, and Andreas Kolb.
AEye Introduces Dynamic Vixels
PRNewswire: AEye introduces a new sensor data type called Dynamic Vixels. In simple terms, Dynamic Vixels combine pixels from digital 2D cameras with voxels from AEye's Agile 3D LiDAR sensor into a single super-resolution sensor data type.
Fujifilm XT100 review so far
The Fujifilm X-T100 is an entry-level mirrorless camera, aimed at beginners, social photographers and vloggers, sporting a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor, built-in viewfinder, tilting touchscreen that can flip sideways to face the subject, 4k video, Bluetooth and Wifi.
Canon and Nikon pro mirrorless wishlist
Canon and Nikon may have concentrated on entry to mid-level mirrorless cameras so far, but both companies are expected to launch high-end models by the end of the year.
TrinamiX Paper in Nature
Nature publishes BASF spin-off TrinamiX paper "Focus-Induced Photoresponse: a novel way to measure distances with photodetectors" by Oili Pekkola, Christoph Lungenschmied, Peter Fejes, Anke Handreck, Wilfried Hermes, Stephan Irle, Christian Lennartz, Christian Schildknecht, Peter Schillen, Patrick S...
ON Semi Talks about Automotive Pixel Technologies
AutoSens publishes an interview with ON Semi talking about "Super Exposing" pixel that reduces LED flicker and other ON innovations for the automotive market:
3D Imaging with PDAF Pixels
OSA Optics Express publishes a paper "Depth extraction with offset pixels" by W. J. Yun, Y. G. Kim, Y. M. Lee, J. Y. Lim, H. J. Kim, M. U. K. Khan, S. Chang, H. S. Park, and C. M. Kyung, KAIST, QiSens, and Kongju National University, Korea.
ams 48MP 30fps Full-Frame GS Imager Enters Mass Production
BusinessWire: ams announces its CMV50000, a high-speed 48MP global shutter CMOS sensor for machine vision applications, has entered into mass production and is available for purchase in high volumes now.The CMV50000, which features a 35mm-format 7920 x 6004 array of 4.
Omnivision Announces New Sensors for Medical Applications
OmniVision announces the 1/11-inch OH01A HD sensor employing the 1.1um PureCel-S pixel stacked-die architecture to provide the compact size, high resolution and cost effectiveness required for the next generation of disposable and reusable endoscopes and catheters.
GPixel Presents Large BSI Sensor
GPixel claims it has created the world's largest BSI CMOS sensor, GSENSE6060. The pixel array area of the 37.7MP, 10um pixel sensor is 61.44 x 61.
Sony Polarization Sensor Demo
FLIR publishes a demo of Sony IMX250MZR polarization imaging:
International Image Sensor Society Calls for Award Nominations
The International Image Sensor Society (IISS) calls for nominations for IISS Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award, IISS Pioneering Achievement Award, and IISS Exceptional Service Award. The Awards are to be presented at the 2019 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) (to be held in the USA).
Arm Mali V76 GPU Supports 8K Video Encoding in Mobile Devices
Arm announces Mali-V76 GPU supporting 8K video encoding up to 30fps and decoding up to 60fps.
Mantis Vision 3D Camera in Xiaomi Smartphone
PRNewswire: Mantis Vision announces a strategic partnership with one of the largest smartphone makers in China, Xiaomi.
Etron Has High Hopes for its 3D Solution
Digitimes: Etron 3D wide-angle sensor-based face recognition modules adopted by Ant Financial, the online payment arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, at its first unmanned store in Hangzhou, China, a move that is expected to significantly improve Etrons's revenue and profits.
Yole on ON Semi Leadership in Automotive Imaging
Yole article "ON Semiconductor is the new king of the road for image sensors" states that ON Semiconductor automotive image sensor sales are growing. Yole estimates that they accounted for 48% of the imaging division’s $768M sales in 2017.
Pixart Q1 2018 Report
Pixart Q1 2018 report shows that despite its diversification efforts, the company remains mainly an optical mouse sensors provider:
Olympus Multi-Storied Photodiode Sensor
MDPI Special Issue Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) publishes Olympus paper "Multiband Imaging CMOS Image Sensor with Multi-Storied Photodiode Structure" Yoshiaki Takemoto, Mitsuhiro Tsukimura, Hideki Kato, Shunsuke Suzuki, Jun Aoki, Toru Kondo, Haruhisa Saito, Yu...
Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Supports 6 Cameras, ToF Sensing, More
Qualcomm 10nm Snapdragon 710 processors features a number of advanced imaging features:Qualcomm Spectra 250 ISP2nd Generation Spectra architecture14-bit image signal processingUp to 32MP single cameraUp to 20MP dual cameraCan connect up to 6 different cameras (many configurations possible)Multi-Fram...