FLIR on SLS Sensor Advantages
FLIR publishes a recording of its webinar "The Advantages of SLS Cameras for R&D Applications.""FLIR's new Type II Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) opens up new applications and brings significant advances in thermal imaging.
Not Only Sony: Attollo Introduces SWIR Sensor with 5um Pixel Pitch
Attollo Engineering introduces the Phoenix, a 640 x 512 SWIR camera based on its claimed to be the industry’s smallest VGA sensor with 5 µm InGaAs pixels.
Samsung to Expand to CIS Production Capacity
BusinessKorea: Samsung says that DRAM production line can be easily converted into an image sensor line because their processes are 80% identical. The company is preparing a detailed plan to convert part of its production lines for DRAMs in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province to CIS lines.
Post-Coronavirus "Touchless Economy" to Boost Image Sensor Market
UAR National, MoneyControl: In post-COVID-19 world, most user interfaces would be redesigned to eliminate the infections spreading:"Few months from now, your attendance will be marked by facial recognition system or by voice. In airports, you will print your boarding pass through gestures.
Sony ZV-1 review – preview
The Sony ZV-1 is a compact camera aimed at vloggers and video creators, inheriting the sensor and lens of the RX100 V(A), but adding a mic input, hotshoe, an upgraded built-in mic, side-hinged screen and a bunch of software improvements.
Facial Recognition Adoption Around the Globe
VisualCapitalist publishes a summary of facial recognition approved in different countries:In the US, 59% of Americans are in favor of implementing facial recognition technology for use in law enforcement, according to a Pew Research survey.
Sigmaintell Puts Galaxycore at #1 in Units Market Share
IFNews quotes Sigmaintell's somewhat optimistic forecast on this year's smartphone camera market. Sigmaintell puts Galaxycore at #1 in terms of unit market share.
LiDAR News: Outsight, Hitachi-LG, Velodyne, OS Lab
Sabbir Rangwala, a former Princeton Lightwave LiDAR business leader, writes in Forbes article:"On the AV front, there is sobering news. The COVID crisis has put tremendous cash flow pressures on automotive OEMs, with subsequent scaling back of investments on AVs.
Benefits of mirrorless vs DSLR
I switched from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras over ten years ago. While I was initially drawn by their smaller size and weight, it's the technological advantages that sealed the deal.
Japan Display Inc. to Enter Image Sensor Business
JapanTimes, Mainichi: Japan Display Inc. (JDI) formed in 2012 through the merger of the display operations of Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba announces its intention to enter image sensor business.
GEO Reports that 20 Car Models with its Vision Processors Enter Mass Production in Q4 2019
BusinessWire: GEO Semiconductor announces that Q4 2019 was a record quarter for GEO with 20 vehicle models from major automotive OEMs successfully launched into production.
Sony to Separate Image Sensor Business Next Year?
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation announces its new management structure that looks like a preparation to spinning it off as a separate business entity starting April 1st next year:Terushi Shimizu - President and CEOGoh Asayama - In charge of Mobile business 1Satoshi Yoshihara - In charge of ...
Teledyne e2v Reports Surge in CCD Demand for Coronavirus Diagnostics
GlobeNewswire: Teledyne e2v is supplying its large pixel CCDs for COVID-19 diagnostic instruments. In the past few weeks, the UK CCD Fabrication team have been producing hundreds of CCD77-358 devices that will be designed into camera systems to support COVID-19 diagnostics.
Front-View Automotive Camera Market Grew 95% in 2019 in China
ResearchInChina report "Automotive Vision Industry Chain Report 2019-2020 (I): Monocular Vision" says:"About 23 million cameras were pre-installed in new passenger cars in China in 2019, up 11.7% on an annualized basis, as is revealed by ResearchInChina.
USA-China Trade War Creates Opportunities for Smartsens
EJInsight: Lap Man, a founder of Beyond Ventures in Hing Kong and one of SmartSens investors, believes that the tension between the USA and China creates new opportunities ahead for chip makers like SmartSens Tech.
Omdia: Under-Display Fingerprint Market Grew 8x in 2019, Keeps Growing in 2020
Omdia: Global shipments of fingerprint-on-display (FoD) sensors expanded by nearly a factor of eight in 2019 as these devices increasingly replace conventional capacitive chips in smartphones.A total of 228.3M FoD sensors were shipped in 2019, up 674% from 29.5M in 2018, according to Omdia.
Tower Sees Growth Potential in Optical Fingerprint and Stacked Sensors
SeekingAlpha: Tower reports its Q1 2020 results and updates on its image sensor foundry focus:"The other area that I believe we'll see very strong growth in is what we've said where our focus is, was the fingerprint under OLED.
DTI and Pyramids in 0.9um Pixel Design
Taiwan National Cheng Kung University publishes a MDPI paper "Deep Trench Isolation and Inverted Pyramid Array Structures Used to Enhance Optical Efficiency of Photodiode in CMOS Image Sensor via Simulations" by Chang-Fu Han, Jiun-Ming Chiou, and Jen-Fin Lin.
Cars and Smartphones Drive CCM Market
RsesearchInChina report "Global and China CMOS Camera Module (CCM) Industry Report, 2020-2026" forecasts:"The global CCM market has been ballooning thanks to expeditious penetration of multi-camera phones and advances in automotive ADAS, being worth $22.723 billion with a year-on-year spike of 16.
Pixelplus May Be Delisted from KOSDAQ
TheElec: South Korean PixelPlus faces a possibility of delisting from KOSDAQ stock exchange due to the four straight years of losses.Automotive image sensors accounted for 70% to 80% of the company’s sales. 80% of its sales are in China.
Panasonic Paper on SPAD CMOS Sensor
Panasonic publishes MDPI paper "Modeling and Analysis of Capacitive Relaxation Quenching in a Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) Applied to a CMOS Image Sensor" by Akito Inoue, Toru Okino, Shinzo Koyama, and Yutaka Hirose. This paper opens a Special Issue on Photon Counting Image Sensors.
ADAS Cameras Overview
Amkor, a packaging company, publishes "A Look Inside ADAS Modules" on various camera configurations found in different cars:
HDR Pixels Review and Comparison
Dana Diezemann published her presentation "High Dynamic Range Imaging, A short summary" at Image Sensors Europe held in London in March 2020.
Sony Defines its Starvis Sensor Category
Sony publishes a short presentation explaining what sensors belong to Starvis class:
Image Sensors at VLSI Symposia
This year, VLSI Symposia is to be held on-line on June 14-19. Its agenda includes 7 image sensor papers:CB2.1 (Invited) - A 2D-SPAD Array and Read-Out AFE for Next-Generation Solid-State LiDARTuan Thanh Ta, Toshiba Corp., JapanCB2.
Lumotive Presents Smartphone LiDAR
EETimes: Lumotive, a Seattle-based LiDAR startup, expands its offerings to smartphones:"With samples available in the fourth quarter of this year, the Lumotive X20 and Lumotive Z20 LiDAR systems target the automotive and industrial automation markets, respectively.
Yole Predicts Thermal Imaging Boost in Post-Coronavirus Era
Yole Developpement analyst Dimitrios Damianos says “For sure, the COVID-19 outbreak will have a big impact on the thermal detector and imager markets and industrial landscape at different levels.
SmartSens Announces 1080P with 60ms Power-Up Time
PRNewswire: SmartSens announces the launch of SC210IoT – a 1080P 30fps low power video sensor for IoT devices.
Sony and Microsoft to Connect AI-Enabled CIS to Azure Cloud for Enterprise
PRNewswire: After a year since the first announcement, Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Microsoft re-announce their partnership to create solutions connecting AI-powered smart cameras and video analytics for their mutual customers.
Samsung Unveils 50MP Sensor with All-Pixel PDAF
BusinessWire, BusinessWire: Samsung introduces ISOCELL GN1, a new 50MP sensor with 1.2μm pixels. The ISOCELL GN1 is Samsung’s first image sensor to offer both Dual Pixel and Tetracell technologies.
Ams to Demo Under-Display 3D Sensor for Smartphones in 2H 2020
SeekingAlpha: Ams Q1 earnings report mentions the directions of its R&D and production efforts. The company plans to demo its behind-OLED-display (BOLED) 3D sensing in the second half of this year.
Beyond Ventures: US-China Trade War Creates Opportunities for Smartsens
EJInsight: Lap Man, a founder of Beyond Ventures in Hong Kong and one of SmartSens investors, believes that the tensions between the USA and China create new opportunities ahead for chip makers like SmartSens Tech.
Sony Announces CIS with Embedded AI Processor
PRNewswire: Sony announces the upcoming release of two intelligent vision sensors, said to be the first image sensors in the world to be equipped with AI processing functionality.
Sony Sees No Significant Coronavirus Impact on CIS Sales
Sony reports its March 31-ended fiscal year results and updates on coronavirus impact:Now I will discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the I&SS segment.As of today, there has been no major impact from the coronavirus on our manufacturing facilities in Japan, which are operating as usual.
ActLight Signed Contract with "Leading Sensor Company"
PRNewswire: ActLight announces that it has signed a service agreement based on its Single Photon Sensitivity technology with a leading company in the sensors market.
Thesis on Time to Digital Converter for SPADs
Universitat Politecnica Valencia, Spain, publishes MSc Thesis "Time to Digital and Charge to Digital converters for SiPM front ends" by Alessandro Morini.
Face Counter-Identification Startup Raises $13.5M
Techcrunch: Israeli startup D-ID developing slight changes in pictures that virtually kill AI facial recognition algorithms raises $13.5M in round A from AXA Ventures, Pitango, Y Combinator, AI Alliance, Hyundai, Omron, Maverick.
ST Unveils ToF Sensor for Multi-Object Ranging
STMicro extends its FlightSense ToF sensors with the VL53L3CX device featuring histogram algorithms that allow measuring distances to multiple objects as well as increasing accuracy.The VL53L3CX measures object ranges from 2.
Online Training on Color Pipeline of a Camera
Framos announces an "Online Training: Colour Pipeline of a Camera" by be delivered by Albert Thuwissen on July 6-7, 2020.
4 Generations of Tower GS Pixels
Tower Semiconductor posts an article on its global shutter pixels development:Gen 1: Our first generation of GS pixels went into production with relatively big (around ~5um) size, about ~20e of noise and a decoupling ratio between PD and MN of around 60dB.
iPhone 11 Pro Optical Zoom vs Almalence Super-Resolution
Almalence compares its computational super-resolution zoom used in Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro camera with dedicated telephoto camera in Apple iPhone 11 Pro:"As every high-end smartphone, iPhone 11 Pro uses a dedicated telephoto camera module to achieve the maximum zoom quality.
Samsung CIS Presentation
Samsung has updated its System LSI presentation with 2020 data:
5 Days of Free On-Line SPAD Webinars
University of Glasgow, UK, QuantIC group announces a series of 5 Webinars on June 1-5:Detector Development:Enhanced detectors underpin many of our demonstrators where increased sensitivity to single- photons at challenging wavelengths and/or higher count rates unlocks pathways to new imaging applica...
Newsight Imaging Raises $7M in Round A Investment
Newsight Imaging has completed a $7M series A round of financing led by Infinity Capital with the participation of George So. The new investment brings Newsight’s total funding, including government grants, to $15M.
Omnivision Announces its First IR-Enhanced Nyxel Sensor for Automotive Applications
PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the expansion of its Nyxel NIR technology into the automotive market with the new 2.5MP OX03A2S image sensor for exterior imaging applications that operate in low to no ambient light conditions within 2 meters of the vehicle.
Sony FE 24-70mm f2.8 GM review
The Sony FE 24-70mm f2.8 is a bright standard zoom for its full-frame Alpha mirrorless cameras aimed at events and portraiture. It launched the G Master series but in the face of new rivals is it still your best choice? Find out in our review!… The post Sony FE 24-70mm f2.
Thoughtography: Interaction of Mind with Image Sensor
PsyArXiv, a free preprint service for the psychological sciences, publishes paper "Modern Thoughtography: Mind Interaction at a distance with digital camera sensors: a pilot study" by Luciano Pederzoli, Marco Bilucaglia, Elena Prati, Marzio Matteoli, and Patrizio Tressoldi from EvanLab, Università ...
On-line Masterclass on Recent Developments in CMOS Image Sensors
Image Sensors Europe hosts an on-line masterclass "Developments In CMOS Image Sensors Since IS Europe 2019" by Albert Theuwissen."The world of CMOS image sensors is changing at a pace that we never have seen before.
Vidicon vs CCD vs CMOS at CERN
GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany, publishes paper "Video Cameras used in Beam Instrumentation -- an Overview" by B. Walasek-Hoehne, K. Hoehne, R. Singh.
SK Telecom Starts Deploying Photon Shot Noise-Based Security
SK Telecom together with Samsung and Switzerland-based ID Quantique officially introduces the Galaxy A Quantum, said to be the world’s first 5G smartphone equipped with a quantum random number generator (QRNG).