Smartphone Companies Scrambling to Match Apple 3D Camera Performance and Cost
EETimes publishes an article "Can Huawei Match Apple TrueDepth?" by Junko Yoshida. Few quotes:Pierre Cambou, activity leader for MEMS and imaging at Yole Développement, predicts that it may take a year or longer for competitors to offer 3D sensing technologies comparable to iPhone X....
Google Reportedly Buys Lytro
Techcrunch sources report that Google is acquiring Lytro:"One source described the deal as an “asset sale” with Lytro going for no more than $40 million. Another source said the price was even lower: $25 million.
Recent Progress of Visible Light Image Sensors
CERN publishes Nobukazu Teranishi's 58 page-large presentation "Recent Progresses of Visible Light Image Sensors" at the Detector Seminar at CERN on February 23, 2018. There is a lot of interesting slides, including spares in the end.
Retro Cameras book review
Retro Cameras is a compact and stylish hardback book that tells the story behind 100 vintage film cameras. Pitched as a guide for collectors but equally appealing to any classic camera lover, it presents each model with a short history and original product shots.
SF Current and RTN
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics publishes Tohoku University paper "Effect of drain current on appearance probability and amplitude of random telegraph noise in low-noise CMOS image sensors" by Shinya Ichino, Takezo Mawaki, Akinobu Teramoto, Rihito Kuroda, Hyeonwoo Park, Shunichi Wakashima, Tetsu...
MEMSDrive OIS Technology Presentation
MEMSDrive kindly sent me a presentation on its OIS technology:
TechInsights: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cameras Cost 12.7% of BOM
TechInsights Samsung Galaxy S9+ cost table estimates cameras cost at $48 out of $379 total. The previous generation S8 camera was estimated at $25.50 or 7.8% of the total BOM.Update: TechInsights publishes a cost comparison of this year and last yera;s flagship phones.
ULIS Video
ULIS publishes a promotional video about its capabilities and products:
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cameras
TechInsights publishes an article on Galaxy S9+ reverse engineering including its 4 cameras - a dual rear camera, a front camera and an iris recognition sensor:"We are excited to analyze Samsung's new 3-stack ISOCELL Fast 2L3 and we'll be publishing updates as our labs capture more camera details.
Beer Idenitfication with Hamamatsu Micro-spectrometer
Hamamatsu publishes a beer identification article showing it as an application for its micro-spectrometers:
Adafruit Publishes ST FlightSense Performance Data
Adafruit publishes a datasheet of its distance sensor using ST SPAD-based ToF chip VL53L0X.Update: Upon a closer look, the official ST VL530L0X datasheet has all these tables with the performance data.
Broadcom Enters ToF Sensing Business
Broadcom-Avago unveils its first ToF sensor product. The AFBR-S50MV85G has quite a nice spec:"The AFBR-S50 is Broadcom's multipixel distance and motion measurement sensor based on the optical time-of-flight principle. It supports up to 3000 frames per second with up to 16 illuminated pixels.
Image Sensor Performance Improvements over Time
Multianalytics Blog publishes nice videos of image sensor performance progress over the years:
Avianization vs Dinosaurization in Image Sensor Industry
Wiley Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal publishes a paper "When dinosaurs fly: The role of firm capabilities in the ‘avianization’ of incumbents during disruptive technological change" by Raja Roy, Curba Morris Lampert, and Irina Stoyneva.
Pixart Q4 2017 Report
Pixart keeps diversifying its image sensor portfolio with some degree of success:
Noise in Charge Domain Sampling Readouts
MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop publishes Delft University paper "Temporal Noise Analysis of Charge-Domain Sampling Readout Circuits for CMOS Image Sensors" by Xiaoliang Ge and Albert J. P. Theuwissen.
AutoSens publishes CSEM Christophe Pache presentation on flash LiDARs with a Q&A session starting at 20:20 time:
Blackmore Raises $18M for Coherent LiDAR
PRNewswire: Bozeman, Montana-based Blackmore Sensors and Analytics Inc. has raised $18m in a Series B funding led by BMW i Ventures. Additional investment comes from Toyota AI Ventures, Millennium Technology Value Partners and Next Frontier Capital.
Samsung Foundry CIS Offerings
Samsung publishes its CIS process features available at 8-inch foundry:Currently, all 8-inch foundry wafers are processed at Line 6 in Giheung campus, Korea:
Nikkei Reviews Sony Paper at ISSCC
Nikkei publishes a 4-part review of Sony ISSCC 2018 presentation on event-driven sensor:
Up-Conversion Device to Give 1550nm Sensitivity to CMOS Sensors
Nocamels, The Times of Israel: Gabby Sarusi from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev "has developed a stamp-like device of which one side reads 1,500-nanometer infrared wavelengths, and converts them to images that are visible to the human eye on the other side of the stamp.
ST Announces 4m Range ToF Sensor
The VL53L1X TOF sensor extends the detection range of ST's FlightSense technology to four meters, bringing high-accuracy, low-power distance measurement, and proximity detection to an even wider variety of applications. The fully integrated VL53L1X measures only 4.9mm x 2.5mm x 1.
Pictures from Image Sensors Europe 2018
Few assorted pictures from Image Sensors Europe conference being held these days in London, UK.
ICFO Graphene Image Sensors
ICFO food analyzer demo at MWC in Barcelona in February 2018:UV graphene sensors:
Vivo Announces SuperHDR
One of the largest smartphone makers in China, Vivo, announces its AI-powered Super HDR that follows the same principles as regular multi-frame HDR but merges more frames.The Super HDR’s DR is said to reach up to 14 EV.
3DInCites Awards
Phil Garrou's IFTLE 374 reviews 3DInCites Award winners.
Forza Silicon Applies Machine Learning to Production Yield Improvement
BusinessWire: Forza Silicon CTO, Daniel Van Blerkom, is to present a paper titled “Accelerated Image Sensor Production Using Machine Learning and Data Analytics” at Image Sensors Europe 2018 in London on March 15, 2018.
ToF Sensor Used for 3D Photometric Imaging
MDPI Sensors publishes a paper from a group of Japanese universities "The Dynamic Photometric Stereo Method Using a Multi-Tap CMOS Image Sensor" by Takuya Yoda, Hajime Nagahara, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Keiichiro Kagawa, Keita Yasutomi, and Shoji Kawahito.
NIT Presents Affordable HDR Sensor for Machine Vision Applications
New Imaging Technologies presents an affordable CMOS sensor (12 bits) HV2061 with native HDR capability (140dB intra-scene and inter-scene) offering three operating modes; rolling, global and differential (subtraction of two frames in pixel).
Aeye Adaptive Scanning LiDAR Patents Granted
BusinessWire: AEye announces it has been awarded foundational patents for its solid state MEMS-based LiDAR.
Active Sensing in Automotive Applications
AutoSens publishes Panasonic Soeren Molander presentation "Active sensing technologies for automotive applications:"
Himax on 3D Sensing Strategy
SeekingAlpha publishes Himax Q4 2017 earnings call transcript. Few quotes on 3D and CMOS sensor business:"At present, our total market is primarily the Android based smartphone.
Espros Expands BSI Manufacturing Capacity
Espros February newsletter (not on the web site yet) explains the company plans to expand its BSI production line:"One of the most important factors is time to market.
Renesas Announces Automotive Stereo Image Processor
BusinessWire: Renesas announced the R-Car V3H SoC for computer vision and AI processing at industry-leading low power levels, targeting automotive front cameras for use in mass-produced Level 3 (conditional automation) and Level 4 (high automation) autonomous vehicles.
ToF Depth Resolution Improved to 6.5nm
OSA Optics Letters issue dated by April 1st, 2018 publishes Peking University, China, KAIST and KRISS, Korea paper "Time-of-flight detection of femtosecond laser pulses for precise measurement of large microelectronic step height.
WD My Passport Ultra review
WD's My Passport Ultra is a portable drive that's powered by your computer or console over a single USB cable and provides plenty of storage for backup, data transportation or simply expanding a system that's stuffed to the brim. In my review I compared an older 1TB model against a new 4TB version.
ST Talk about Dirty Glass in ToF Imaging
ST video presents issues with dirty cover glass in ToF devices, followed by a sort of obvious solution:
Omnivision Nyxel Technology Wins Smart Products Leadership Award
Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council prizes Omnivision by Smart Products and Services Leadership Award for Nyxel NIR imaging technology.
GM 4th Gen Self-Driving Car Roof Module
GM has started production of a roof rack for its fourth generation Cruise AV featuring 5 Velodyne LiDARs and, at least, 7 cameras:
Rumor: Mantis Vision 3D Camera to Appear in Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone
Korean newspaper The Investor quotes local media reports that Mantis Vision and camera module maker Namuga are developing 3-D sensing camera for Samsung next-generation Galaxy S smartphones, tentatively called the Galaxy S10.
Samsung CIS Production Capacity to Beat Sony
ETNews reports that Samsung is to convert its 300mm DRAM 13 line in Hwasung to CMOS sensors production. Since last year, the company also working to convert its DRAM 11 line in Hwasung into an image sensor production (named as S4 line). Conversion of S4 line will be done by end of this year.
Prophesee Expands Event Driven Concept to LiDARs
EETimes publishes an article on event-driven image sensors such as Prophesee's (former Chronocam) Asynchronous Time-Based Image Sensor (ATIS) chip.
Interview with Steven Sasson
IEEE publishes an interview with Steven J. Sasson who invented the first digital camera in 1975 while working at Eastman Kodak, in Rochester, N.Y.
ON Semi Announces X-Class CMOS Image Sensor Platform
BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor announces X-Class image sensor platform, which allows a single camera design supporting multiple sensors across the platform.
TechInsights Publishes Samsung 0.9um Tetracell Pixel Analysis
Techinsights publishes reverse engineering report of Samsung 0.9um Tetracell pixel sensor:There are many reasons we are excited about the Samsung S5K2X7SP 0.9µm Image Sensor, including Samsung’s claims about it:“Slim 2X7 with Tetracell technology” (.9um, 24MP)The first 0.
Chronocam Presentation at AutoSens 2017
AutoSens publishes Chronocam-Prophesee CTO and Co-Founder Christoph Posch presentation "Event-based vs conventional cameras for ADAS and autonomous driving applications:"
Trendforce Predicts Adoption Rate of 3D Sensing in Smartphones at 13.1% in 2018
Trendforce publishes its analysis of 3D sensing in smartphones:"According to Peter Huang, analyst at TrendForce, there are three major technical barriers in producing 3D sensing modules at present.
ON Semi Announces 43MP Full Frame CCD
BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduces a 43MP CCD in 35 mm optical format, said to be the highest CCD resolution in full-frame format. The KAI-43140 is aimed to applications such as end of line inspection of HD and UHD flat panel displays and aerial photography.The KAI-43140 utilizes a new 4.
Automotive LiDAR Benefits and Challenges
Autosens publishes a presentation "LIDAR systems for automotive: Benefits and the challenges for OEMs" by Jaguar Landrover's Andy Lewin:
CIS Saves Fabs from Closure
IC Insights publishes a report on worlds fab closures. It turns out that CIS market expansion has saved two 300mm fabs from closure:"Renesas sold its 300mm logic fab to Sony in 2014. Sony repurposed that fab to make image sensors.