Dual-Gate Organic Phototransistor for Image Sensing
Nature publishes a paper "Dual-gate organic phototransistor with high-gain and linear photoresponse" Philip C. Y.
High Photon Throughput SPAD Imager
MDPI Special Issue The International SPAD Sensor Workshop publishes a paper "A CMOS SPAD Imager with Collision Detection and 128 Dynamically Reallocating TDCs for Single-Photon Counting and 3D Time-of-Flight Imaging" by Chao Zhang, Scott Lindner, Ivan Michel Antolovic, Martin Wolf, and Edoardo Charb...
Image Sensor Papers at IEDM 2018
Image sensor papers have a strong appearance in IEDM 2018 Program:1.5µm dual conversion gain, backside illuminated image sensor using stacked pixel level connections with 13ke- full-well capacitance and 0.8e- noiseV. C. Venezia, A. C-W Hsiung, K. Ai, X.
Sony Adds Square 1MP Sensor to its GS Family
Sony IMX419CLN sensor has 1MP 3.45um GS pixels and square pixel array and is intended for industrial B&W cameras.
Melexis Announces 2nd Generation ToF Sensor
Melexis announces "a major upgrade to ToF technology for the automotive industry, its next-generation QVGA ToF sensor chipset and a forthcoming VGA ToF sensor.
White Light Inteferometric 3D Imager
Heliotis HeliInspect H8 3D camera uses the company's next generation 3D image sensor HeliSens S4:Thanks to TL for the flyer!
Quantum Dot SWIR Cameras
SWIR Vision Systems introduces the Acuros family of low cost SWIR cameras featuring CQD sensing technology:Thanks to AB for the pointer!
Pyxalis Presents GS HDR Sensor
Pyxalis seems to expand its activity beyond custom image sensors to standard products. At the Vision Show in Stuttgart, Germany, the company presented a flyer of its Robin chips with 3.2um global shutter pixels, said to provide "artifact-free in-pixel HDR.
Himax Updates on 3D Imaging, CIS Business
Globenewswire: Himax quarterly earnings release updates on the company's CIS and 3D imaging business:"Himax has participated in most of the smartphone OEMs’ ongoing 3D sensing projects covering all three types of technologies, namely structured light, active stereo camera (ASC) and time-of-flight,...
High Speed Imaging from Sparse Photon Counts
SiOnyx Night Vision Demo
SiOnyx publishes a demo of its Aurora camera:"The Sionyx Aurora camera looking at buffalo grazing about 1.5 hours after sunset. The first part of the recording is taken using Aurora's Twilight mode and the second part using Color Night Vision. Notice the pinkish color of the grass and trees.
TowerJazz Announces Automotive SPAD Parameters, LeddarTech Combines SPADs with CIS
GlobeNewswire: TowerJazz's 0.18um CIS SPAD platform offers an integrated solution with superb figures of merit. Its photon detection efficiency (PDE) is similar to, or better than, the leading stand-alone SPADs on the market.
2019 IISW Call For Papers
The 2019 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) is to be held on June 24-27 in Snowbird, Utah.
ON Semi Reports Quarterly Results
SeekingAlpha: ON Semi earnings call gives few details about the company's image sensor business:"Our momentum in automotive image sensors continues to accelerate.
Canon CIS Business Platform
PRNewswire: Canon USA reminds that it is now offering select CMOS sensor products for sale to the industrial market.
Espros 3D Imaging Market Forecast
Espros October Newsletter features the company's view on the 3D imaging market growth:"The Compound Annual Rate Growth (CAGR) for 3D imaging is expected to some 40%, starting at some $2 billion in 2017. We clearly see the hockey stick coming.
Arm Develops Always-On Face Unlock
Arm reports that its machine learning-based always-on mobile face unlock achieves over 98% accuracy.
Human Eye Resolution in Megapixels
Quora publishes an answer on human eye resolution question written by Michael Bross, former Pychology Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, among 93 other answers. Few interesting quotes:"...
Funding News: All Money Invested in Automotive Startups
Adasky, an Israeli developer of Far-Infrared camera (FIR) for autonomous vehicles, has secured $20M from a lead investor, Sungwoo Hitech, a Korean automotive supplier. The investment is part of a larger round of funding, and willenable the company to expand globally.
Pixart Reports Quarterly Results
Pixart Q3 2018 report shows that optical mouse sensor business keeps going strong:
MEMSDrive Speeds Up Super-Resolution Imaging
MEMSDrive says its image stabilization approach makes super-resolution image capturing faster:
Samsung Exynos 9820 Supports 8K 30fps Video, 5 Cameras, and More
Samsung announces Exynos 9 Series 9820 application processor featuring multi-format codec (MFC) capable of encoding and decoding of 4K video at 150 fps or 8K video at 30 fps. The MFC also renders colors in 10-bit HDR mode.
Forza on Image Sensor Verification Challenges
Forza CAD Manager, Kevin Johnson, presents "CMOS Image Sensor Verification Challenges for Safety Critical Applications" at Mentor Graphics U2U conference:
ams Pre-Releases Endoscopic Imagers
BusinessWire: ams pre-releases the NanEyeM (already announced last week) and NanEyeXS for single-use endoscopes in minimally invasive surgery.The new 1mm2 NanEyeM offers a 100kpixel readout over an LVDS digital interface at a maximum rate of 49 fps at 62MHz.
Ouster Discusses its LiDAR Principles
PRNewswire: Ouster unveils the details of its LiDAR technology. Several breakthroughs covered by recently granted patents have enabled Ouster's move toward state-of-the art, high volume, silicon-based sensors and lasers that operate in a near-infrared light spectrum.
Caterpillar Develops LiDAR for Tracks
InternationalMining: Caterpillar’s Command for Hauling automation system used to use Velodyne LiDAR sensor for its tracks. Cat has now developed its own in-house LiDAR sensor, Cat LiDAR.
Ams Pre-Releases NaneyeM Module
BusinessWire: Ams announces the pre-release of the NanEyeM, a miniature integrated Micro Camera Module (MCM) assembly with a tiny footprint at the image sensor end of just 1mm2.
Yole on Components for 3D Sensing
Yole Developpement publishes a nice webcast "Components for 3D Sensing Revolution:"The webcast has an interesting comparison of cost of various 3D cameras:
Pinnacle Promises to Minimize Motion Artifacts in ON Semi HDR Sensor
PRWeb: Pinnacle Imaging Systems and ON Semiconductor jointly announce a lower cost HDR video surveillance solution capable of capturing 120 dB DR scenes with 1080p 30 fps output.
Theoretical Way to Overcome Photon Shot Noise Limits
Nature publishes a fairly theoretical paper by Hoi-Kwan Lau & Aashish A. Clerk from University of Chicago "Fundamental limits and non-reciprocal approaches in non-Hermitian quantum sensing." The paper points to a way to overcome what is considered to be a fundamental limit - photon shot noise.
AMETEK Acquires Forza Silicon for $40m
PRNewswire: AMETEK announces that it has completed acquisition of Forza Silicon Corporation, a leader in the design and production of high-performance imaging sensors used in medical, defense, commercial and industrial applications.
Samsung Image Sensor Sales Growth
Samsung quarterly report updates on the company CIS business:"For the System LSI Business, overall earnings improved thanks to the growing demand for image sensors in China...
Nano-Antenna Based IR Detectors Review
MDPI publishes Universiti Sains Malaysia, King Saud University, and Qassim University paper "Nano-Antenna Coupled Infrared Detector Design" by Mohamed H. Mubarak, Othman Sidek, Mohamed R. Abdel-Rahman, Mohd Tafir Mustaffa, Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal, and Saad M. Mukras.
e2v Unveils 5MP 2.8um-Pixel GS Sensor
Teledyne e2v announces the expansion of its Snappy family of sensors with a new 5MP device. The Snappy 5M is designed for barcode reading, 2D scanning and similar applications. Available in both monochrome and color, the Snappy 5M has a small 1/1.8-inch format, containing a 2.
Black Friday best camera deals 2018
Black Friday is approaching and many stores have already started discounting! I've sifted through the deals to find the best bargains on cameras and photography gear. So if you're shopping for a new camera, lens or accessory, check out my guide to the best deals this Holiday Season.
Sensation Cooperation Project in Europe
SENSATION, a project within the EUREKA PENTA Cluster managed by AENEAS Industry Association, is developing innovative image capture, transmission and processing technologies for high-end Machine Vision and Broadcast applications.
Event-Based Vision to Dominate MV Applications?
InVision.de publishes Prophesee article with bold predictions for the machine vision future:"Event-based vision is poised to take over from the frame-based approach used by traditional film, digital and mobile phone cameras in many machine-vision applications.
Two Toulouse Workshops Program
“Radiation Effects on Optoelectronic Detectors” workshop to be held in Toulouse, France on Nov 27, 2018, publishes its program with many interesting presentations:Radiation Hardness Comparison of CMOS Image Sensor Technologies at High Total Ionizing Dose Levels S. Rizzolo, V. Goiffon, F.
AIT Uses Dynamic Vision Sensor in Panoramic Scanner
Austrian Institute of Technology presents its version of DVS - Dynamic Vision Sensor:"Unlike conventional image sensors the chip has no pixel readout clock but signals the detected changes instantaneously.
Andanta SWIR to Green Photon Converter
Andanta presents InGaAs PD array combined with green LED array in a single module, effectively converting SWIR photons to green photons with 3% efficiency:Thanks to AB for the pointer!
2018 Harvest Imaging Forum Agenda
Albert Theuwissen announces agenda of Harvest Imaging Forum, to be held on December 6-7 in Delft, the Netherlands.
Photoneo 3D Camera Wins Vision Show Award
Optics.org reports: "The winner of this year’s VISION Award, presented by Imaging & Machine Vision magazine, was named at the conference as Photoneo. Its new PhoXi 3D Camera is said to be the highest resolution and highest accuracy area based 3D camera available.
Gait Recognition in China
Techcrunch, AP: Chinese AI startup Watrix has recently raised $14.5m to further develop its gait recognition technology that is supposed to complement a face recognition in security and surveillance cameras.
ToF-Based People Counter
ST presents a use case for its ToF proximity sensor:
Ams Announces 3.2um GS Pixel Sensor, the Fastest among 1-inch Sensors
BusinessWire: ams introduces a new global shutter sensor for machine vision and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment which offers better image quality and higher throughput than any previous device that supports the 1” optical format.
Himax on 3D Sales Projections
Himax Fact Sheet has the company's forecast on 3D imaging product sales:
Yole Presentation at European Imaging & Sensors Summit
Yole Developpement publishes its CIS market presentation at European Imaging & Sensors Summit held in Grenoble, France, in September 2018.
Huawei Honor Magic 2 Phone Features 6 Cameras
Huawei Honor Magic 2 smartphone has 3 front and 3 rear cameras.BGR reports: "In terms of imaging, there is a combination of 16-megapixel wide-angle, 24-megapixel monochrome and a 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle sensors on the back of the device.
Nikon Z 35mm f1.8S review
The Nikon Z 35mm f1.8 S is a mild wide-angle prime lens for Nikon’s full-frame Z-series mirrorless cameras. A popular focal length for street photography and general-purpose use, it features an f1.8 focal ratio and fast and quiet focusing.
Nano-Antenna Based IR Detectors Review
MDPI publishes Universiti Sains Malaysia, King Saud University, and Qassim University paper "Nano-Antenna Coupled Infrared Detector Design" by Mohamed H. Mubarak, Othman Sidek, Mohamed R. Abdel-Rahman, Mohd Tafir Mustaffa, Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal, and Saad M. Mukras.