Workshop on CMOS Image Sensors for High Performance Applications

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CNES, ASTRIUM, THALES ALENIA SPACE, SODERN are organizers of the 3rd workshop "CMOS image sensors for high performance applications" to be held in Toulouse, France on November 26-27, 2013. The preliminary program includes:

CMOS sensors for space applications:
  • Nick Nelms, ESA
    An overview of ESA supported Visible and NIR CMOS Image Sensor development
  • Jérôme Pratlong, e2v
    MTG FCI Visible Detector design and development.
  • Weng-Lyang “Bill” Wang, CMOS Sensor Inc
    Five bands of CMOS Sensor (C468) for Formosat-5
  • Michel Bréart de Boisanger, EADS Astrium
    CMOS Image Sensors optimized for GEO observation
  • Fabien Malbet, IPAG
    Detector requirements for high accuracy astrometry and results of an interferometric detector calibration method
Low flux:
  • Franck Robert, Photonis
    Photonis complementary Digital Solutions for Low Light Level and extreme low light Vision conditions
  • Ajit Kumar Kalgi, Caeleste
    Photon imaging with monolithic CMOS SPADs
  • Alice Pelamatti, ISAE
    An Analytical Model for the Estimation of the Full Well Capacity in Pinned Photodiode CMOS Image Sensors
  • Alex Materne, CNES
    Development of Pixel architectures for TDI CMOS image sensors dedicated to High Resolution Earth Observation Satellites
  • Alper Ercan, IMEC
    A TDI test imager in embedded CCD in CMOS technology
  • Beat De Coi, ESPROS Photonics
    CCD/CMOS Imager System on a Chip
  • Olivier Marcelot, ISAE
    Study of CCD Transport on CMOS Imaging Technology: Comparison Between SCCD and BCCD, and Ramp Effect on the CTI
  • Frédéric Mayer, e2v
    Measurements and Analysis of a 13um Pitch Charge Transfer TDI Suitable for Space Applications Using a Standard CMOS Technology
  • Philippe Ayzac,Thalès Alenia Space
    Design of MROD, a Space Qualified, 2 Channel, Video Chain Mixed-Signal ASIC for High Resolution Mission
  • Daniel Dzahini, LPSC IN2P3
CMOS for Infra Red Applications:
  • Harald Weller, SELEX-ES
    IR Sensors for space and astronomy applications at Selex-ES Ltd
  • Vincent Gravot, ULIS
    A differential input stage for uncooled infrared pixels
  • Wim Vereecken, XENICS
    The design of a 1.3 Megapixel InGaAs array with low noise and increased dynamic range Backside Illuminated CMOS
  • Kiki Minoglou, IMEC
    Evaluation of backside passivation using laser annealing in backside illuminated image sensors
  • Jérôme Pratlong, e2v
    TAOS II: Three 88-Megapixel astronomy arrays of large area, backthinned, and low-noise CMOS sensors
  • Guy Meynants, CMOSIS
    Backside illuminated CMOS active pixel sensor with global shutter and 84 dB dynamic range
Radiation Hardness:
  • Manuel Innocent, ON Semiconductor
    A radiation tolerant 4T pixel for space applications: layout and process optimization
  • Harald Neubauer, IIS Fraunhofer
    Comparison of x-ray tolerant pixel-photodiode combinations (with and without in pixel charge-integration) for high sensitive x-ray detectors
  • Valerian Lalucca, ISAE
    Single Event Effects in 4T and 5T Pinned Photodiode CMOS Image Sensors
Thanks to CV for sending me the program. Registration for the workshop is open here.

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