Bacterial Imager Proposed

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Petapixel, University of Exeter, UK students present a project called "Paint By COLI". The team attempt to modify E.coli bacteria with light sensitive and pigment production genes, in order to produce a full color biocamera. Bio-Photography is the application of genetically engineered bacteria to act as the light sensor of a camera, replacing digital sensors or photographic film. The surface area of bacteria is on the order of microns, so the resolution should be quite competitive with the current cameras. Individual bacteria functions would be geared for certain wavelengths — red light would stimulate production of cyan pigment, green light for magenta pigment and blue light for yellow.

The project is currently supported by The University of Exeter Annual Fund, CLES, CEMPS and academics from across the University. The group is going to present the project at the Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) event in Lyon, France on Oct. 11-13.

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