Consumer Reports Questions 4K Video Value

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While Sony and Panasonic bet on 4K ecosystem to give a boost to their imaging businesses, Consumer Reports lab compares HD TV quality with the new 4K systems and finds the improvement is quite marginal: "As long as Ultra HD TVs command a premium price over comparably sized HD sets, it's hard to justify the extra expense, especially given the reality that UHD's advantages over regular HD will be lost in most typical home-viewing situations."

Meanwhile, EETimes India writes that Panasonic is going to cut 7,000 jobs in its semiconductor unit and is in talks to sell some of its fabs to TowerJazz. Panasonic denies these reports, saying that nothing has been decided yet. Panasonic strategy presentation from Sept 18, 2013 confirms that the semiconductor business' future is unknown, although nothing specific is said on image sensors part of it:

Update: AFP publishes more details on Panasonic semiconductor rumors.

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