SMPTE Meeting on Wider Color Gamuts

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AV Science publishes a report from SMPTE Annual Meeting mostly talking about UHD/4K issues: "many presenters agreed that increasing the resolution has less impact than other factors on the viewing experience. What's more important—what produces a real "wow" factor—is increasing the dynamic range, color gamut, color subsampling, color bit depth, and frame rate." The color gamut extension was the hot topics at the meeting. The current HDTV's Rec.709 gamut is extended to UHD's Rec.2020 one:

Some propose to extend it even farther to XYZ one to cover all visible colors and beyond: "the system would be entirely future-proof, accommodating any display technology that might be developed without having to create a new system all over again."

For image sensors, these wider gamuts are quite incompatible with small pixels due to a higher color crosstalk. If wider gamuts indeed manage to produce the "wow" factor, it could become a boost for a new generation of low-crosstalk pixels and color filter technology.

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