Gesture Recognition Sensor by Samsung

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UBM Techonline published Samsung's whitepaper "Gesture Sensor for Mobile Devices" (requires registration to download). The paper reviews the 3D vision gesture technologies:

Then Samsung presents its own Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS), "the most promising device for gesture sensor." While there is no explanation how DVS works, Samsung says:

DVS can effectively detect a moving object in a cost-effective way with fast response by providing events asynchronously on its edges:

The DVS sensor is said to have a resolution of 128 x 128, 40um pixel pitch and consume 23mW of power. Since only the edges are transmitted to the output, rather than full frames, image processing can be simplified and power reduced by using edge-detected images:

The dynamic range of DVS extends to 120 dB, so that DVS can detect the moving object in extreme low light and ultra high light, including outdoors.

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