Kinect-2 Challenges Story

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The Official Microsoft Blog tells how the new ToF Kinect has been developed, largely based on ex-Canesta Cyrus Bamji sayings:

"When we take a relatively new technology, such as time-of-flight, and put it into a commercial product, there are a whole bunch of things that happen. There are things that we didn’t know how important they were until the product was made. For example, we know theoretically that motion blur in time of flight is a big problem, but just how important is only discoverable when you’re building a product with it and that product needs to deliver an excellent experience."

"We knew our time was limited. But we also had the advantage of being able to tap into Microsoft Research’s deep reservoir of technical expertise to get expert advice and help solve the various problems we encountered with new, cutting-edge solutions."

"It wasn’t like consultant mode, where we asked something and the researchers gave us an opinion. They really took charge of the project. They did all the tests. They built a whole infrastructure of software to deliver us a complete solution. Essentially, they took charge. We’re really grateful for that."

Via 123Kinect forum.

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