Apple Reportedly Acquires Primesense for $345M

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Reuters, VentureBeat, Times of Israel, The Verge, SlashGrear, Forbes and many others quote Hebrew-language publication in Calcalist saying that Apple has acquired Primesense for $345M. So far Primesense has raised $85M of venture capital and has about 150 employees.

Update: Primesense spokesperson refused to comment on rumors. Calcalist speculates that the potential application for Primesense technology is Apple TV.

Update #2: AllThingsD adds its owns sources to the story:
"talks are “close” to complete, but are hung up on end-game issues like liquidity preferences," "the price could be slightly higher than reported, on the order of $20 million more," "the best that could happen, given the circumstances: A big strategic buyer at a decent price."

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