Leica takes over Sinar

Latest News by an official press release confirm Sinar takeover by Leica

As Leica announced on its facebook page, the takeover of Sinar has been finalized. Leica Camera AG is now in possession of a controlling 51% of shares of Sinar Photography AG.

Back in 2006 Leica’s press release informed us of the beginning of the process:

Leica Camera AG, Solms, takes over 51% of the
shares of Sinar AG

Leica Camera AG, Solms, takes over 51% of the shares of Sinar AG, Feuerthalen /Switzerland, from JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, SystemeGmbH, Jena (“JENOPTIK”). JENOPTIK and Leica Camera AG have signed corresponding acquisition and transfer contracts on September 25, 2006. Confidentiality was agreed concerning the transfer price.
The existing technical cooperation between JENOPTIK and Sinar AG concerning digital camera backs will be continued.
Sinar AG serves professional photographers with leading solutions in medium and large format cameras, both with analogue and digital technology. Leica Camera AG will continue and develop the Sinar business with the Sinar brand and company structure, based on the shared values of excellence and innovation.
(via drpreview.com)

Yesterday’s press release confirms the end of this process, the details of which are being kept secret. Hopefully this is the beginning of better days for Sinar, a name in the brand, that many professionals would not like to lose. The transition from film to digital has been a difficult one for Sinar. Many large format shooters now work on medium format with tilt shift lenses. As was proved a few years back, high-resolution medium format backs have outresolved 8′ x 10′ film and although large format has a lot more to it than resolution, the downsizing trends and the development of high-end  MF backs have had a big impact on large format photography.

Leica has earned itself a name in the industry for quality products and for knowing how to market and sell them. This may prove crucial in sustaining and developing the brand portfolio and selling figures of the Sinar product portfolio. Phase-One/ Leaf/ Mamiya and Hasselblad are fierce competition. Many people prefer the mobility of a MF system and correcting perspective in post. And so Sinar needs Leica’s expertise to move forward and reclaim their part of the industry as Leica has with its latest cameras.

Fingers crossed Sinar (or should I say Leica)!




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