PMD Announces nimble UX Gesture Middleware

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PMD announces nimble UX - its first gesture recognition middleware solution in combination with the CamBoard pico. nimble UX is a developer package for OEMs and ODMs for consumer, automotive and industrial use cases. It includes:
  • pmd depth sensing camera (which is the CamBoard pico for now but can also be a mass market OEM module in the future)
  • nimble pmd - gesture middleware (SDK) which the customer can use to implement his own gesture controlled application. There are predefined gestures available and customized gestures can be defined based on the SDK.
  • nimble dashboard - an implementaton of Windows 8 gesture control, based on the nimble pmd gesture middleware.
The advantages of nimble UX over competitive solutions are:
  • it delivers a full 3D hand model, not just fingertips or orientation.
  • it enables convenient interaction with a userĀ“s arms comfortably resting on the desk. The user is not required to lift the complete arm to start interacting. This lowers the switching cost between standard interaction and touchless interaction.
  • can handle self occlusions of hands/fingers
nimble UX development kits will be available in limited quantities upon request, starting in January 2014 (after CES 2014). A Youtube video shows nimble UX capabilities:

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