Sony Global Shutter CMOS Sensor Features in Video

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Point Grey published a nice Youtube video presenting the newly announced Sony IMX174 global shutter sensor and its spec. Point Grey appears to be the early adapter of the sensor, as it already used in its Grasshopper camera. The key specs are:
  • DR - 73dB
  • Peak QE @ 525nm - over 70%
  • Read noise - 6e-

Thanks to MJ for the link!

At ISSCC 2012, Sony presented a 5MP, 5.86um pixel sensor with global shutter that looks quite similar to IMX174 in terms of pixel technology, albeit resolution, frame rate and other parameters are not the same:

"An 83dB-dynamic-range single-exposure global-shutter CMOS image sensor with in-pixel dual storage"
by Sakakibara, M. ; Oike, Y. ; Takatsuka, T. ; Kato, A. ; Honda, K. ; Taura, T. ; Machida, T. ; Okuno, J. ; Ando, A. ; Fukuro, T. ; Asatsuma, T. ; Endo, S. ; Yamamoto, J. ; Nakano, Y. ; Kaneshige, T. ; Yamamura, I. ; Ezaki, T. ; Hirayama, T.

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