Rumor: Sony to Release Non-Bayer Large Format 54MP Sensor in 2015

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SonyAlphaRumors quotes "very trusted sources" saying that Sony develops a 54MP sensor with an integrated phase-detect AF to appear in cameras in 2015. "This sensor is also the first that has not been designed with a classic RGB (Bayer) pixel structure." It depends on the competition "whether Sony will launch the camera with the new sensor in late 2015 or during 2016."

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Sony is known by its experiments with color patterns. In 2003 it added Emerald color to RGB color filter array. In 2010 Sony announced Cinealta super-35mm image sensor with non-Bayer color filter, not to talk about ClearVid 45deg-rotated Bayer pattern used in many Sony consumer and professional video cameras, and older cameras using other exotic patterns.

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