FLIR Announces First Consumer Thermal Camera

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FLIR announces FLIR One - a $350 thermal imaging camera that clips on back of iPhone 5 or 5s:

The camera has two sensors - an IR one with unknown resolution and a visible light VGA sensor that "adds visible spectrum detail to thermal images and enhances resolution":

A promotional Youtube video talks about the new camera applications:

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Update: FLIR also announces Lepton thermal imaging camera core - similar in size, weight, and power consumption to a conventional CMOS cell phone camera module, said to be the world's smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera core currently available. Lepton is used in FLIR One camera. It has "a breakthrough lens fabricated in wafer form, a microbolometer FPA, and advanced thermal image processing on an ASIC. Lepton is fully compatible with FLIR’s patented multi-spectral imaging (MSX) technology, which allows visible and thermal image streams to be combined for sharper, more visually pleasing hybrid images."

FLIR Lepton Module

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