Plastic Logic and ISORG Win FLEXI Award

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PR Newswire: Plastic Logic and ISORG picked up the award for their large area flexible image sensor at the FlexTech Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

The collaboration is based on the deposition of organic printed photodetectors (OPD) by ISORG, onto a plastic organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplane by Plastic Logic, to create a flexible sensor with a 4x4 cm active area, 375um pitch (175um pixel size with 200um spacing) and 94 x 95 = 8930 pixel resolution. This award recognises the potential of the technology in a range of applications and the competitive advantages of such products. The range of new applications is in digital image sensing, including smart packaging and sensors for medical equipment and biomedical diagnostics, security and mobile commerce (user identification by fingerprint scanning), environmental and other industrial uses. Most exciting of all is the ability to enable scanning surfaces and novel 3D interactive (gesture based) user interfaces for consumer electronics, including printers, smartphones and tablets.

Indro Mukerjee, CEO of Plastic Logic said "The collaboration with ISORG has showcased the exciting potential of combining two disruptive technologies and we plan to work together to bring new applications to market. This again underlines the real impact of plastic electronics as it starts to go mainstream in consumer markets." Jean-Yves Gomez, CEO of ISORG, stated "This collaboration demonstrates the versatility of organic electronics to combine two different technologies to create new and disruptive products for a broad range of markets. The first large area image sensor on plastic has already attracted strong interest from industry and consumer electronics leaders for new applications and functionalities."

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