Invisage Starts Pre-Release Public Campaign

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Invisage apparently prepares the public to a release of its first product later this year. Invisage CTO and Founder, Ted Sargent, posts in the company blog:

"InVisage’s QuantumFilm offers consistently maximal fill factors for all pixel sizes—today’s leading-edge 1.1 um pixels. QuantumFilm enables 100% fill factor by virtue of its being continuous. The entire area of the imaging array is occupied by a medium whose sole purpose is light sensing. At the same time, 100% of each pixel is also available to the silicon beneath for rendering beautiful color images."

"New features enabled by InVisage’s advance include ultra-high sensitive, ultra-wide dynamic range, and ultra-high resolution imaging. New capabilities include the first shutter capability built into the image sensor itself, and reach into the spectral regimes invisible to silicon."

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