Himax Reports Q4 2013 Results

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Himax publishes its Q4 2013 results. The company’s President and CEO, Jordan Wu, says on the CIS business progress:

Our CMOS image sensors delivered a phenomenal growth in 2013 and will continue to be a fast growing area for us in 2014. 2013 was the year when we positioned ourselves as one of the high-end image sensor providers by launching our first 8 mega-pixel sensor product in Q4. Currently, our sensor products range from entry level QVGA and VGA to higher-end 8 mega pixel sensor products, targeting smartphone, tablet, laptop, IP Cam, surveillance and automotive markets. The first quarter revenue prospect for CMOS image sensor looks positive, but gross margin of this product line will be dampened by inventory correction of some mid to low-end products. We are confident that gross margin will improve overtime once we resolve the inventory issue and certain new products with higher margin start to account for a larger proportion of sales for this product line.

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