Renato Turchetta Interview

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Image Sensor Conference to be held in London, UK on March 18-20 publishes Renato Turchetta, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, answers on high speed imaging questions. Renato is going to lead a pre-conference workshop on "A Million Images per Second and Beyond." A quote: "It looks like this field has suddenly started to move rapidly, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect more developments in the near future. By the way, one of the new approaches uses CCD in CMOS and other applications are emerging for this 'new' technology. So are CMOS image sensors dinosaurs? And CCD as well?"

Another publication of the conference is sort of a review of automotive ADAS market: "The market for ADAS systems is growing; analysis of the market has revealed possible growth at a rate of over 50% CAGR until 2018. Market value may also rise from the current value of around $18.5bn, to $165bn in the next five years."

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