Imagination Releases PowerVR Raptor Imaging Processor IP Core

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Imagination announces its first IP core based on PowerVR Raptor imaging processor architecture. The high-performance, low-power, low-area PowerVR Series2 V2500 core targeting a broad range of devices from cost-sensitive, mass-market feature phones to automotive to connected home security to premium smartphones and tablets. The V2500 core joins PowerVR Series5 video and still image encoders and decoders to form a complete, integrated vision platform.

The V2500 core supports of 4K video and high pixel count photography in mobile devices and tablets. The processing pipelines of the V2500 from CMOS sensor to RGB and YUV offer 1D and 2D image processing and image enhancement with a full local tonemapper for enhanced DR. The pixel depth of the pipeline can be configured to match the sensor, conserving power compared to ISPs with fixed datapath widths.

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