Microsoft Hosts ToF Imaging Workshop

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The International Time-of-Flight Workshop will be held on March 9-12, 2014 in Ein-Gedi, Israel. The invitation-only event was initiated and is hosted by Dr. Giora Yahav from Microsoft Israel R&D center. The organizing committee includes:

Erhardt Barth (University of Lübeck / Gestigon, DE)
Shahram Izadi (Microsoft Research, UK)
Nobukazu Teranishi (University of Hyogo / Shizuoka University, JP)
Christian Theobalt (MPI für Informatik – Saarbrücken, DE)
Giora Yahav (Chairman, Microsoft R&D, IL)
Erez Tadmor (Organizer, Microsoft R&D, IL)

The workshop agenda:
  • Edoardo Charbon, University of Delft
    “Time-of-Flight Approaches to SPAD and SiPM Imaging”
  • Christoph Garbe, University of Heidelberg,
    “Algorithmic Enhancement and Validation for Time-of-Flight Imaging”
  • Christian Theobalt, MPI Informatik
    “Sensor Fusion in Time-of-Flight Imaging and Depth-Based Performance Capture”
  • Zeev Zalevsky, Bar-Ilan University
    “Novel Concepts for Photonic Ranging”
  • Johannes Steurer, ARRI
    “Exploring New Avenues in Motion Picture Production: A Groundbreaking RGB+Z Camera Demands Cutting-Edge Time-of-Flight Technology”
  • Nobukazu Teranishi, University of Hyogo / Shizuoka University
    “A Review for Global Shutter Image Sensors” - keynote
  • Erez Tadmor, Microsoft
    “Time-of-Flight Image Sensor Characterization”
  • Tohru Yamada, AIS Panasonic
    “Pixel Design and Technologies for Time-of-Flight Sensor”
  • Reinhard Koch, University of Kiel,
    “Model-based Analysis of Dynamic Scenes from Range-Color Video”
  • Amos Feningstein, TowerJazz
    “IR SPAD Development in TowerJazz”
  • Ruigang Yang, University of Kentucky
    “High-Accuracy Gait Analysis using A Single Depth Camera for Medical Applications”
  • Erhardt Barth, University of Luebeck / Gestigon
    “Gesture Interfaces with Depth Sensors” - keynote
  • Keita Yasutomi, Shizuoka University
    “High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Range Imagers with Lateral Electric Field Modulators”
  • Matthias Hullin, MPI Informatik / University of Bonn
    “Transient Imaging with Photonic Mixer Devices”
  • Daniel Freedman, Microsoft
    “Sparse Reflections Analysis: Fast Removal of General Multipath for Time-of-Flight Sensors”
  • Assaf Lahav, TowerJazz
    “Ultra High Speed Imaging - Highlights from Kirania”
  • Ayush Bhandari, MIT media lab
    “Multi-frequency Methods for Solving Inverse Problems in TOF Imaging”
  • Andreas Kolb, University of Siegen
    “Time-of-Flight Data Processing, Challenges and Solutions” - keynote
  • Daniel Van Nieuwenhove, Softkinetic
    “Time-of-Flight: How to Make Lower Power, Lower Noise and Higher Accuracy Work Together”
  • Juergen Gall, University of Bonn
    “From Pose to Affordance”
  • Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research
    ”Designing Interactive User Experiences Using Advanced 3D Computer Vision Techniques”
  • Bernhard Buttgen, MESA Imaging
    “Power Considerations for Time-of-Flight Imaging in Mobile Devices”
  • Seiichiro Mizuno, Solid State Division - Hamamatsu Photonics
    “Industrial Time-of-Flight Sensor Development at Hamamatsu Photonics”
  • Micha Feigin-Almon, MIT media lab
    “Time Resolved Imaging and Applications”
  • Yebin Liu, Tsinghua University
    “Fourier Analysis on Transient Imaging by Time-of-Flight Camera”
  • Refael Whyte, Waikato University
    “Novel Methods for Resolving Multipath in Time-of-Flight Cameras”
  • Ofer David, BrightWay Vision
    “Active Gated Imaging for Automotive Safety Applications”

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