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Information about SETi (Seoul Electronics and Telecom - imaging) is quite scarse in English-speaking Internet. The company is publicly traded at KOSDAQ and regularly files quarterly reports. The Nov, 2013 report is the latest published and has a plenty of information about the company's business (automatic translation):

"Our competitive advantage is in process technology and design company specializing in Fabless despite mass production to the highest quality and support. Commercialization of the technology we hold Shared Pixel technology is designed as a manufacturer of domestic design development completed in 2006 and was the first mass-produced in 2007, succeeded. Shared Pixel Pixel in units of some of the elements that are common to multiple Pixel to the common use of the remaining area and optical efficiency can increase as the technology used to place the device, this structure enables Pixel unit between the physical / electrical symmetry Pixel differences between the characteristics of the two broken occur Sensor Chip, which results in a performance drop to their unique company specializing in the design process that does not use technology that is difficult to introduce.

(C) the ability to respond to market quality products
Our flagship product is a 300,000 up to 2 million pixels CMOS products (VGA level) and the Taiwan handset market direction of mainly low-cost laptops to be targeting a Web Cam. The increase in demand for high-resolution product compared megapixel technology to ensure the design of the product and the roadmap to gradually expand the high-resolution product available. In addition to excellent image quality in order to meet customer demands for HD (High Definition) video HD Pixel structure which can cope with the successful development of the mass production, and applied to smart phones as a camera sensor for a non-conventional manner parallel Interface , Serial (MIPI) Interface type of product development. further, the image sensor is not normal for taking additional special features, such as image sensors and special purpose planning to develop high value-added products.

The presentation is supported by many market size data from June 2011 TSR report:

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