Sony Announces 20MP/25fps CMOS Sensor

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Sony announces 1/2.3-inch IMX147LQT CMOS sensor featuring 1.2um BSI pixels. The sensor is aimed to consumer DSCs and camcorders and supports a wide choice of 4K and 2K video modes in 1/3.2-inch crop mode, including 4K/60fps/10b one, and also a 240fps high speed video:

The new 1.2um pixel has approx. 14% higher saturation signals compared with the previous generation pixels, enabling low ISO setting equivalent to ISO 80. Sony also says that it introduces a new technology for color crosstalk reduction, so that the new pixel has "about half of the color mixture in the neighboring pixel compared to the existing product IMX118CQT (1.26 ┬Ám unit pixel, Type 1/2.3, 18.47M effective pixels":

In full pixel scan mode at 22fps with 12b A/D conversion, the sensor consumes 416mW, while in 1080p60 mode the power is 311mW.

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