Altasens Announces 4K Products

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PR Newswire: AltaSens introduces its first commercially available 4K sensor: the AL41410C. The Super-35 size image sensor delivers 4K cinema frames in either 12-bit or 10-bit resolution at up to 72fps using 1.3W power. A 5.2-μm pixel pitch gives the AL41410C its high sensitivity, as well as low noise and extensive compatibility with the available optics usually reserved for leading DSLR cameras.

"This sensor delivers crisp, high frame rate imaging through 4K and beyond," explained Lester Kozlowski, the company founder and CEO. Darren Paulson, VP of Business Development and Compliance, added, "The sensor's expansive programmability, including extremely fast frame rates at multiple optical formats, enables the next generation of broadcast through scientific, military and consumer digital cameras."

The ability to read a 4096 x 2160 format at up to 72 fps makes AL41410C an extremely attractive sensor for producing 4K cinema in the latest UHD cameras. Operating the sensor at a 3840 x 2160 resolution up to 72 fps is ideal for Ultra HD video. Alternatively, the 1920 x 1080 HD format at 240 fps is best for sports broadcast or special effects support where clear slow motion playback is vital. Its native 4512 x 3008 resolution is available up to 50 fps.

Key features include the following:
  • Programmable low-power 12-bit digitization and ≥18-bit digital signal processing
  • Fast transition between still capture and multiple video modes
  • Still capture (pseudo-global shutter) and sensor reset easily configurable for mechanical shutters
  • Automatic on-chip digital correction, including Black Clamp for real-time maintenance of black level, Column FPN suppression, and line-noise suppression

PR Newswire: AltaSens also introduces 4K camera module for commercial sale: the 4K Pro RGB. The camera module is based on the new sensor and generates 4K through HD video at multiple optical formats and frame rates. The high-end module can be used for broadcast, movie and TV production, scientific instruments, medical imaging, and UAVs to record video and capture stills.

PR Newswire: There is also a monochrome night vision 4K low-light camera module: the 4K Pro Night-Vision. The intensified unit is the first commercially available low-light, ultra-high-resolution camera module. Its video engine generates multiple formats at high frame rates for resolute security, surveillance, life sciences, robotics, and astronomy applications.

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