Omnivision Announces Low-Cost GS Sensor

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OmniVision launches the OV6211, said to be the world's smallest global shutter sensor for applications such as notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, wearable electronics, gaming devices and security systems. The OV6211 can be used for gesture recognition, eye tracking, depth and motion detection, as well as biometrics. The OV6211 captures 400 x 400 (square) resolution video at 120 fps consuming 85mW power.

The OV6211 features a 3um OmniPixel3-GS global shutter pixel. The sensor features two low-power modes: light sensing mode and ultra-low power mode. In light sensing mode, the OV6211 wakes up from "sleep mode" only when a change in light has been detected. In ultra-low power mode, the sensor reduces resolution and frame rates to conserve additional power. These two features allow the sensor to be used in "always on" mode while consuming very little power.

The 1/10.5-inch OV6211 fits into an ultra-compact 3.2 x 3.2 mm chip-scale package (CSP3). The sensor is currently in volume production.

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