Imec’s Image Sensor Services

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Imec published a brochure about its image sensor services offerings: "Imec offers services ranging from development-on-demand,
over prototyping, to low-volume production." Imec has 200mm and 300mm image sensor fabs with 65nm, 90nm and 130nm processes, including an extensive image sensor toolbox:

  • Specific substrate (HR-Silicon, thick or graded dopant epi)
  • Pixels (3T, 4T, trench isolation, embedded CCD pixels in CMOS)
  • BSI processing
  • Hyperspectral filters
  • Special ARCs (CMOS compatible)
  • Stitching / Butting capabilities for large area imagers
  • Micro-bumping, 3D integration with TSVs
  • Capability to develop dedicated pixel technologies (e.g. for SPADs).
  • Organic imagers (polymer photo diodes & full imagers)

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