Sony Announces 20.48MP/22fps CMOS Sensor and 1.45MP/45fps CCD

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Sony announces IMX183CQJ, a 1-inch 20.48MP CMOS sensor based on 2.4um BSI pixels. It appears to be a version of the 1-inch sensor used in a number of recent Sony digital cameras and camcorders. Its full resolution speed is 22fps in 12b mode and 24fps in 10b mode:

Sony also announces two 2/3-inch 1.45MP CCDs, the ICX825ALA (black and white) and the ICX825AQA (primary color filter), for industrial applications. The CCDs feature an improved version of 6.45um EXview HAD CCD II pixel, compared below with the older version in ICX825AL and ICX825AQ CCDs:

Measured at 850nm wavelength

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