Ziptronix and EVG Achieve Sub-Micron Stacked Wafers Alignment

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EETimes: Ziptronix and EV Group (EVG) announce they have achieved submicron post-bond alignment accuracy on customer-provided 300mm DRAM wafers using Ziptronix's DBI Hybrid Bonding technology on an EVG Gemini FB production fusion bonder and SmartViewNT bond aligner. This approach can be used to manufacture fine-pitch 3D ICs for a variety of applications including advanced stacked image sensors.

Ziptronix Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) Hybrid Bonding is a conductor/dielectric bonding technology that includes a variety of metal/oxide and/or nitride combinations, does not use adhesives and allows for strong, room temperature dielectric bonding, low temperature conductive bonding and finer-pitch interconnect over Cu/Cu or other metal bonding because the bond occurs between both the dielectric and the conductive surfaces, which effectively bonds the entire substrate interface area. DBI Hybrid Bonding can be used at the die or wafer level; however, wafer-level bonding enables a great cost benefit by bonding all the dice at once.

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