Curved CCDs from Andanta

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As Sony presents its curved CMOS sensors, one has to mention that Olching, Germany-based Andanta has first shown its commercially available curved CCDs in 2012. The 2013-dated document presents cylindrically curved FSI devices as standard products, while the spherical ones are available on request:

The company says: "The curvature of the image sensor can be designed as a one-dimensional cylindrical curvature or as a two-dimensional spherical curvature (convex or concave). As part of a customized project, scientific front illuminated 4k x 4k (16 Mpixels) - image sensors with convex and concave surfaces have already been realized. The applied vacuum technology (also usable on back side illuminated CCDs) has not created any measurable increase in detector noise or the number of cosmetic defects compared to the conventional flat image sensor with identical electro-optical properties. Cyclic mechanical stress testing has shown good results as well."

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