Sofradir Announces HD MWIR Imagers with 10um Pixels

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ALA: Sofradir announces that its cost effective 3-4.8um MWIR Daphnis HD imager will enter production. The 10-micron pixel pitch high-definition IR detector claims superior performance against recently launched competitive 10µm products.

Thanks to the sharp square like profile of its Mercury Cadmium Telluride photodiode and enlarged MW band, DAPHNIS offers improved recognition range versus any competing 10µm pitch products we have recently seen introduced in the market” says Laurent Fullana, general manager at Sofradir. “This elevates DAPHNIS to the product of choice for applications like gimbals, high-end vehicles sights and Infrared search and track systems. Moreover, the ability to obtain an HD image format from a detector whose size fits previous platform generations is a real benefit as it facilitates customer system upgrades.

The new imager features:
  • Higher resolution, 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Longer range, achieves up to 55% DRI range improvement on the preceding generation of IR detectors
  • Wider field of view, enables up to twice the field coverage of 15 micron pixel pitch MWIR detectors
  • ROIC functionalities with digital output for easy integration
  • Fully compatible with HD screen formats and visible or SWIR camera channels

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