GPixel Announces 43MP GS Sensor, More

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GPixel announces a 43MP global shutter sensor, a high QE BSI sensor and a line scan TDI sensor:

43MP GMAX0806 GS sensor features:
  • 7915 × 5436 resolution
  • pixel size 2.8μm
  • maximum frame rate up to 180fps
  • read the noise 2e-
  • aimed to high-end industrial testing, Film machine, aviation railway detection, astronomical applications and more
GSENSE2020BSI features:
  • 4MP resolution
  • pixel size 6.5μm
  • peak QE greater than 90%
  • readout noise 0.8e-
  • aimed to biological microscopy, spectral Imaging, astronomical imaging and other areas.
GL0816 linescan TDI sensor features:
  • 8322 × 16 linear array
  • on-chip 2 TDI
  • maximum frame rate up to 130kHz
  • peak QE higher than 70%
  • read the noise 2.4e-
  • aimed to high-speed industrial testing, machine vision

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