Facial Recognition Blocking

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PRNewswire: While facial recognition is widely seen as a major step forward for the technology, some VCs invest into counter-face recognition development. Tel Aviv, Israel-based D-ID startup developing deep learning solution to protect identities from face recognition technologies announces the completion of a $4m seed round.

D-ID, which stands for de-identification, claims to have developed an solution that produces images, which are unrecognizable to facial recognition algorithms while keeping them indistinguishable to the human eye and is designed to be difficult for AI to overcome.

"Our biometric data is being collected and used irresponsibly by governments and organizations. D-ID is here to change that," says Gil Perry, Co-Founder and CEO of D-ID.

"The growing sophistication of facial recognition technologies are turning our faces into passwords. But these passwords aren’t protected and cannot be changed once compromised. D-ID offers a system that protects images from unauthorized, automated face recognition.

Images are processed in a ground-breaking way that causes face recognition algorithms to fail to identify the subject in the image, while maintaining enough similarity to the original image for humans not to notice the difference.

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