TPSCo 2.8um Global Shutter Pixel

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MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop publishes TowerJazz-Panasonic paper "Development of Low Parasitic Light Sensitivity and Low Dark Current 2.8 μm Global Shutter Pixel" by Toshifumi Yokoyama, Masafumi Tsutsui, Masakatsu Suzuki, Yoshiaki Nishi, Ikuo Mizuno, and Assaf Lahav. This is probably the smallest size GS pixel offered as a silicon proven IP.

"We developed a low parasitic light sensitivity (PLS) and low dark current 2.8 μm global shutter pixel. We propose a new inner lens design concept to realize both low PLS and high quantum efficiency (QE). 1/PLS is 7700 and QE is 62% at a wavelength of 530 nm. We also propose a new storage-gate based memory node for low dark current. P-type implants and negative gate biasing are introduced to suppress dark current at the surface of the memory node. This memory node structure shows the world smallest dark current of 9.5 e−/s at 60 °C."

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