Analyst Predicts Sony Image Sensor Business Slowdown

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Bloomberg: Sony image sensor business is likely to weaken amid lower sales of Apple iPhones, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. wrote as he downgraded the company. IPhone X production will probably fall 50% QoQ and the weakness is likely to continue for the first half of the year as demand for high-end smartphones plateaus, according to J.J. Park. Sony gets half of its image sensor revenue from Apple, Park wrote. He also said the trend for adopting dual cameras is not as strong as first believed, including among Chinese phone makers, which will further hit Sony’s sales.

In Sony’s latest quarter, image sensors accounted for 9.4% of revenue and 22% of operating profit:

Sony is said to have a 70% market share for high-end image sensors in smartphones. “Despite a correction in Apple supply chain names, Sony has massively outperformed its global peers thanks to the structural trend of dual-cam,” Park.

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