ULIS Breaks Bolometric Pixel Speed-Resolution Trade-offs

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ALA News: ULIS says it has achieved unmatched performance with its bolometer sensor that now meets speeds of fast imaging applications. It has gained a response time that is four-times greater than standard bolometers without any trade-off in sensitivity. The company says it is the first to overcome this technological challenge in its aim to significantly raise the overall FoM of bolometers.

ULIS is thrilled with the outstanding results we have achieved in improving both the response time and sensitivity of the bolometer. This is proof of the continued strength of our affordable pixel technology and the skillset within our R&D teams,” said Sébastien Tinnes, marketing team leader at ULIS. “We feel camera makers will benefit tremendously from thermal image sensors, which, when used in conjunction with visible or SWIR cameras, can provide valuable additional information on product quality.

ULIS presented its results in a technical paper entitled: ‘ULIS Bolometer for Fast Imaging Applications Sets New Response Time Record’ at OPTO2018 in Paris. Th company has shown improvement of FoM from the usual NETD=50mk multiplied by TTC=10 to 12ms (meaning FoM 500 to 600mK.ms) to a new level of NETD=50mK multiplied by TTC=2.5 – 3ms (meaning FoM 125 to 150mK.ms), a 4x improvement:

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