How to Bring CIS Industry to China

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Update: The correct translation coming from the company representation is posted here. The one below is based on Google automatic one and is not accurate.

SmartSens Founder Xu Chen publishes an article on the company web site "Let China no longer miss the era of CIS." Few interesting quotes with help of Google translation:

"Due to the late start and poor foundation of Chinese semiconductors, the development of commercial CCD chips is completely behind the scenes. The market is basically monopolized by Japanese manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic and Sharp, completely missing the CCD era. With the rise of CIS , how to break the technology and market monopoly of Japanese and European manufacturers in the field of image sensors has become a difficult problem for Chinese semiconductors.

In the year of graduation from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dr. Xu Chen came to Silicon Valley in the United States with his own dream of engineers. He joined the world's first company to launch commercial CIS chips, and engaged in the research and development of pixel components , the most important component in CIS development. developed and applied for a close, during the 3 0 patents. Since then, Dr. Xu Chen has been engaged in technical development work at the CIS giant.

With the rise of Sony in the CIS field, the "Silicon Valley Power" has gradually declined, and "Asian Power" has entered the stage. It was at this time that Dr. Xu Chen first developed the idea of ​​creating a Chinese brand to challenge CIS Japanese and European giants.

In 2011 , it coincided with the introduction of a series of overseas talents introduction policies including the “Thousand Talents Plan” in order to accelerate the innovation of high-tech fields . Local governments also launched support policies to support the return of overseas talents. It is in this spring of the policy that Dr. Xu Chen returned to the motherland with his own ideals, beliefs and core CIS innovations.

Throughout Silicon Valley's successful innovation companies, they often have such characteristics — the founders who are proficient in technology and market-savvy, the united and powerful innovation team, the generous and people-oriented employee benefits, and the compatible and diverse corporate culture. The native of SmartSens only be obtained from Dr. Xu Chen from Silicon Valley, where such a temperament, but also has the world continue to absorb the educational background of creative talents, inclusive, and finally create a CIS in the field of "Chinese core" team, the quality of quality Based on the core of technological innovation, it has broken the monopoly of Japanese and European manufacturers, so that China will not miss the CIS era.

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