Orbbec 3D Depth Sensing in Oppo Find X

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SystemPlus publishes a teardown report of Orbbec face recognition solution in Oppo Find X smartphone:

"Located in the Find X’s front side, around the speaker, the 3D system is packaged in one metal enclosure. The system features a dot projector, a flood illuminator, a red/green/blue camera and a NIR camera sensor. An additional SoC component is soldered on the main board to process the signal from the latter devices.

The system uses standard components found on the market. That includes a GS image sensor featuring 3µm size pixels and standard resolution of 1 megapixel and a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL). The system is therefore very cost efficient compared to other solutions. The camera and dot projector module assembly uses standard wire bonding to connect the sensor or the VCSEL dies, along with an optical module comprising four lenses for both modules.

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