Omnivision Announces Video-Centric Image Sensor for Smartphones

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PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the OV02K, a video-centric, 2.9um pixel 1080p image sensor for smartphones. The OV02K allows the secondary camera in multi-camera configurations to capture high-quality videos, even in very low ambient light conditions. This large 2.9um pixel size results in an SNR10 of less than 10 lux. The OV02K, which comes in a 1/2.8" optical format, features 1080p resolution at up to 120 fps. The sensor also supports up to three exposures of staggered timing to enable HDR, and supports frame-to-frame dual conversion gain (DCG).

"There is an increasing demand from smartphone users to capture high-quality videos, especially with social media sharing becoming more prevalent," said Arun Jayaseelan, senior marketing manager at OmniVision. "The OV02K, with its relatively large pixel size, is perfect for super-high-quality video captures, even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions."

According to TSR, the number of smartphones with two or three rear cameras will grow from 8% of the market in 2017, to over 20% by 2022, when the estimated total market size will be 5.5 billion sensors. Furthermore, the attachment rate for CMOS image sensors will be at 99.9%. Separately, Yole Developpement predicts that, on average, there will be three cameras per smartphone by 2022.

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