ToF Imaging with 10ps Resolution

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MDPI publishes University of Glasgow paper "Time-of-Flight Imaging at 10 ps Resolution with an ICCD Camera" by Lucrezia Cester, Ashley Lyons, Maria Chiara Braidotti, and Daniele Faccio.

"ICCD cameras can record low light events with extreme temporal resolution. Thus, they are used in a variety of bio-medical applications for single photon time of flight measurements and LIDAR measurements. In this paper, we present a method which allows improvement of the temporal resolution of ICCD cameras down to 10 ps (from the native 200 ps of our model), thus placing ICCD cameras at a better temporal resolution than SPAD cameras and in direct competition with streak cameras. The higher temporal resolution can serve for better tracking and visualization of the information carried in time-of-flight measurements."

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