Ambarella, Toshiba Announce Vision Processors

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BusinessWire: Ambarella introduces the CV25 camera SoC in the CVflow family, combining advanced image processing, high-resolution video encoding and CVflow computer vision processing in a single, low power design. The CV25’s CVflow architecture provides the Deep Neural Network (DNN) processing required for intelligent home monitoring, professional surveillance, and aftermarket automotive solutions, including smart dash-cameras, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), and electronic mirrors.

CV25 brings computer vision at the edge into the mainstream,” said Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella. “With this new SoC, we are sharply focused on reducing our customer’s overall system cost for delivery of significant computer vision performance, high-quality image processing and advanced cyber-security features at very low power. CV25-based cameras are capable of performing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge, allowing features like facial recognition to happen in real-time on the device, rather than in the cloud.

BusinessWire: Toshiba announces the development of DNN hardware IP block that will help to realize ADAS and autonomous driving functions. The company will integrate the DNN hardware IP with conventional image processing technology and start sample shipments of Visconti5, the next generation of Toshiba’s image-recognition processor, in September 2019. It enables Visconti5 to recognize road traffic signs and road situations at high speed with low power consumption. Toshiba will promote Visconti5 equipped with DNN hardware IP as a key component of next-generation advanced driver assistance systems.

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