Intel, Alibaba and Fujitsu Measure Athletes Achievements with Cameras and AI

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Intel and Alibaba are teaming to develop athlete tracking technology powered by AI that is aimed to be deployed at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and beyond. The technology uses existing and upcoming Intel hardware and Alibaba cloud computing technology to power a cutting-edge deep learning application that extracts 3D forms of athletes in training or competition. The performance is captured with regular video cameras, the AI algorithm is applied with a heavy dose of computing power and a digital model of the performance is created that can be analyzed in different ways.

IEEE Spectrum: Fujitsu is to use LiDAR and AI to support judges at gymnastics competition at Tokyo Olympics 2020. Gymnastics’ scoring rules require judges to closely evaluate the angles of gymnasts’ joints, such as their knees and elbows, as athletes move through their routines. The Fujitsu judging support system aims to take scoring variability out of the equation by using LiDAR to track the angles of athletes’ joints during their competitions.

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