Aeye Announces 200m Range, Hella and LG Partnerships

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BusinessWire: AEye announces the AE200 Series of its iDAR Level 3 ADAS applications. The company says it has entered into strategic partnerships with Hella and LG Electronics. The AE200 Series will be one of the iDAR-based artificial perception systems that both Hella and LG Electronics will be using to deliver ADAS solutions to global OEMs at scale.

The AE200 Series includes AEye’s anti-spoofing and interference mitigation and is under ASIL-B functional safety certification. Delivering ADAS L3 long range performance of up to 200M at 10% reflectivity at 0.1° resolution and the short range performance configuration of 50M range at 10% reflectivity, the AE200 Series will be modular in design and capable of up to 120°x 45° Field of View.

Key features of the AE200 include:
  • Software-definable LiDAR
  • Designed to meet ISO 26262 functional safety requirements, eye safe in all modes
  • Four layers of interference mitigation and anti-spoofing technology
  • Software and capabilities to support specific ADAS solutions such as Cross Traffic Alerts, Emergency Braking, Front and Rear Collision Warning, and Blind Spot Monitoring, etc.
  • Modular for supporting critical ADAS packaging locations including headlamp, windscreen, side mirror, front grill, A-pillar, and C-pillar.
  • Optional High resolution RGB or IR camera fused and bore sighted with AEye’s agile LiDAR.

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