Livox Announces $600 Automotive LiDAR

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Spar3D: Livox starts shipping $600 LiDAR for autonomous vehicles and other applications:

"All Livox LiDAR sensors are low cost, high performance, highly reliable, compact in size, and mass-production ready. Specs (e.g., FOV, point density, and detection range) of different models are optimized for different application scenarios. In particular, the Mid-40 covers a circular FOV of 38.4 degrees with a detection range of up to 260 meters (for objects with reflectivity around 80%). Meanwhile, the Mid-100 combines three Mid-40 units internally to form an expansive horizontal FOV of approximately 100 degrees. Compared with the Mid-40, the Horizon has a similar measuring range but features a rectangular-shaped FOV that is 80 degrees horizontal and 25 degrees vertical, which is highly suitable for autonomous driving applications. The Horizon also delivers real-time point cloud data that is three times denser than the Mid series LiDAR sensors. As for the Tele-15, it features an ultra-long measuring range of 500 meters when reflectivity is above 80%. Even with 20% reflectivity, the measuring range is still up to 250 meters. In addition, the Tele-15 has a circular FOV of 15 degrees, which is narrower than the Mid-40, but delivers a point cloud that is 17 times denser. These key features enable the Tele-15 to see objects far ahead with great detail.

One major issue LiDAR manufacturers face is the need for extremely accurate laser/receiver alignments (less than 10 μm accuracy) within a spatial dimension of about 10cm or more. For most state-of-the-art LiDAR sensors that are currently available, these alignments are done manually by skilled personnel. Livox LiDAR sensors eliminate the need for this process by using unique scanning methods and the DL-Pack solution, which enables the mass production of Livox sensors.

The company is fairly open on its LiDAR performance. Mid-40/Mid-100 family offers:

Tele-15 has a narrow FoV and a longer range:

Horizon model has similar specs to Mid LiDARs:

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