TowerJazz Starts Production of World’s Smallest Global Shutter Pixel Sensor

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GlobeNewswire: TowerJazz announced the products featuring its world’s smallest Global Shutter (GS) pixel ramping to production in its 300mm Uozu, Japan manufacturing facility. This achievement, based on the Company’s advanced 65nm technology platform and light pipe technology, offers superb GS performance with a variety of pixel sizes down to 2.5 µm, which is said to be the smallest pixel size in the world.

Company’s light pipe technology on its 65nm node enables this half area pixel size, as compared with the currently used pixel in the market, while still offering state of the art functionality and angular response. The Shutter Efficiency and QE are said to be outstanding even at high ray angles (low F#s) thanks to the unique light funneling properties of the per pixel micro light pipe.

World’s previous smallest GS pixel, also achieved by TowerJazz, was 2.8 µm in 2016. Several products using this pixel are currently in mass production.

We are proud to announce the world’s smallest GS Pixel going into mass production, providing our customers with cutting edge imaging solutions, meeting today’s advanced market needs. This break-through achievement strongly demonstrates TowerJazz’s continued commitment to offer leading technology as well as unique value proposition, based on its profound technical knowledge,” said Assaf Lahav, TowerJazz Fellow and CIS expert.

TowerJazz publishes its pixel catalog:

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