OIS with Invensese-TDK and Cambridge Mechatronics Devices

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BusinessWire: TDK-owned InvenSense announces the launch of the industry’s first Cambridge Mechatronics SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) OIS software controller specifically designed to leverage the Qualcomm Sensor Execution Environment for Android flagship smartphones. The solution leverages TDK SMA actuators and TDK’s latest 6-axis CORONA premium motion sensors to provide a software controller based on CML’s innovative SMA image stabilization designs and control logic.

Unlike other OIS solutions that require a dedicated OIS controller chip, the advantage of TDK’s SMA software controller is that it avoids the need for such a dedicated OIS controller chip,” said Lars Johnsson, senior director of Product Marketing, InvenSense, a TDK Group Company. “This reduces the cost and complexity of developing and commercializing SMA OIS solutions and enables OEMs to accelerate their next-generation imaging flagship launches on select Snapdragon mobile platforms that support the Qualcomm Sensor Execution Environment.

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