Samsung CIS Sales are $2.46b

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BusinessKorea: "Although we presented our goal of becoming the No. 1 player in the system semiconductor sector in 2030, we don't want to wait that long in the sensor market," said Park Yong-in, EVP for Samsung’s sensor business.

Park said Samsung’s sensor business has barely started but its sales can grow to the level of memory semiconductors in the future. Noting that Samsung Electronics' sales in its memory semiconductor business grew 4.5 times from $1.9b in 1992 to $8.6b in 2002, Park said he expects the company’s image sensor sales, which currently stand at $2.46b, to grow at a similar pace.

KoreaJoongAngDaily: “One-third of the global population is using our mobile image sensors. By this year’s second half, most high-end smartphone makers will be using 64-megapixel camera phones,” Park said.

KoreaBizWire: “Vehicle components are the next market for image sensors,” Kwon Jin-hyun, VP of Samsung’s System LSI sensor marketing, said.

Sony accounted for 26.1% of the global image sensor market in 2018, followed by Samsung’s with 23.2%, according to Japanese TSR. BusinessKorea gives different numbers: Sony controls 50.1% share, Samsung follows with 20.5%.

Park Yong-in, EVP of sensor business at Samsung, presents new
image sensors during a press briefing held in Seoul on May 9, 2019.
Note a nice ISOCELL physical demo on the right side.

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