VKANSEE Under-Display Lens Turns Any Image Sensor into Fingerprint One

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PRWeb: Beijing, China-based VKANSEE launches its Matrix Pinhole Image Sensing (MAPIS). MAPIS is "integrated into an OLED panel, effectively turning the entire display into a high-resolution fingerprint lens and allowing simple installation of the CMOS sensor anywhere under the display screen. Unlike other sensors that are obscured by the high density of OLED driver circuits which yield low resolution when placed fully under the OLED display, the MAPIS integrated OLED solution captures high-resolution fingerprint details of 800 PPI to better recognize challenging cold and dry fingers. The sensor captures high-resolution and high contrast, exposing 3rd level fingerprint features to achieve excellent performance even under strong ambient light. For the user, a fingerprint icon lights up on the display, which could be located anywhere, to guide the user and disappears upon authentication."

The first company to integrate the new design is OLED display maker BOE Technology, announced a year ago. The second partnership with Tianma has been announced but quickly pulled back from the company website. It still can be found in Google cache.

We are focused on bringing our novel MAPIS optical fingerprinting technology to users across the globe to improve security and convenience, and hope to make MAPIS optics as a standard design of OLED,” stated Jason Chaikin, President of VKANSEE. “In partnership with Egis, we’re confident this will happen in the near future. We believe integrating the MAPIS optics into the OLED screen will greatly change the fingerprint sensor industry similar to the history of integrating touch sensing into the OLED screen.

Google patent search reveals a number of different VKANSEE lens designs. It's not clear which one is used in the actual product:

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