See Device Startup Proposes "Quantum PATPD Pixel"

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Buena Park, CA-based See Device Inc. startup proposes:

"Photon Assisted Tunneling Photodetector (PAT-PD) Technology, is new photodetector technology redefining what's possible with standard silicon CMOS image sensor without compromise to performance and efficiency. An innovative pixel array system formed by new structures and design mechanisms of silicon, SeeDevice's proprietary image sensor uses Quantum Tunneling resulting in high sensitivity, quantum efficiency, low SNR, and wide spectral response."

"The PAT-PD sensor is designed incorporating principles of quantum mechanics and nanotechnology to produce groundbreaking improvements in dynamic range, sensitivity, and low light capabilities without compromising size and efficiency. Standard sensors require conceding either the cost efficiency of CMOS and the better specifications of CCD sensors. This compromise is eliminated by the groundbreaking technology used in the SeeDevice image sensors and photodetectors.

PAT-PD completely redefines the physical principles used for sensors by using photon-activated current flow. SeeDevice owns 50 patents worldwide which enable us to produce industry-disrupting specifications by using photons as a trigger mechanism to enable current flow. The technology has a wide spectrum of applications and can be easily integrated since the entire device is built on a CMOS process.

PAT-PD enables device development with no compromise on technical specification. One device can have high resolution, high frame rate, high sensitivity, and a wide dynamic range without modifications.

I'm told that the registered agent of Pixel Device Inc, Hoon Kim, has the same name as the CTO of infamous Planet82 company. Does anybody know if this is the same person?

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