TechInsights’ State of the Art of Smartphone Imagers Review – Part 3

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Techinsights' posts "The state of the art of smartphone imagers" are based on Ray Fontaine presentation at IISW 2019 in June. Part 3 covers "Back-Illuminated Active Si Thickness, Deep Trench Isolation (DTI)."

"DTI was first introduced to back-illuminated pixels with conventional or slightly thicker active Si, and then optimized to enable substantially thicker active Si over time. For example, DTI came to early 1.0 µm pixels with a 2.5 µm to 2.7 µm active Si thickness and later enabled active Si up to 3.9 µm thick. Studying the 0.8 µm and 0.9 µm pixel generations it is clear an active Si thickness of >3.5 µm was selected to achieve sufficient pixel performance."

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