Image Sensor Americas Agenda

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Image Sensors Americas conference to be held on October 15-16, 2019 in San Jose, CA announces its agenda. Naturally, a good part of it is image sensor presentations:

  • Towards Large-Scale, SPAD-Based ToF Imagers for Automotive, Robotic and EdgeAI Applications
    Wade Appelman | VP of Sales and Marketing of SensL Technologies
  • CMOS Image Sensors for Bio-medical, Industrial and Scientific Applications: Current Challenges and Perspectives
    Renato Turchetta | CEO of IMASENIC Advanced Imaging S.L.
  • Near Field Depth Generation From a Single Image Sensor
    Paul Gallagher | Vice-President of Strategic Marketing of Airy3D
  • Ge-on-Si ToF Imager Sensor SoC
    Neil Na | Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Artilux
  • Imaging Sensors and Systems for a Genomics Revolution
    Tracy Fung | Sr. Staff Engineer, Product Development CMOS Lead of Illumina
  • Far-Infrared thermal camera an effortless solution for improving ADAS detection robustness
    Emmanuel Bercier | Strategy and Automotive Market Manager of ULIS-SOFRADIR

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