Espros on ToF Camera Calibration

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Espros distributors Pacer (UK) and Aprizes (China) publish Espros application notes on ToF camera calibration. Almost everything affects the ToF measurements, some factors have quite a dramatic influence:

The main error sources which affect the accuracy of distance measurement are:
  • Distance response non-uniformity DRNU of the sensor
  • Temperature drift
  • Ambient light
  • The magnitude of the signal amplitude
Under the term DRNU, we treat all factors that lead to a different distance reading between any of the pixels in the pixel-field looking to the inside of a sphere. These factors are sensor/camera related and include:
  • Flat-field error of the pixel-field
  • Column A/D converter differences
  • Row addressing differences
  • Fixed-pattern noise caused by manufacturing tolerances
  • 4th order harmonics distortion of the demodulation algorithm

Another Espros presentation gives more info on ToF error sources:

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