Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonance Enhances Si PD Responsivity at 1,000nm

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EurekaAlert reports that Korean POSTECH University developed a photodiode with increased absorption of the NIR light by using the hourglass-shaped silicon nanowire array. The research team was led by Prof. Chang-Ki Baek and consisted of Kihyun Kim, Myunghae Seo, and Sol Yoon. The team has proved that the hourglass-shaped silicon-nanowire photodiodes has 29% increased NIR photoreseponse at 1,000nm in comparison to the existing planar type silicon photodiode.

Prof. Chang-Ki Baek said “this study used the existing silicon processes that can be produced in mass at low cost and 100% compatible to the semiconductor production. It is very meaningful in that we were able to demonstrate increased photoresponse of the near-infrared light at the wavelength where the existing silicon hardly detect. It is possible that the developed device can optimize the absorption of the near-infrared wavelength desired according to the structure of nanowires such as diameter, length, and pitch. It is expected to provide optical solutions to various fields such as LiDAR of a self-driving vehicles, medical laser, military night vision goggles, image sensors and more.

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